Monday Mindspacing Vol. 43

1) There's nothing sexy about a man with a LouisVuitton bag.  Of any kind.  I'm convinced you don't play for my team.  That's fine.  But I'm not going to bother to find you sexy.
2) It drives other people crazy when I'm with a bunch of people I know and take a picture of myself.  Like w/all these people around, why not let one of them take it?  Well... because I might like my vantage point better.  Any more questions?
3) If you block someone, does that make you exempt from all the retweets?  Let's say, and this is only an example, someone wanted to stop seeing RevRun tweets from followers...  If I block him, will that magically happen?  Let's try it.  IT DOES!!  You're welcome!
4) I almost deleted Stace the other day when she retweeted 50 things from EBadu/her stans.  Go write a blog.
5) Sometimes I want to tell people they're "smart."  Like, "You so 'smaaaart.'"  *Eye roll*  We make fun of you b/c we're mean girls + Rah.  To quote La, "Not saying you're stupid but you're giving your brain more credit than it deserves." HAHAHAHAHA!! 
6) Biggest twitter/fb/blog/life irritant?  Studied aloofness.  No one DOESN'T CARE that much.  Not possible.
7) I can tell all the people who don't live in Florida b/c they're handing out soup recipes.  It's 70+ or 80+ daily here... done with soup!  Lol.
8) Best Chinese food menu item description?  "Are you tired of your everyday bland soup entrees? Declare your independence with a tender chicken broth packed with selected white meat from the v.irgin b.reast of the great American chicken."  The what part from the who?  ROTFL!!!
9) My mom HATES green beans.  That is HILARIOUS to me.  Wait.  You like beets, turnips & liver but not green beans?  That makes NO. SENSE.  She had them poorly prepared too many times.  Ironically (maybe?) she prepares them amazingly.  Yessss chicken broth instead of water!
10) There are only 3 things I'll leave my room for when I'm sleepy or going in there to wind down: lip gloss, lotion & sudoku!
11) I'm SO glad my bedroom is the darkest one in the house.  I'm a night person.  So I do a lot of day sleeping when I can.  Florida must have the brightest sun I've ever lived in.  Like walk out the house and your eyes beg for mercy (MERCY!).  Like sunglasses are more than a fashion statement.  Like you get the point.  But somehow my window gets the least amount of light.  SCORE!  :)
12) One of my cousins just said counting down to Florida..... If she comes to Florida & says nada to me, I'm gonna be PISSED.  For like 5 seconds.  Then I'm going to go where she lives, talk about it, and make no plans to see her.  I'll have Rashan or my mom to keep me company.
13) I used to have an aversion to kettle cooked chips.  Now they delight me! :)
14) If you went to see the latest TylerPerry movie this weekend, I'm sad for you.


Naima said...

I don't know about you, but I like the white meat from my Great American chicken breast to be virginal. LMAO!! I'm dying over here!!!!

Nerd Girl said...

5. I'll be using this quote! Thanks La!

7. Done with soup? Neva!

8. I got nothing....

Sparkling Red said...

The Great American Chicken. I want to see chickens on posters, banners, and TV spots promoting American patriotism! Colonel Sanders to replace Uncle Sam as a recruitment icon! Etc.

Not So Anonymous said...

1. 100% agree
3. tweets, retweets, followers, hash marks...I'm going to continue to steer clear of twitter.
7. Soup is good all year...you didn't know!
8. They get an A for creativity

Ladynay said...

I thought I commented...oh well

2)Bwahahahahaha. I have a classmate just like you in that regard. She loves taking pics of herself or herself and other people!

9) Does your mom like her own green beans?

Rashan Jamal said...

1. There goes my birthday present to myself...
2. I'll totally take a self portrait before letting other people take mine. I like my vantage point better too. That's why I always seem to be looking the other way when you take our pic. LOL
3. I didn't know that.. I don't care enough to block everything that annoys me
4. LOL - blog shawty, blog
5. Did you just include me in your Mean Girl clique??? okay, I guess I deserve that. LOL
6. I am feeling melancholy. In a world of hate, it's hard to maintain your jocularity.
7. I don't care how cold it is, I still don't want soup. Unless it's lobster bisque.. or she crab soup... I changed my mind. I want some soup now.
8. No words for that description. LOL
9. I love green beans, probably b.c they are ridiculously easy to prepare.
10. Qualified laziness. I notice you didn't mention the bathroom? You got depends?
11. My bedroom is bright as all get out. I should probably fix that before the summer
12. LOL - that's the diff between me and you. I would be hoping she wouldn't say anything to me.
13. i just like regular chips
14. Word up

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1. I agree with you no ma'm on the Louis Monogram Canvas for men. However, the Epi,Utah, or Nomade Leather and the gray and black Damier Graphite Canvas is pretty masculine Me likey!
7. Soup is Always good especially clam chowder and lobster bisque my favs!
10. lipgloss when your sleepy? please explain. When I'm sleepy all beats are off. I will even hold my pee sorry tmi.
11. my room has 4 windows. The brightess ever! I got some great room darking window coverings in purple from Target. Me loves!
13. Kettle Brand kettle chips are the best! Try them if you haven't

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

so like, why you dissin' soup? im about to make a bangin one this weekend...maybe. anyhoo, chicken broth is the ONLY way to make g. beans. and yes, feel bad for me...i lost 2,657,097 brain cells watching tp's latest bushel of crap. but his airbrushed hair dazzled me so i dont feel as jipped, lol.

Jameil said...


nerd... I know that's right! lol 7) I need limited soupage when it's hot outside. 8) Nothing? Lol


nsa... 1) fab! 3) lolol. it's all good. i loves the twitter! 7) ehhh... 8) lolol indeed!

lady... get it together! 2) pics of self are the best! lol 9) nope! she'd prefer not to eat them at all.

rj... 1) saved you again! hallelujah!
2) lolol you need to fix that!
3) not everything, but enough. i think ms. badu is next. annoying.
4) word!
5) lololol! yep!
6) waaa waaa waaa
7) i like those too but when it's 90+ idk abt that.
8) none? lol
9) i <3 them, too.
10) Nope. I'm talking about things. I might hold it if you must know.
11) Do that!
12) Lololol. She can do that if she wants to but there will be consequences.
13) i like both now.
14) heeeeeey
11) i can't stand you.

gp... 1) but it's not like you ever see them w/anything but the monogram. And what's the point of having that expensive bag when you could have a less expensive one and no one would know the difference?
7) love lobster bisque but yeah... idk abt soup year round.
10) it's one of the first things I reach for in the am and sometimes one of the last at night.
11) wow!! good gracious. thx for the tip!
13) mmm. good to know!

pcd... b/c when i have a hot soup and it's hot outside i'm not happy. it warms me up too much. CB in g beans is the best! dead @ airbrushed hair!! DEAD!!

The Goddess said...

1. Yeah, I'm a little skeptical when I see a man with a bag. Lol

9. She prefers beets to green beens. How funny. Beets are probably the most disgusting vegetable I can think of. I can't believe anyone actually eats them.

13. Why was it a bad movie???

Jameil said...

goddesss... 1) right??? lolol
9) EXACTLY!! so gross!!
13) all of his movies are full of plot holes and stereotypes. they're an insult to my intelligence. i'm not saying i only enjoy highbrow filmmaking b/c clearly i loved 'the hangover' but the point is, i can be entertained w/o a bad script.