Grilled Cheese and Oatmeal

Can someone else tell Rashan this combination is nasty?  Because he won't listen to me.  Grilled cheese and oatmeal?  It's not like you eat bland oatmeal or swirl in some sriracha.  It's a lunch entree (which I find disgusting-- NOT a fan of grilled cheese since it reminds me of cheese toast and I HATE CHEESE TOAST AND KRAFT SINGLES-- another Jameil family food legend...) and a sweet breakfast food.  Not okay.  The two should not mingle. When I said it was gross, he said, "WHY ARE YOU ADVENTUROUS ABOUT FOOD UNLESS I'M EATING IT???"  Is that a real question?  Can you enlighten me as to what is adventurous about OATMEAL (which I like) and grilled cheese (WHICH 3-YEAR-OLDS LIKE...)?  I like grilled HAM & cheese but cheese and bread a sandwich do not make.  So tell him he's nasty in the comments after you hear this story. 

One day before school, my mom, as usual was making us breakfast.  (She used to be a stay at home mom... but I don't remember if she was at this point.)  Today, she decided it would be cheese toast.  I had grown increasingly to loathe cheese toast.  It was toast with a Kraft single on top MICROWAVED.  UGH.  I feel slightly nauseous just thinking about it.

My sister, the much pickier eater, but a pleaser, was happily eating and I refused.  My mom said, "You better eat that."  I said, "I don't want to. If I eat it I'm gonna throw up."  I think I was about 9.  She said, "Eat it anyway."  I was obedient.  (Except with beets.)  I ate it.  Then I threw up.  TOLD YOU.  I'm a woman (or child) of my word, son.  She doesn't remember this story but my sister and I retold it over Christmas.  MERRY CHRISTMAS, MOM.  Now eat your cheese toast.  I still don't eat cheese toast.  And I still don't eat Kraft singles.  I used to eat them on burgers but now I'll pass on the plastic cheese.  I'd rather eat it plain.  (Side note: I never willingly ate a cheese-less burger before hitting 22 and still find it to be an abomination.)


Not So Anonymous said...

Rashan, you're nasty lol. I love oatmeal, but I'm not a fan of grilled cheese either

Naima said...

Yeah, that's a pretty nasty combination. (As I eat oatmeal, sans grilled cheese accompaniment)

Burgers without cheese should not exist. At all.

Nerd Girl said...

I lurve grilled cheese sandwiches -fancy or plain, makes me no diff. Absolutely love them!

Now, as for eating them with oatmeal? Can't see that happening as long as I have free will!

(I had to pause to settle my gut after reading about oatmeal with a swirl of sriracha. Please tell me that was just a crazy example and that no one u know actually does this. Please?)

Ladynay said...

Grilled cheese = Yummy
Oatmeal = Yummy
Grilled cheese and oatmeal = ummmm, the verdict is out on that 'dere!

I'm tripping over the toast in the microwave! UGH!

Rashan Jamal said...

It's not really grilled cheese. I guess the technical term would be cheese toast, but that's what I've always called it. The tastes are in no way contradictory. They are complimentary. It's not like I was eating peanut butter and vienna sausages. It's a normal meal

The Goddess said...

If I told you what I found out about recently about cheese you'd be SO disturbed. And so would everyone else so I will spare you all. Lets just say I will NEVER eat cheese again.

I bet your mom never MADE you eat anything again that you didn't want. LOL. So funny!!! That story reminds me of my oldest son and hotdogs.

And yes I agree with you. Grilled cheese and toast is such a disgusting combination. And a lunch entree??? Ok, I think I'm nauseous.

Sparkling Red said...

Rashan, you're a nasty man!

P.S. I only said that so Jameil won't beat me up. She's kind of scary, y'know?

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I will eat a grilled cheese with a gourmet cheese something fancy like Brie, Camembert, chèvre, Danish blue, Gorgonzola, mascarpone, mozzarella, Roquefort
caerphilly, cheddar, Cheshire, Edam, Emmental, feta, Gouda, Gruyère, haloumi, Monterey Jack, Parmesan, Stilton,or Wensleydal cheese. I LOVES MY CHEESE!

No fake kraft!!! as you would say No Ma'm.

Loves me oatmeal topped with brown sugar and walnuts.

Umm Rashan that's so nasty!

Jameil said...


Nai... lolol. let 'im know!! burgers w/o cheese are some sadness.

nerd... pass on the cheese and bread. i was DEAD after oatmeal swirled w/sriracha!! DEAD I SAY!!! HILARITY!!! No, IDK anyone who does this. lololol

ladynay... verdict is don't do it!! she made toast, then put it in the microwave to melt the cheese. SO. GROSS. never EVER again.

rj... CHEESE TOAST???? EVEN WORSE!!! COMPLETELY contradictory. Unnormal meal. I made up a word for you.

goddesss... I wouldn't stop eating cheese. It's just not possible. I know it's made from a fermentation process. That's enough for me. Just like hot dogs. Both still taste good. Taste good together, too. Yeah, after the beets and the cheese toast, it was a wrap. son, this was his DINNER. no.

red... hush! lol

gp... ROTFD @ you naming every cheese in America!! I'm a cheese fiend, too! I feel you on that! Kraft is disgusting. I don't eat nuts in my food.