Running Update

It's been a while since I talked about my running. I'm still getting in my weekly runs but I'm going through a rough patch where sometimes it's hard to get myself out of the door. Runner's World magazine posted a mantra that I have to encourage myself with, "Some day I won't be able to run. Today is not that day." I love it!

I still have a lot of goals, of course. I was hoping for personal records (PRs) at 5K, 10K and half-marathon but the 5K I really wanted to do is on the same day as my half. Boooo! That one was free. Those are way too hard to come by! There's a move underfoot in the running community away from the outrageous fees races charge. Yes, you get a t-shirt, a medal, police protection on the course and food (usually just snacks like fruit, bagels & water) but does that make it okay for you to charge $150+ for your race? I've purposely avoided some of the more popular race series (Disney, Run Like A Diva, Rock N Roll, ZOOMA) because of their outrageous costs. Coupled with the fact that none of them are close enough for me to make it a day trip, when you include travel and food, there's no way to get out of spending upwards of $250 AT A MINIMUM. On a race. And I'm being generous. Pretty ridiculous.

Enough on that soap box. My 10K PR should be pretty easily beaten. My fourth 10K is next Saturday and the one year anniversary of my first 10K... awwww! At the very least, I'll be able to smash my course PR. Yay!

Next up is my 2nd half marathon on April 6th. The course looks quite challenging according to the elevation chart including ending on a large incline.

EVIL!! If I can PR by even a minute, I'll be thrilled. LOL Pacing will be essential to succeeding on this course and I'm ready to give it my all! Then I'll see about getting another 5K under my belt. June will mark one year since my last 5K. Crazy, right?? I just remembered BGR! Conference & Race Weekend in September. I absolutely LOVE running in Charlotte. It's so flat compared to here that I always feel like I'm FLYING! I'll be doing the 5K then. Yay! Races for all!