Movies 2010, Week 13

It's becoming a habit, huh?  Too much work to watch movies.  I just get weary of the bad ones in much less time so I stop watching them.  It's like, why should I watch that crappy movie?  I don't want to be bored in my leisure.  It's too precious.  Holla!  I watched a ridiculously low number of movies this week.  Ready for it?  Two.  ROTFL!!  How do you go down from a record low of 3 the previous week??

April 4-10, 2010
91) Mildred Pierce.  Classic film nominated for 6 Oscars starring Joan Crawford about a woman interrogated when her second husband is found dead.  The bulk of the story is told in flashback.  Interesting though I figured out the end pretty early in.  Good, not great.  3.8 stars
92) The Killing.  Stanley Kubrick film about a race track heist.  The entire film is the build-up to the heist.  It's somewhat interesting.  The narration is incredibly irritating with its inclusion of way too many useless details.  And if the details are important, there are still too many to pay attention to.  The end was a complete and utter let down. Boooooooooooooo.  3 stars

**I also tried to watch Ruthless People. Outrageously cheesy open.  Danny Devito & Bette Midler star as husband and wife.  He wants to bump her off, then finds out she's been kidnapped for a ransom.  He thinks his problems are solved!  False.  (Of course.)  I can't even believe I got this film.  I hoped it would be funny... but I couldn't even get into the first 10 minutes.  Plot was too stupid and over the top.

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