1) I saw the SATC movie yesterday afternoon. NO SPOILERS!! Because I can't stand those. I will only say that I LOVED IT! Despite the fact there were some nude scenes I most certainly could have done without. Matter of fact all of them. I don't need to know that much about your body. That goes for all of you. Also for the last at least 6 years I've wanted my thighs to look like And.ie McDowell's. I saw her in an interview on some late night show and I said THAT. That RIGHT THERE is what I want. That line in the outer thigh. Then I saw super muscular SJP in the movie and changed my mind. I'm straight. I don't want to look like a body builder or even a super athlete. I just want to be able to beat people running up hills and still look tiny. Don't get all offended if that's what your body looks like. You should love yours. I love mine.

The movie has gotten some pretty bad reviews from critics. I liked it because I liked the show (the edited version of course-- remember, my little PG-13 world... "that was way harsh Tai."). If you aren't familiar with the show and didn't love it, there's no reason for you to see a 2 hour and 22 minute movie based on 6 seasons of drama. You know I don't like long movies. I don't see a reason for movies to be longer than MAYBE 100 minutes. But at the end of it you still feel like ok I could watch like 8 more. It felt like a really long episode. Everyone I talked to loved it. BUT me and Stace did NOT like J-Hud's character. Hmph. If you want more details or to discuss it, hit me up in email and I'll go into further detail.

If you're going, you should grab your girls and get all gussied up. After seeing all the designers and couture, you will definitely want to strut fabulously out of there like I did in my 4.5 inch open-toed wedges. It made me miss my friends all over again, too. And I was a bit weepy so grab your tissues!

Afterwards I got a San.ta Fe burger with yummy steak frites from Re.d Robin and a DELICIOUS peach margarita, then went to bed.

2) I just finished an Amy T.an book I'd never read before. I loved it! Very intriguing. I got it from my mom. I'll be glad to add this one to the collection. She's been "reading it" for probably 6 years. Poor thing. She gets all caught up in something else and forgets about the book she started and then starts another and another. Lol.

3) I got my new I.n Style! I'm about to be done with them after this subscription, though. Too many subscription dramas. Every time I turn around it's something else. I'll pass.

4) I tried to scrounge up some co-workers to get into trouble party with tonight, my first Saturday night off in Pittsburgh in literally years and no one is available. Oh well. I'll cuddle up with my bed, a beer and maybe the telephone if some people get lucky. Then I'll get up early and head to the church house.

5) It's really humid here but I'll take it. As long as we don't dip back into the 30s and 40s like we did earlier this week I'm not complaining. Now that I've blogged, time to get a beer. I don't care that it's before noon. I've been up since 10:00 last night. If you'd like to join me, I'll be on the lido deck.



You know how you have those friends you don't talk to for weeks or months or years but you pick right back up every single time like no time has passed at all? That's Silas. We've known each other since first grade at the school near our houses. He lived on a farm 3 minutes from my house-- that's right, the super suburbs. We went to the same middle school and high school and played the same instruments in the band.

We had multiple classes together from first grade to 12th. But the band is how we became such good friends. We both started with the trumpet in 5th grade. Then in 7th grade we both moved to the french horn. I was always first chair, he was second chair. One of my favorite stories to tell that he probably doesn't even remember anymore is the chair seating in 8th or 9th grade. We had to play one scale of our choosing and the chromatic scale. We got extra credit for memorizing. He memorized it and I didn't. He got a 99... I got 100. Hahahahaha. He was so annoyed. But good natured. He was definitely the calmer portion of our friendship. I was always loud and hyper. He was hyper in his own right but I could be a bit outrageous.

He finally bested me for 1st chair after I became drum major. We were both in the marching band next to each other as mellophones (you can't march with a french horn) sophomore year. We were pretty much the only people we knew at our high school in band camp. It was a bit daunting. We made other friends but that initial uncertainty forged us closer together. Me, Silas, Shana and Kendall used to go to Chili's after games on Friday. On Saturdays we would usually go to the movies. We probably saw every horror movie that came out that year. And tried almost everything on that menu. At the end of the year our friend Amy convinced me to try out for drum major with her. I didn't want to but did it anyway. I made it, she didn't. That was sucky. But she ended up moving away partway through the next year. She was really good on horn so that may have played a part in why she wasn't selected.

Anyway the concentration of playing and remembering where you are supposed to move next improves your ability on your instrument. Junior year I was still a chair ahead of him but senior year he finally got first chair! I was shocked! Lol. I was not one for practicing but I was used to things just coming to me anyway. That's how I rolled. I wasn't a studier and those things came to me, too. If they didn't, I didn't worry about them. I would do enough to get a B which was good enough for me. I really could've tried harder but oh well. No use crying over spilled milk (Stace).

After high school I went off to Hampton and became a journalism major. He went to State and became a math major... and something else I think. It seems like he was a double major. I thought the math part was HILARIOUS though. When we were younger, don't ask me how young, I used to help him with his math homework. But he went on to AP Calculus while I stayed with AP Statistics. I knew I wouldn't need Calculus for college so I refused to take it. Am I making him sound foolish? Because I don't mean to. He was a lot of fun and a great friend. We always made sure to catch up on each break when we were home at the same time. We'd head back to Chili's of course, hahaha, sit next to each other on one side of the booth and look at each others pictures of our new lives. This would garner some dirty looks because he's white. Antiquated, huh? Sometimes the looks annoyed me, but most of the time I just ignored them. I don't think we ever talked about this. If we did, I don't remember the conversations.

He's not dead, lest you think that's the point of this post. We just got re-connected! This morning, in fact. After college he joined the P.eaceCorps. He spent 3 years in Namibia and just came back home in December. I sent him an email a few days ago to find out what's going on in his life. He's back in Matthews. I was just there! I didn't even know he was back. I said to myself, "I should call his mom's house." (I still have the number memorized from using it so much back in the day.) I didn't, though. Guess that means I have to make another trip home soon!! Lol. Anyway I got his reply email this morning and it felt just like it always has. Don't you love old friends?


Thursday 13

I don't know why I love these so. I guess because they're amusing. Like Claud's and Shuv's (Still no word on whether she's okay with me calling her that. I saw it in some Brit Lit book and it's stuck.) and Sandy's.

I'm really excited about life today! I should say right now. Because saying today is a bit eh with my mood swings. Don't worry, they're not violent. Just a bit unpredictable. BUT usually easily shaken. Today is daddy-daughter day and he's given me carte blanche to select our activity. I'm considering the Ind.iana Jones movie. We'll see. But for today's Thursday 13, I will do 13! things! I'm! excited! about!

1) Being off Saturday night! If nothing else I get to go to Church on Sunday before 11:45. Unfortunately my pastor won't be there. As Prez, he'll be away this weekend. Boooo. Before you say something like what a waste! Allow me to let you know 1) I can't stand missing church or dragging myself in there and 2) don't like being extraordinarily tired in there and not being able to do anything else on Sunday, 3) I asked one of my coworkers about going out Saturday and never got a response. OH WELL!! I'm absolutely okay with either hanging out with myself (lol) or hanging out with myself! Plus I know some people who will be more than willing to entertain me on the phone for hours and hours and hours.

2) A trip to Florida! It's so time again! Me and Stace will have another great time! You know how we roll!

3) SATC movie!! I wasn't into it that much until the last year or two. I like to wait until shows are in syndication to pay any attention to them. You know the blog prude in me that carries over into real life, "your little PG-13 life" as one loser described it, likes the lessened nudity. Anyway the show comes on while I'm at work so I've seen at least 5 episodes a week for the last year or so (I didn't know about it being on before). That means I've gotten to like it a bit and want to see the movie! Yes, I know it won't be censored. I'll just cover my eyes. Lol. I'm kidding. There's a 12:02 am showing. I think I might go. I wish there was someone here to go with. Anyone want to come with?


5) A CHANGE!! I know it's coming! I just know it! I can feel it! "Can you feeeeel it!!?" *running in place* And I know G(od) is gonna hook me up!

6) My line sister's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICHOLE! YOU ROCK OLD LADY! 26? Wow! You're gettin' up there!

7) Seeing my mommy again. She's so fun.

8) Being in love again. Love is so fab. You get to run and jump and sing! Lol. I'm cracking myself up. I'm watching Stace's fave, L.ove Actually. Movies are so much easier to understand when you finally see the beginning! I hadn't ever seen it before or I'd seen the end so many times.

9) Going on a walk tomorrow. It will be my third time working out this week. I've been slacking on the exercise so it's good to get back into it. I've only gone once a week for the last couple of weeks. Travel makes getting there crazy. I'm feeling my pecs today which is always fun. My workout hasn't been challenging to me lately. It's boring me. I need more variety. Does anyone want to be my trainer?

10) Getting out of Pittsburgh. Doesn't matter when or for how long. I know I just left 2 weeks ago but I'm ready again. Lol.

11) Weddings! I just realized I haven't told you about all the weddings I've been invited to this year and the reason I have or will miss it.

a) KS (co-worker), got married in Vegas, late April. Ratings period. The May "book" as we call it starts in late April.

b) Kim (cousin on my dad's side), married in H.ilton Head, SC, early May. Ratings period. I got all teary-eyed and upset looking at the pictures of that one. I was really sad I wasn't there.

c) Jasmine (cousin mom's side), Mississippi, early June. She's 20. No real reason.

d) Lauren (another co-worker), Here, early July. Going!

e) Erica (cousin on dad's side), Charlotte, late September. Going!

And I have another bridal shower/engagement party to attend in 2 weeks of fave roomie's line sister. Phew! Are you tired?? I am! Lol.

12) Pictures! It'd be nice if someone could crop all of these for me. This is an extraordinarily lazy edition of TT huh? I am just not in the mood to work. Is that so wrong? I think it's so right. So so right. Say you like it.

13) Being me! They were all talking about my posing when I took this picture hence the hysterical giggling you see! Hahahahaha.

Apparently my cousin Kim was taking pictures before her honeymoon and said, "This is the Jameil pose." Lol. It wasn't the above but I love that I was there in spirit! Too fab.


Stan the Man and Graduatian (sic)

I know I spelled that wrong but I wanted to rhyme. Don't hate.
So here's Stan the man in all his giant, shiny glory. It looked really, really cool in person. It was huge and much shinier than I thought it would be. We weren't allowed to touch it but just being near it was really exciting! Lol.Me and Stan. His excitement to be so near to me was palatable. I blew him a kiss.
From graduation: the fam. Me, Elaina, Mommy, and D. I love D's suit. Too fab.
Sorority fam. My godsister (on the right) also just graduated from HU!!!! Rep it! Her mom is my mom's best friend and also a soror. Eeee-yip!
Me and the baby sister. Yes I'm older by 19 months. Rock those shoes ladies! I made her buy those. Well I approved them. She kept going for these pitiful looking shoes and even asked to wear flats. WITH THAT DRESS?? No indeed. Sorry I don't have any pics of me full on in the dress. I don't know what happened! But my next wedding (after the coworker next month) I'm wearing it so expect pics from then! Lol.
Elaina and D at dinner. I love this picture of them.

Also a guy at the gym made me smile today. He was an 80+ year old white man wearing a "Vote O.bama 08" shirt. Love it. Guess he's not "hard-workin.g" ...*giggling* pause... so tired of that phrase. Are you saying I don't work hard because I'm not a miner? I know it's a different kind of hard work but come on.
Awesome. Our new neighbors smoke. I can smell it... in my house. Fantastic. They've been here all of 2 weeks and are already a nuisance. Stuff left out all the time on the front "porch" (really a walkway 2 town houses share) and it seems like 8 people live in a 2-bedroom apartment. I can't keep track of the revolving door. And... there's a paper "Let's Go P.ens" sign taped to the door. I'm so taking a picture of it and posting it in the future.


Just Be?

I need to try that. I know I keep saying that but it still doesn't happen. It's such a conscious effort to just be. I need some serious peace. I know where to find it-- God-- but it's a STRUGGLE to actually let go. There are some things I readily give to Him because I DON'T WANT IT NO MORE!! Others are harder. And not because I still want it but I feel like BUT I'VE GOTTA DO SOMETHING! ANYTHING! Sigh. Life. You annoy me. But don't go nowhere because I still have things to accomplish.

I hit a milestone today but felt nothing. It was very odd. I don't know what that means. Time will tell.

I NEED HELP!! Stan the man is coming to visit my job tomorrow. I don't know why other than the P.enguins being in the finals. But that doesn't seem reason enough for it to make a special appearance at the workplace but no matter! I'm gonna take a picture w/it and dress up for said picture... I need something crazy to do like the players always do. What should I do???

Those of you in this article who didn't shower for two weeks to show how "green" you are are disgusting. They said go GREEN, not black behind your ears from dirt accumulation.

And this article about Rocky's right-hand man made me 1) feel like I should know him since he's from my hometown (but he went to private school) and 2) want to try all the things on Rocky's likes list. Except the tea. I don't do tea. I don't care how organic or flavored it is, it's not for me. I'll drink it if there's nothing else in the house, it's one of my mom's specialty drinks that people always request, but I don't like tea. I'll drink hot English breakfast tea, but flavored hot teas and iced tea? Pass. I had some raspberry iced tea koolaid that I liked but not enough to buy. I'm a drinks girl. I realized I could in theory stop drinking adult beverages because I just like crazy fruits mixed together... except pomegranate-- VOMIT! Speaking of... Joy I spent at least 3 minutes in the refrigerated juice section until I found that juice you like all the way at the bottom. I couldn't do it. I can't stand pomegranate. I was really disappointed, too. I love trying and liking things my bloggers suggested. I have to try this veggie recipe Liz gave me. I bought lots of veggies on my last trip to W.hole Foods.

In case you were wondering, I'm also pancake picky. I don't really like pancakes very much. I can go months or more than a year without eating them. I love ketchup! I want to tour the H.einz plant before I leave since the company was founded here. They only make baby food here now but I'm going anyway. You know I'm making my list. I'm sure it will be long so I have to start now naming stuff and crossing it off. It will take a while to get through it all.

Another odd thing and then I'm done! Lol. I never ever know anything about the weather or traffic though I "hear" both at least literally 10xs every day. Probably more. I could count each hit but those are my times to focus on other things even when I'm in the booth producing. Those things are self-contained. That's my time to get rid of a story if we're short on time or whatever. Oh I'm gonna do a t.v. explainer post one of these days so if you have any tv-related questions, send them my way. But I say all this to say I NEVER KNOW WHAT THE WEATHER IS GONNA BE! I end up having to check the weather when I leave work... or (and sometimes I do this just to annoy the meteorologists lol) I ask them right as I leave even though they did the weather no less than :45 earlier. HAHAAHAAHAHA!! I know I'm bad but I'm okay with that! *still giggling*


Off Days

Y'all know how I always forget it's a holiday until I go to the gym? And I think people should work out IN THEIR USUAL SCHEDULE on holidays so as not to make my life at the gym miserable? Today I was more forgiving. It was an odd feeling. Kind of like waking up to find someone else's tongue in your mouth. And it's not that you're being kissed. It's that your tongue is gone and there's a replacement one and it feels funny. (I really just tried to erase that whole thought process but my brain refused to participate. It was like, "THAT'S NOT WHAT WE SAID WRITE!! GO BACK AND FIX IT!!" So blame the brain.)

I was prepared to see some hot guys or something. I saw some cuties kind of but no one I had to get to know a little better! Lol. Plus I seem to have that "don't make eye contact" thing now ingrained in me because I've been doing it for so long. Wait. I saw this GORGEOUS old dude at least 6 months ago and I could NOT stop staring at him. For like 45 minutes I was all up in his grill. He was at least 45 with gorgeous locs. I have no desire to date a man that old but I'll be real excited when my hubby hits that age. I'll be like, "OMG you're so hawt!! You old, fabulous 1/2 Mexican chef, you." (See how I've had to settle for a 1/2 Mexican chef because y'all won't give me a whole one?)

Guess who's preggers? WYNEL!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I've known for like 3 months but have been going CRAZY not saying anything until I made sure she was okay with me telling. She's due on Halloween. We talked for an hour today. You know how we are with that phone. We get on and it's like pulling teeth to get off. She was at the beach. NOT FAIR, TAKE ME!!!

So I'm working 6 days next week. To compensate I'll be off on Sunday which means I'll have my first Saturday night off in Pittsburgh in almost 2 years. When I'm off on Saturday nights that means I'm anywhere but here! Lol. I don't even know what to do with myself! Lol. So we'll see. At this point it's up in the air. There was some other day off I was supposed to write about oh yeah all of y'all and your Memorial Day. I just want to know who's bringing the burger to my house because I smell grillin!

There was also this hilarious cougar sketch on SNL that's not up on the website yet. I thought of Rah's post and was CRACKIN UP the whole time waitin for them to talk about sabre tooth tigers! HAHAHAHA!! Growl! *swats*


Life's Looking Up

Slowly but surely. I'm getting stuff accomplished on my "musts" list for Pittsburgh. My co-worker and I are going to see The Co.lor Purp.le when it opens here next week. Free tickets. Wheeeee! A play at the Be.nedum is on the list. Hotness!

My calendar is filling up. Then that Sunday I'm going to the bridal shower of one of my fellow Hamptonians. Fave roomie and Coco's l.s. Her fiance is from Pittsburgh and she knows I live here so she invited me. So sweet. I went to church today. I haven't been to Sunday services in a while. I usually just go to Bible study because I'm so tired on Sundays but the cool coworker asked me if I wanted to go today so I got cute and washed the hair and gussied up for church. Too cute. Black flamenco-style skirt, black short-sleeved blazer, and black patent-leather thong sandals. One of my coworkers was drooling. I need you to act right.

Before church I talked to my line sister on the way to the diner Mr. Rogers used to eat at R.itter's Diner. I was so excited! (He's from here.) It was regular diner food. Not awful but not great. Good food for a recovery after drinking since it's open 24 hours. The kind of place we needed more of in college. I don't know that there were any 24-hour diners which is honestly, a travesty. We would've been there every single weekend. Separating me from my money. It would've been worth it. Food is essential to the soul... I think that's the bastardized version of that quote but with food it's all good. Food is love.

Church I was feeling a bit peaked since I'd been up for more than 12 hours before the service even started and it wasn't my pastor. It was one of the associate pastors and she was decent but not terribly thought provoking. Afterwards I saw some Hamptonians. Represent for HU! Yeah! Lol. Then I came home and talked on the phone for 3 hours. Very odd. I need to get all that chattering under control.

Also up on the calendar, I'm taking myself to the Ca.rnegie M.useum of Natural H.istory when the T-rex exhibit opens next month. It will be SO COOL! 3rd largest dino display in the country. I'll also finally go to the M.attress Factory Museum. Don't worry, it's not a bunch of mattresses. I was made fun of though, because I got excited about the urban garden party and said, "I have the perfect garden party dress!" What? Doesn't everyone? They should. Get on my level! I loved that song back in the day! Hahaha. And yes I used to jump around like that--- in a huge group of football players. Lots of pushing and mean muggin. Great exercise. Too funny. I just got crunk again for nostalgia's sake. Good times! Alright it's past my bedtime. That's right. At 4:54. That's why I ignore my bedtime. I'm tired of being owned by it.... it's also why I'm always sleepy... but whatever!!



Daddy-daughter night yesterday was beer, pizza and chicken wings and me dodging his entreaties about politics. Day. Off. I don't know why I have to explain every single week that NEWS is my JOB and I don't want to talk about it when I'm not at work. He goes, "That's work to you?" Are you joking? You know where I work. Get it together. I've been living with people my whole life. Enough's enough. I'm tired of entertaining people 24-7. I'm moving out in August.

2-hour Grey's season finale last night. I'm not going to give any details away but there was too much closure. I know that's a weird thing to say but I feel like I could stop watching forever and won't have missed a whole lot. It felt like a series finale. I'm not too sure about the direction they're taking some of the characters, particularly Callie so maybe I'll do just that. Who knows.

I don't know why my mood just went so severely downhill. I think it was my father talking to me. I can't ever just walk in the house and be. Remember that episode of SATC where C.arrie asked Aid.en not to talk to her the second she walked in the house? That's how I feel every single day that he's here when I get here. Can I have like 15 minutes of not talking. Same way when I wake up and he's awake. Please go away. I know that's probably wrong or weird but I need to decompress from whatever I've just experienced whether it's work/gym/bible study-- some sort of interaction with the world-- or sleep. I'm not a morning person and waking up at 10:15 or 11:45 p.m. doesn't negate that. It's morning to me. Leave me alone.

I got some things done online today. Then me and my coworker who is moving to Myrtle B.each (ew-- SUCH a touristy beach. I like crowds but not at my beaches.) went to S.quare Cafe. I had a cheese and avocado omelet topped with salsa with a side of wheat toast and potatoes. Very yummy. I usually try to get their specials (like the chicken crepes) and am usually quite pleased. The spanish eggs benedict was yum-o! Particularly that hollandaise... mmm! After that we went to the conservatory since it was media day and we got in for free. It was very pretty and huge. It took us an hour and a half to walk around minus the tour. We both expected a lot less green and more flowers, but it was still interesting.

I think I'm also annoyed because though I accomplished some things-- cleaning up and cleaning out some stuff I don't need anymore, there are other things I wanted to get done today that I didn't and I need to go to sleep in the next 45 minutes or so. I never do anything on my days off and I'm too tired to do much on my days on. I rarely come straight home which is very annoying. I'm very over this schedule. Very very over it. Want to know my least favorite day of the week? Friday. I go in at 11:30 p.m. and don't get off until 10:30 Saturday morning. And I spend all day Friday planning how much sleep I'm going to get and what things in my life that need to be done I will be ignoring. It's horridnessocity personified. Alright I'm done being grumpy for now. At least it's pretty warm today. I'll take my consolation prize.



The high today is 56. 56!! The mail woman just walked by with a scully on on the 22nd of May! I wanted to give her a hug. Poor dear. (I'm reading some Brit lit right now.) And tonight the low is 39. I can't. Spring has not really sprung and those of you who say it has ARE LYING!! I was going to go to the gym today but was too cold to get out of bed. When I was on the phone for hours last night I said "It's cold!" to which the lucky chatterer replied, "Still?" Yes, still. Before prayer at the end of bible study Tuesday my pastor asked whoever it was who made God mad to please repent so He could send some sunshine back. It's rained 19/22 days this month.

BUT!! That means it's not over. That means it's not the end!!!

Spring is on her way. According to the weather people, it will be sunny and 74 on Sunday!! And in the mid to high 70s until next Saturday!! And tonight, the 2 hour season finale of Grey's! CAN WE ALL CELEBRATE!?!? BECAUSE I WILL!! CEEEELEBRATE GOOD TIMES, COME ON! We won't even talk about the things I am missing AGAIN because of my horrid schedule or the next sweeps period (July). Right now, WE CELEBRATE!


Dumb and Sexy

In college I had this huge crush on this guy (no, not this one lolol! That post STILL cracks me up!) ... we'll call him Dave. Because all black Daves are sexy. I would aspire to marry one except I'm kind of holding out for the hot Mexican chef. Sorry black Dave.

*Side note: I just found a hilarious post about that wack "date" with G(ym guy). I think he may have gone to jail because I haven't seen him in at least six weeks. It doesn't help that I haven't been going to the gym on any sort of regular pattern. Maybe he just got a new job but doesn't it make it more interesting to finish that "date" story and all the other ridiculous ones about him with, "Oh and then he disappeared one day and I found out he went to jail"? You know it does so don't deny it.

One day I'm gonna call someone something and say, "We'll call him -- because that's his name." Today, however, is not that day.

Let's remember I was queen crush a lot in my heyday. (First linked post above.) Honestly, if I was in any city with successful black people I would probably still be that. Who knows. Maybe I would grow up and suddenly FOCUS (lol) but somehow I doubt it. Likely because my mother insists I came out of the womb liking boys. There was no awkward not sure if I like boys, would rather climb trees and have spitting contests with them phase. Oh no. Not the kid. I distinctly remember and there are pictures of me flirting with my god sister's older brother as young as 3. He is at least 12 years older than me. (He's Tony in that first post I linked to.) Aim high I always say.

So... what are we calling this dude again? Oh yeah, Dave. I called him Dave with the hair because he had this amazing long thick hair he would wear in a giant afro when he didn't have cornrows. Yes, folks, it was the era of the corn rows. Lol. I've always been big into hair... but only on guys. My own exasperates me to no end.

*Another side note: I couldn't go to the gym yesterday because I went to bible study so I used this giant wrench I found in the studio at work. It is at least 16 inches long and 12 pounds. I was doing curls and tricep extensions. My forearms are yelling at me! Which forced me to pay attention to them today. They're really skinny. Of all the skinny body parts to have, why that one? Who says, "Did you see Jameil? MAN she got some sexy forearms! Whooo! Make ya head blow!" That's right. No one.

I used to braid Dave's hair when he couldn't find anyone else. I knew how to braid hair but didn't broadcast that fact because there were so many guys with braids I didn't like it that much and didn't want to spend all my time dodging them like the O.R. had to do. That meant only friends were asking me to braid their hair every once in a while. That I can deal with. Dave with the hair was in the same major as me so we had lots of classes together and lots of opportunities for me to daydream about him. Lol. One day after class we were standing around talking about something and he said something outrageous. Wow... what a sentence. Hahahaha. What it was wasn't important but what came out of his mouth was so incredibly vapid it forced me to collapse into giggles and write on the board, "Dave is dumb," erase it and write "Dave es dum." He adds, "and sexy." DYING!! And that is how dumb and sexy became the term it is today.

Dumb and sexy guys are so not for me. You could be a model. You could be the unholy trifecta of Denzel, Blair and George... and I'll make an exception!! Wait no. You could be that hot Mexican chef. Sigh. But if you are dumb... we have a problem. I can't do it! I dated this guy we'll call L... because that's his name! Hey! I did it! Hahahaha. That's what he told me to call him anyway. He was quite attractive. And for our first date he made macaroni and cheese and fried chicken and something else for me. I don't remember what the rest of it was because those two were DELICIOUS!! We dated for about month but I wouldn't get extra fresh with him so he dumped me. I was about to dump him because he was dumb and sexy. We could never hold an extended conversation. It also didn't help that he had been to jail on drug charges (I used to give people chances so they wouldn't think I was stuck up. I don't care anymore.), admitted to selling crack to his friend's mom (his justification: so she wouldn't get some bad stuff from someone else that could kill her... I almost (I know the almost brings my sanity into question...) broke up with him on the spot), AND he told me he wanted to holla at my sister before he started talking to me. NO YOU DIDN'T. See where the dumb part comes in? You should be kicked. Swiftly and repeatedly. The moral of this story? Don't be dumb and sexy.


Work It Harder Make It Better Do It Faster Makes Us Stronger

One year later that's how I feel. "Grace and mercy brought me through. I'm living this moment because of You." Chile I made it!! And I'm excited!! This time one year ago I was acting up. I won't call it overreacting because who's to say that? It was how I was feeling at the time. I'm convinced I needed to go through that in order to help someone through something else in the future. I have peace now surrounding what happened. 6Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

I wasn't as close to God as I am now. The incident, as I've previously mentioned, brought me closer. It was my personal earthquake. I had to move on. I had to allow Him to turn a dark event into light. I had to forgive. 13Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.

I know my trials are preparation for my triumphs. (c) Jameil

Look out world!! Here I come!! How excited are you?? BECAUSE I'M ECSTATIC!! THANKS G(od)!

"Oh It's soooo Hot."

To all of you who have said some version of this when I talk about how the wind chills are NEAR FREEZING here, we are on the outs. You're on my list. Don't ever try to console me by talking about how warm or hot it is where you are. I'm wearing a sweater.


Go, See, Be, Do

Now breathe. I have such a problem. I multi-task my face off at every turn. It's quite ridiculous actually. I have to force myself to slow down and not go crazy. That's what I'm doing right now.

I've also been thinking I need to get rid of some stuff. Not this much. Those people are just crazy. But there's too much stuff in my little room. And when I went home, there was too much stuff in that room and too much stuff in the house. Time to downsize.

Weird thing about me: I always wanted to work at a grocery store. I just wanted to use that scanner. So now I get my jollies at the self-checkout. I don't like to bag as much, though so I get really excited when I have a lot of stuff and someone comes over to do the honors for me. That person gets a mental hug.

I got my Christmas present from Stace!!!! (Don't even ask! Lololol.) It's tooo fabulous. 7 million pictures of us and a huge frame with pictures of ME! TOOO APROPOS!! LOVE IT!! I am the queen of fabulosity right there!!

I want this workout! Liz won't stop talking about it! But I've done a money moratorium for the week because I always bleed money when I go home. BLEED IT!! It's ridiculous. I bought a round of drinks at my sister's graduation and a dress and and and!! So no more spending money this week. Did you enjoy my mindspace? One of my coworkers told me the stream of consciousness was killing her the other day and she couldn't keep up.

In case you were wondering, YES it's cold here. There was a WIND CHILL this morning hovering at FREEZING. Pittsburgh, I QUIT YOU!!! (Again.)

My dad is talking junk about EVERYBODY who was at the graduation. He needs a whoopin. Badly. Oh and you can blame him and Rah for yesterday's lack of post. The former for being on the computer when I was getting ready to post before work and the latter for keeping me on the phone until I got sleepy. I accept no responsibility. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Hug, Back Stab

That's what leaving Charlotte and returning to Pittsburgh is like. Very hot for the '08. Almost makes me never want to go home again. Almost. The graduation was horrendous. The speaker was boring (I have no idea what he talked about other than the title of his speech and that was in the book) and long-winded (after 10 minutes, he said I have 6 points. SON OF A!!) Sigh. Then for her departmental where you actually hear the names? Another speaker. Y'all are out of control. I'm back in the burgh. It's raining and coldish-- 61, wind at 17 mph. At home? 78. High here tomorrow? 56. Lows in the 30s tomorrow night. So over it. Kill me now. And I have to go to work tonight. Bah humbug. But let me tell you how cute I looked yesterday!!! At 8:30 a.m. before we even got out of the hotel lobby I was being eye-stalked. Of course I took pics and they are forthcoming. I have to be at work in about 7 hours so I should probably go to sleep huh? Yeah. Holla!


500 Posts!

I hit the milestone w/o breaking a sweat. I'm a beast. But in the hot, fabulous, 4-inch-heel-wearing way. It's really magnifical. Me and mom are watching ER now. Actually my mom is and it's just on in the background. Guess who had a layover in "A-t-l-a-n-t-a, G-A that's where I stay"? I can't stop bursting into song every 30 seconds. It gets worse when I'm around my sister because I add in lots of tv shows and movies and she gets every single one. That's the cool thing about growing up with someone especially in our case where we're 19 months apart. You can't help but have some modicum of closeness... on the other hand... that closeness in age also makes you want to cut the other person. Our relationship is all ups and downs. Up and down and up and down. Very little middle. I still have to yell at her about her seatbelt. I really don't want a toothless sister until I'm very old. Also I don't want a dead one. Call me crazy.

Oh no. The news. I know way too much about how it goes on the air (obviously) so I get bananas! It's annoying to watch it with me. I know this but I can't stop. Back to ATL. I had a 2 hour layover there but didn't figure that out until I was there that I knew bloggers there. Oops.
Ah well. Y'all will be alright. I was like I wonder how close Joy is to me right now... Anyway when I got to Charlotte, I called my homies Tasha and JoEllen and my mom and I met them at a restaurant. My appetizer was pepper-crusted seared ahi tuna w/wasabi mayo and pickled ginger. My entree was roasted potatoes, mixed vegetables and meatloaf. Everything was a different temperature. Umm... it's all supposed to be hot. Outrageous. For dessert I had key lime pie. LOVE key lime. LOVE IT!! I could've skipped the entree and just had appetizer and desert b/c both of them were delightful. We shut down the restaurant then I came home and collapsed asleep.

Today I woke up at 6:47 and had eye dyslexia. I thought it said 8:57 and was so excited! I was like I slept in!!! (I wake up at 11:45 p.m. or earlier to go to work.) Then I saw the end of the morning local news and was like UGH!! Stupid eyes!!!! But I was already up. My mom and I went on a walk then cooked brekky-- eggs, sausage and grits. Then my dad came over with all my sister's stuff from her dorm. He got me some KRISPY KREME on the way!! YESSSSSS!! I've been wanting a doughnut for at least a week and couldn't get one easily enough because 3 in my area have shut down in the last 2 years and I don't know where any more are. Pitiful. Then my mom and I headed up to Greensboro. Yes, I did have an attitude about us not leaving when we said we would. There was ONE time we needed to hit this week and she couldn't do that. Ridiculous. I know I need to relax but I just would rather you NEVER ask me to pinpoint a time if we're not going to bother to do it. Let's just go when we get ready if that's how it's gonna be.

We got our toes done, then went to dinner. Not impressive enough to even discuss. I bought my sister some near top shelf rum. Oh yeah! I'm actually not drinking tonight. Shocking, I know but my stomach is rebelling against me right now so I'm over it (my stomach). And I'm not letting it play tonight. THERE STOMACH! TAKE THAT!!! Hi-YAH! Tomorrow my friends want to go out... yeah... that'll require me to take a pre-going out nap. I'm sleepy now and we have to be up at 7 in the a.m. at the latest. I don't trust these people when it comes to getting what I need. I'll just be ready and sit back. Your graduation, you can be late if you want. We don't have to go. You already know how I feel about the ceremonies. I know I'm being bratty so you don't have to tell me. Just love me from afar. (For the record I wouldn't want to be anywhere but here annoying my family right now because TRUST I'm getting on their nerves with my regulations just as much if not MORE than they're getting on my nerves.)


Next State

My dad has decided to boycott WV. Not because Rocky lost there, but because he lost there so overwhelmingly. He says that points to the state's unwillingness to let go of its racist attitudes and he's not playing anymore. That's right, D is taking his ball, and he's going home.

You may say to yourself, how would that even impact us? Well, WV is right over the line. Just a 45 or so minute drive from downtown. If that. You have to drive through there to get to Charlotte. So D is not getting gas when he drives down there. He's also not stopping to eat or meeting in the middle there anymore. WV, YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN!!!

Also, it's really gorgeous and the first time I drove there, I said, "I won't live in the snow, but I'll buy a winter home here with a helicopter pad so I can just float in and float out at will." There goes that notion. I'll have to find a pretty state that went for Rocky. CT maybe? (I know Joy will love that.) Then I can hang out at casa Ash with the fabulous people. Yay!!! I actually packed 4 pairs of shoes and wondered "Is that enough?" I'll be there only 2 full days (but 4 nights!!). Hot mess. I think I'll be okay with my wardrobe. If not... SHOPPING!!! Lol.



I could organize a meet up of all my friends and fam for tomorrow night but I don't feel like it. They know I'm in town for my sister's graduation. Thursday me, my mom and my godsister are going up to the 'boro to have a girls day (mani/pedis) with my sister. Her graduation is on Friday. RUN RUN RUN!! There isn't enough time to do everything. If I didn't catch you on my last trip and you're not going to the graduation, I'll have to catch you on the next one. Sorry for you but a girl has got to get some relaxation and some MOMMY TIME!! YAY MOMMY!! I'm gonna see my mommy tomorrow!! I'm so excited!!! Call yours.

Oh also I called my grandmother and sent her a card for mother's day. She told me and my mom that my call made her day. Love it! She's so cute. My godmother got her gift and card and loved it! Yay! And I didn't send mystace a card for mother's day but I was thinking yesterday morning I should have because she's been a better mother than some of those children than they will (unfortunately) ever have just by taking them so sincerely into her heart so HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MYSTACE!!

OOH! AND my sister was with my mom in Hampton for my godsister's (and sorority sister) graduation from the real HU (and another one! Go HU alumnae!) for mother's day, right? I called when I had a break from my show at 6:51 a.m. I didn't know if she'd be up but she doesn't mind when I call her early on holidays. She was wide awake prepping for the graduation. I said, "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!" She said, "Thank you. You're the first to say it and this other one has been in the room with me all morning." LMAO!!! You know I was like, "YES!!!! I WON! I WON! I WON I WON I WOOOON!!" Hilarity!! My mom was cracking up right along with me. Fabulous, magnifical mommy!

I've also relinquished restauranting (choosing a restaurant) to the baby since it's her graduation. I'm sure she doesn't even know I was considering gently relieving her of that choice. But I know she would be annoyed if she knew. Lol. It will be nice to lay back and "relax" for a change. It will be a concerted effort but I'm okay with that!! Better than no effort at all!!

Also... Shani is crazy!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I still try to think up new ones DAILY!! I just submitted "H.illary talked to you an entire 8 hour flight." I need y'all to know I'm pulling out the Bible tomorrow on the plane and whoever is near me is only allowed to talk about the contents therein. Y'all know how I feel about plane chatterers!!! If you're in WV, vote for Rocky today! Holla! (No, in case you're wondering, I still haven't packed. But I'm taking ONE small bag since I'm there such a short amount of time. That means packing wisely!!)


Life: Itemized

When I know I have a lot of things to do in a short amount of time, it gets me a little crazy. My dad asked me to take him to the doctor today. While hilarious (IDK why, it just is), it makes me feel really old. Like wow... I'm old enough to take my dad to the doctor... bizarre. Because of this I skipped my standing Monday morning appointment with the gym. Son of a biscuit. And he's not here. Where is he? I don't know that, either but the appointment is at 12 and he reminded me 8 or 9 times yesterday so I need him to come on seeing as it's nigh upon 11:30. I should probably pack a bag since I'll be there more than 30 minutes. See what I mean? Too much stuff. I'm marinading some chicken I bought yesterday in a mojito marinade (rum, mint, lime, garlic, oil). When I get back I'll cook it along with black beans and rice. Oh that will be love on a plate right there.

Tomorrow I hope to get my consult for my locks before going to Bible Study. I'm finishing up my laundry. Only one load left and I have already mentally started packing. Oh yeah, I'm going to my sister's graduation. I'm leaving on Wednesday for a ridiculously whirlwind trip. OMG! The baby got a job! She wanted to be the web designer for this summer camp in northeastern PA and she got it! YAY!!! That's hot! When she puts her mind to something, she gets it done and doesn't stop until it is. Love it. It's a job until August 15th and she'll be great at it!

Anyway I'm leaving after work Wednesday (women and children move! or you're getting pushed... you've been warned.) so I have to be packed before I go to work at 1 that morning. I also want to know every single thing I'm going to eat while I'm down there. Lol. I need to send off my line sister's graduation card. Also I found a fab restaurant I want to try for Elaina's graduation dinner. She's looking at something much more understated... like Olive.Garden... bah humbug!! But it's her day. Grumble grumble. Lol. I need to make sure my homie Meagan's gonna be in town. Anyway this is so disjointed because I have too much to do to blog!!


Unconcious Mutterings

Here's the deal. Claud does these every week and at first I was like what is the point but now I'm in love with them and look forward to them every week. Finish the thought in one to 3 words. Since it's my blog and I can do what I want to, I'm going to use it as the catalyst for an actual post. I want you to play along in the comments so I can get in your little twisted minds. Moohahahahaha.

Track ::
Snake ::
Assignment ::
Blockbuster ::
Bombastic ::
Adventure ::
First time ::
Aged ::
Grip ::
Shortcut ::

Track :: of time. Time where you be goin son!?! Leaving me! Running away from me! Sprinting away from me! Running from me like I beat your kids! I was in Whole Foods for an hour and I could've been in there much longer. Two things I've already dipped into: guacamole and pico de gallo. (Where is that (hawt) Mexican chef I requested??) The pico says hot but barely registers as mild for me. If part of my mouth isn't numb, it's not hot enough. Ahem. At least it tastes like love. Their siddity food selection is a delight. I had to pay attention to costs a little bit, though. Because I work in news, I know too much about the crap state of our economy. Yeah... I can splurge a bit ($82 for things pretty much just I am going to eat) in the grocery store but let's keep our heads a bit please!!

Snake :: in the grass! For some reason this makes me think of Brian Fellow. Hahahaha.

Assignment :: Editor. Good ones are a savior to any newsroom. They hear stories and know which ones will be the best to cover. They also know which live trucks are in service and can tune in shots and take feeds and and and.

Blockbuster :: video! Wow! What a difference!

Bombastic :: Fantastic! Molastic!! I don't know what that last word was. I just made it up. Actually bombastic people get on my nerves. Sit down somewhere!! And kindly plug up that flapping hole in your face while you're at it. Thanks.

Adventure :: Let's get some! I'm so incredibly bored with my life right now. I need some kind of huge change. My mom said it's because I'm at that age where everything is in a constant state of flux and every few years you know something new is coming.

First time :: for everything! Never say never. You'll probably find yourself doing it tomorrow.

Aged :: cheese. Oh cheese I love you. But I don't think you love me. You seem to reek havoc on my system. You brat. That doesn't mean I'll give you up, though. Like a battered spouse. Whole foods has a bangin(!) cheese section. When you have 2 cheese-perts (cheese experts... don't use that. I made that up, too.) on site? LOVE! And thanks to google I found out what these people are called. Un maƮtre fromager. Essentially cheese master. I don't know if these people at the aforementioned store qualify but since my stomach has not reacted well to cheese in the last few days, I decided to forgo le fromage, tantalizing though it was, and move it on along.

Grip :: I'll take "get a" for 1,000, please, Alex. I'm usually the one imploring people to do this. I don't believe in getting all bent out of shape over things. That doesn't mean nothing ever bothers me, though people tend to think that. I just take most things in stride. I was once famously told, "I'm not like you, Jameil. I have feelings." Oh shut up you cry baby. I don't wear my tear ducts on my sleeve and oh please it's not even worth the time. See what I mean? You have to really push me to get me to explode. On the other hand, I don't really hold a lot of things back which is probably the reason I don't normally explode. I find both exercises a waste of time and energy. Just let it out so we don't have to deal with your little temper tantrum later.

Shortcut :: Let's take a! I can't stand riding with someone when they say this. I need you to assure me when you say take a short cut, it actually will be one. It also needs to be one you've used on more than one occasion. Like you won't get lost on this short cut, bringing us right back around to where we started 30 minutes later. When I'm in Pittsburgh, I don't take short cuts. Mostly because I only know one way to too many of the places I need to go. But also because you take one wrong turn and you're in West Virginia. I'm exaggerating but you can quickly and easily get lost in this town of houses that all look alike, streets devoid of signs, hills, valleys and winding roads. I'll pass. I will say, though, that these incessant parkway closures have forced me to learn my way around the eastern suburbs and I'm a bit impressed with myself. So there! :) Play away dears!


If You're Ever On TV...

Take your rollers out of your hair.

Put in your teeth.

Spit out your chew.

If inviting a reporter inside, clean up your house. Because they will talk about you.

I hope it's not for committing a crime. The criminals here always seem to rep for the home team though. The descriptions almost always include some sort of para. "6'1 male robbed a 7-11 wearing a S.teelers jersey." Nice.

Criminals also like to do stupid things like describe what the suspect is wearing in a television interview... while they're wearing what they described... there aren't even any words...

Also don't use someone's fake body parts to commit a crime against them. (Allegedly) Especially not your sister.

That is all... for now.
Oh yeah I found a pic of me and Mor after I crossed Ogden. How adorable are we? Too adorable, I think.


It's on the Map!

Classy Jojo and I would go to football games senior year at Hampton and yell out today's date in call and response form, "MAY 9TH! (MAY 9TH!) IT'S ON THE MAP! (IT'S ON THE MAP!)" The date of our graduation. Senior year we went to games mostly so we could Rock the Blue and White! "STOP AND LET THE SENIORS DO IT!!" You wait 3 years just so you can yell that at games and then you go CRAZY!!! Hahahahaha. It's also fun to "STOP AND LET ALUMNI DO IT!!!" Yeah my first homecoming I went NUTS!!! Go ahead go nuts go ape --. We had a blast senior year. Events including but not limited to: Smoke & Fire (black and red cabaret attire only), the White Out (all white cabaret attire only), Senior Ball and the Senior Sip & Bowl (hands down one of my favorites). We were ballin out all year! It was one giant party!! And let's not even mention the fact that I went to the beach every single day for my last week as an undergrad. There was a beach just 10 minutes from campus. Tell me that's not fantastic.

But this time 4 years ago I was blatantly ignoring attending my graduation. Hours earlier, at exactly midnight, we crossed O.gden Circle for the first time. (Hamptonians, did you know they added flags???) At Hampton, one of the first things you are told is not to cross O.gden Circle. We tell people on tours and the freshman class when they get there. While giving tours, I have specifically told people disrespectful of the tradition who walk across it not to even bother coming. It's that serious. I know at least 3 people who crossed O.gden Circle and did not graduate on time. Two of them never graduated from Hampton. My mother knows people from her class. Everyone who went to Hampton knows those people. Don't cross the circle. It is actually an ancient Indian burial ground as well.

The first time you can ever cross Ogden is at midnight on the day of your graduation. You have your financial and academic clearance card and you are graduating. At exactly midnight, you count down, then run screaming and yelling across Ogden with your drink in hand (lol, of course... and for the record I was drinking Select & coke). It's the most amazing feeling in the world!! I loved it!!!! It was even more special because I had years of build up with my mother being an alumna. And she was there, too. AWESOME!!! And after the running, you link arms on the steps to sing the alma mater (still one of my favorite songs). I like to sing it at the top of my lungs in the shower. The sorority hymn and "Lift Every Voice and Sing" are also frequently in the line up.

I can't believe it's been 4 years. We did it, Quintessence V! We have reunions every 5 years and Doll's 5 year is this year. I know you're celebrating so rock out girl! Amazing. Time flies when you're taking over the world!

For the record, I can't stand graduations. I understand what they represent but the ceremonies bore me to tears. My high school graduation I completely zoned out. I spent the whole time turned around talking to my friend Andrea. That's how my mom found me in the crowd of 200 or so. I don't remember anymore how many people were in my class. I was the one completely facing away from the stage the entire time. Hahahahahaha. At Hampton, I was surrounded by my friends from the journalism school so it was even worse. Except this time no one was paying attention. Our speaker was the university president. Booo. The class before us had Mr. Jello Pudding but I heard he was outrageously off topic. Didn't matter. I can't imagine who you could possibly invite to speak that I want to hear on that day. I just want you to hand me my sheet of paper and let me go on my way. The highlight was definitely the speech of our class dictator president. Lol. He was our prez all 4 years and we loved him. He's fun. And no, I wasn't drunk or hung over because I had been warned sitting in the hot sun on the football field in that condition was grounds for vomiting and that's never hot.

Next week my sister, the baby, graduates from UNCG with a degree in graphic design. Get it girl! (That's us at our sorority's regionals in 2005. She won a talent competition, hence the tiara.)

After this, I pray I will not be asked to attend any more graduation ceremonies until my children graduate. Since I don't have any, I should be in the clear for at least 20 years. Praise Jesus! (I guess I have to go to my nephew's high school graduation but I have about 10 years so I suppose I can do that after a decade-long hiatus.)


If You Tired, Be Quiet and Go to Sleep!


LMAO!! That song will FOR.EV.ER(!!!) make me think of Morg and sophomore year in college. We made up movements to go with the opening verse, too because we were that nutty. I was easily enticed to slightly outrageous behavior tolerable only because we were in college and when else can you do it?

I'm still incredibly sleepy after this time 9 hours of sleep! I don't know what's wrong with me but the co-worker and I will not be going to the game today because it's raining. Bah humbug rain! You stink! BUT it means I can go back to sleep. I've been up since 5:30 this morning. No I don't know why. Oh wait. My bladder woke me up. I would assume me going to bed at 8 last night had something to do with it, too.

My mom got her mother's day card yesterday!! YAY!! She loved it and the money inside. I think she loved the card more. She's so cute and sweet and I love her so much!! I LOVE MY MOMMY!!! Know what I wrote in there? "Thanks for sharing your body with me." She said, "That is so weird. I never think about it like that." The more my friends get knocked up, the more it becomes a reality that it will also one day happen to me!!! It will never cease to amaze me that you GROW a PERSON... INSIDE your body. THAT IS A MIRACLE!! And then they grow up and walk around and become... like... people!!... and stuff!! My mom says she doesn't think about it like that but I do (and probably some of the mommies with little ones, too) and I thank you mommy!! I really do!

I wish Rocky's mom was around to see what he's accomplished already. I know her heart would be bursting with pride! He actually said, "I am asking you to Believe. Not just in my ability to bring about a real change in Washington, I'm asking you to believe in yours." Deep. Shout out to her right now.

Oh I decided what I'm going to do to my hair. Remember I said it was gonna get it? Yeah... June 10, 2008 I start my locks. Why not? I was thinking about a quick perm before the locks but then I thought about all that straight stuff around my ears and how annoying my hair used to be and I decided against it. I made my appointment with a loctician yesterday. Wheeee! You know she's good when her first available is more than a month in advance and insists on a preliminary consult. Hotness! I only want the best.

Mess. I almost ended this post w/o talking about the purpose and title of it. Remember the scary sleep paralysis? I have only had one almost incident with this since I read Red's tips and stopped sleeping on my back. And guess what triggered it? I almost fell asleep on my back! I felt it coming and I quickly woke myself up. So cool. It used to hit me now that I think about it several times a week so to go 3.5 months without feeling frighteningly paralyzed? AWESOME!! Thanks Red!!

(For those of you with more involved questions, don't worry, I'm working on your answers and they will come! I'm not ignoring you! And if you feel left out, yes you can still get your nosy on. :)) I love the double chin smiles. They make me laugh. I'm in a really good mood right now... hmmm... :)) hahahahahaha

Before we go, another indiscriminate thought, my coworker I was supposed to go to the game with today made me a copy of Madge's latest. I like it! Especially this song!

Yes I do get up and dance and do the driver's seat dance with wiggles, head bobbin, rockin, lip pursin, rollin, poppin and lockin and gangsta leans. Yep. All that. "If you want it, you already got it!" "Keep it up keep it up keep it up... JAMEIL!!" Since people don't put my name in songs, I've always added it myself. This is no exception. Hmph. (But on the video... did JT learn nothing about disrobing people? Just askin... I guess not since there were no consequences...)

And also, happy birthday to MyStace!! 26 son! You're almost 30! You're mad old kid!


Call Him!

I walked into the bathroom today and had to call on the name of Jesus. Then I asked him to build a fence *marked it out* all around me every day. No, I didn't sing the song because I was still at work but sometimes my life just really makes me want to permanently check out. No, I'm not suicidal but sometimes I just want to retire to my room PERMANENTLY with only an ever-replenished stack of books and a phone (and some days that will be banished as well).

At least part of Stacey's birthday present should be there today!!!


I'm a little excited about it... :) I called her today during snack time... let me tell you there may be NOTHING funnier than the sound of 19 kindergartners during snack time! HILARITY!!!

I am so incredibly sleepy. Me and cool new coworker may not be going out tonight after all because her cousin is coming to town early or something or other. Fine with me. Mellymell is SLEEPY!! I don't even know why. I think I got a decent amount of sleep. *thinking* Yeah I got 8 hours last night! I have no idea what my problem is. Ebola? It's a possibility. Does that make you sleepy? What do you get from the tsetse fly? I could look it up but didn't I tell you I'm sleepy? Because I'm is. See? I can't even do English.

I just gave my daddy a hug and he was so happy! Aww! Too cute. Smooches loves!


Questions: Trois

My easy questions since I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by my schedule again. Do you see what's become of me? I work so much that doing anything outside of work, the gym, and church sends my entire world into a tizzy. THAT AIN'T RIGHT! Tomorrow night, me and cool new coworker are supposed to be hitting the town. Then Thursday afternoon me and another coworker are going to a P.irates game. Wheeeeee! Except it's supposed to rain. Bah humbug. But I love those games. The stadium is gorg and the atmosphere in general is just fun.

Sandy C. said... If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
Documentary producer of films about black people. I wrote about that a bit here.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said... Do you like being short? *jab, jab*
I don't know why you think that's a jab like you're a giant. My grandmother and her sisters are 5'11 to 6'1 so I know tall women (my mom calls them Amazon women) and tall, you are not! HATER! Most of the time I like being short. 5'1, for those who don't read often. Short is fab. Plus when I want to be taller I just put on some 4 inch heels. Tall or alleged tall people (like you *jab, jab*) can't just cut themselves off at the knees. I have options. Lol.

I really like tall people, though. I used to want to be "5'10 like C.indy Crawford." Name that movie. No, not really but I definitely wanted to be around 5'7 or 5'8. Now I'm quite content with my height. I have to be. I'm not getting any taller! But I am QUITE internally tall.

Do you like beets?
Is that a joke? Maybe you weren't reading yet. I CAN'T STAND beets.

When's the last you've been tipsy/drunk? What was going on? Where were you?
I was going to say when I was at home but it was yesterday after a rather boring phone conversation which was quite revelatory, not because of it's content, but rather in the reaction it provoked in me. Hence the drinking. It was just beer and I was at home.

In other news, my hair is soooo about to get attacked. I don't know what's gonna happen but this hair will not be like this by the end of the week.

And last but not least, if you're in NC (REPRESENT FOR THE HOME STATE!!) or Indiana, please go vote today! Let's end this thing once and for all please! Or really stick it to Billary at least. I'm ready for this to be OVER!!! How does an entity (Billary) who made more in the last 8 years than most people will see in their lifetimes become "for the people" and the actual NORMAL one who grew up poor and WORKED for poor people get marked as elitist? Amazing... That tells me she would spend lots of time fabricating other stories *bombs, etc I assume...* if elected and I've had plenty of that in the last 8 years. No thanks. (And can the 1600 Penn Ave. squatters stop it with the silly photo opps because they're really pissing me off hosting everyone and playing house when this country is in the condition it's in. See: yesterday's post.) So voters, I beg you, make my headache end. Thanks. Management.

Unrelated: I want some of my mom's baked chicken. That picture is from when I went home last year. DROOL!! Oh home cooking, how do I miss thee. Let me count the ways. Yes, I could cook myself but that's not nearly as fun as having someone cook for me. Now where did I put that Mexican chef....


A Dead Horse

My co-workers tried to get me all in a tizzy over this dead horse. Some of them even got into a screaming match (no, I'm not kidding) over whether or not the crazy folk deserved a mention in the newscast this morning. (I think no. And for the record, I do plan on buying a fur in the future and if you come NEAR me with paint, I'll have something for you YOU WILL NOT LIKE!!) I think the KD is AWESOME!! Mostly for the hats (duh) and drinks (duh part II).

Tangent: speaking of hats. My grandmother is a seamstress and... A MILLINER!! When I called on her birthday yesterday, she said, "Oh I was just thinkin of you." I said, "You were? Why?" She said, "Because you're very dear to me." Ain't that sweet. Then she said, "I pulled out the dress I made to wear for your graduation to wear today because I was thinking of you." She made it just for my graduation! LOVE! Anyway so she said she's gonna make me a hat. WHO is the most excited person in the world? ME!!!

Tangent 2: I also talked to my cousin who got married Saturday. She said they missed me. Awww! Remember I told you my book club homie (you can skip past everything until you get to the section labeled "My book club") is married to a five-star chef? (The reason I want to marry a chef now.) He catered the rehearsal dinner, all of my cousins went to karaoke together and Sunday morning, my aunt made breakfast for the fam. SO SAD!! Really awful. Blasted ratings period. You suck. And we better win.

Anyway. The reason I really could care less about a dead horse. Because there are fathers allegedly kicking their 2-year-old children and leaving them to die in single-digit temperatures.

And police shooting an unarmed black man on his WEDDING DAY and getting off. Do you see how his fiancee has aged? Wouldn't you? AWFUL.

Because a history-rich city is still struggling to recover from a devastating storm nearly 3 years ago. (And W, you can go to the middle of nowhere, but not a major city to uplift them? You are a hot mess.)

Because gas prices are outrageous. I don't complain because I will buy it anyway. I don't have a choice. But the oldest man in America wants to propose a stupid PANDERING BAND-AID of a solution (to get votes) for a gaping airbus-sized entry-wound of a problem. And Billary wants to jump on board why? Because she is not any different from every administration in my lifetime.

Because children CAN'T READ and you want to give them pennies compared to your dead-end pet project. Speaking of Iraq, WHAT IS THE DEAL!?!? You send people off to war to die because they are poorly supplied and/or overworked or because you're allowing people to make UNCHECKED MONEY, they kill people with their negligence. And let's not forget the widespread scandal. And the those who come back with all manner of injuries (mental included) to THIS GARBAGE!!

Because the economy is in the toilet including, but not limited to, a credit crisis and sky-rocketing foreclosures.

That's only the tip of the iceberg. And you want me to care about a horse. Riiiight. BTW this is not up for discussion. If after reading all of the aforementioned you still want me to get excited about a dead horse, in my book, there is no hope for you when it comes to that and we shall have to agree to disagree.


Questions: Deux

Un ici. (That means one here.)

Let's hit up the superficial folk. I'M KIDDING 1969!! I said that to get Rah & Stace all in a tizzy.

1969 said... Quick....you have a dinner date to attend tonight. What outfit would you pull out of your closet for a night of dinner and dancing?
Girl, my fave shoes (scroll down) would have to come along and from there up who cares?? Lol. I haven't been on a date in so long I'm trying to even think what else I'd really wear with those shoes on a date. Geez! If it was warm I'd probably rock my cute white pencil skirt which comes a little past mid-thigh and... son of a biscuit. You're really making me go to my closet for this. Ooh! And pairing it with this cute see-through cable knit sweater. It's cuter than it sounds. I'd wear a white tank top under it. Too cute.

What if the date was to an office party?
Black slightly wide-legged pants, my short-sleeved black blazer, silver sling backs with my silver clutch. Too cute. That was fun.

Rashan Jamal said... Why and when did you decide to go natural?
Read it here and here. Essentially I got tired of fighting with that ugly permed crap. I don't think all permed hair is ugly. I just don't think it suits me terribly. But see my response to Stace below.

What is your favorite thing to do on a date?
I like interesting things. Of course dinner is a priority. I want it to be somewhere I've never been before but have wanted to try or have heard good things about. No Asian food. Other than that I'm pretty open when it comes to food. I'm very picky when it comes to what not to do. First dates, no clubs though my best date ever did include a club, we'd talked quite a bit prior to that. He was fun. The best part of the date is the communicating so if the conversation keeps me intrigued and the food is great and atmosphere reeks of fabulosity, nothing else really matters. There must be laughter. Did I say food? I'm not sure if I mentioned that.

And last but not least...Who is your least favorite blogger? LOL.

You're such a brat for the question. I already told you I'm not saying that. I don't want your feelings getting hur... oops! It slipped!! You also said you hadn't read all the archives. Umm... there are only 480 or so posts. Get to work, lazy.

Stacie von Kutieboots said... I want to know, will you ever relax your hair again?
You always tryin to get me to do everything you do. Date a white boy. (I mean does this white boy have to be a fest groupie and be Jewish and vegetarian and an Asian/sushi pimp and an existentialist, too? Rep for Pooh hard? HUH?!?! DOES HE?!?!) I have to go from perm, to natural and back to perm. I gotta do it 19xs like you did, too?! Dang Stace! LMAO! Oh I had so much fun. I wish y'all knew Stace like I do so you can see her face and hear her responses from reading that!! You have an idea if you've read her blog and listened to them crazy utterz. HUH-larity!! The answer? IDK. Probably, probably definitely not. The answer changes daily.


A Few Pics From Home

This is me and my sorors after the pageant Thursday. My mom's on the left in the brown adjusting her glasses. I'm front and center (duh) in the black short-sleeved blazer and jeans. My sister is to my right in the yellow vest and the guy behind her in white is the cutie we were both staring at. Why did she mouth to him while he was on stage and she was in the audience, "I want you." I was dying laughing!!! WHORE!! I may have made that story up but she did something to say, "Ooh. I think I'm making him uncomfortable." HAHAHAHA!!
My homies from middle school. Tasha, Meagan and Me. This is from the party Saturday night. I love that pic of me!
HU homie, Classy Jojo. I just want to know who that boi is who looks like he's about 3 seconds from turning her around and puttin it on her!

Wait... is that him??? Lol. I LOVE this picture of JoEllen. It's so representative of her fun-loving, fabulous personality. We had a BLAST Saturday night!
This is from my cousin's bridal shower. (The one in the white) Awww! She's getting married today and I can't go because we're not allowed to take off during the ratings period. From left to right: My sister, me, then just 3 of my 36 first cousins-- Kim (oh yeah, at bridal showers, they make you wear the bows from all the gifts you get! Hahahah), Erica and Vonetta.