Thursday 13

I don't know why I love these so. I guess because they're amusing. Like Claud's and Shuv's (Still no word on whether she's okay with me calling her that. I saw it in some Brit Lit book and it's stuck.) and Sandy's.

I'm really excited about life today! I should say right now. Because saying today is a bit eh with my mood swings. Don't worry, they're not violent. Just a bit unpredictable. BUT usually easily shaken. Today is daddy-daughter day and he's given me carte blanche to select our activity. I'm considering the Ind.iana Jones movie. We'll see. But for today's Thursday 13, I will do 13! things! I'm! excited! about!

1) Being off Saturday night! If nothing else I get to go to Church on Sunday before 11:45. Unfortunately my pastor won't be there. As Prez, he'll be away this weekend. Boooo. Before you say something like what a waste! Allow me to let you know 1) I can't stand missing church or dragging myself in there and 2) don't like being extraordinarily tired in there and not being able to do anything else on Sunday, 3) I asked one of my coworkers about going out Saturday and never got a response. OH WELL!! I'm absolutely okay with either hanging out with myself (lol) or hanging out with myself! Plus I know some people who will be more than willing to entertain me on the phone for hours and hours and hours.

2) A trip to Florida! It's so time again! Me and Stace will have another great time! You know how we roll!

3) SATC movie!! I wasn't into it that much until the last year or two. I like to wait until shows are in syndication to pay any attention to them. You know the blog prude in me that carries over into real life, "your little PG-13 life" as one loser described it, likes the lessened nudity. Anyway the show comes on while I'm at work so I've seen at least 5 episodes a week for the last year or so (I didn't know about it being on before). That means I've gotten to like it a bit and want to see the movie! Yes, I know it won't be censored. I'll just cover my eyes. Lol. I'm kidding. There's a 12:02 am showing. I think I might go. I wish there was someone here to go with. Anyone want to come with?


5) A CHANGE!! I know it's coming! I just know it! I can feel it! "Can you feeeeel it!!?" *running in place* And I know G(od) is gonna hook me up!

6) My line sister's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICHOLE! YOU ROCK OLD LADY! 26? Wow! You're gettin' up there!

7) Seeing my mommy again. She's so fun.

8) Being in love again. Love is so fab. You get to run and jump and sing! Lol. I'm cracking myself up. I'm watching Stace's fave, L.ove Actually. Movies are so much easier to understand when you finally see the beginning! I hadn't ever seen it before or I'd seen the end so many times.

9) Going on a walk tomorrow. It will be my third time working out this week. I've been slacking on the exercise so it's good to get back into it. I've only gone once a week for the last couple of weeks. Travel makes getting there crazy. I'm feeling my pecs today which is always fun. My workout hasn't been challenging to me lately. It's boring me. I need more variety. Does anyone want to be my trainer?

10) Getting out of Pittsburgh. Doesn't matter when or for how long. I know I just left 2 weeks ago but I'm ready again. Lol.

11) Weddings! I just realized I haven't told you about all the weddings I've been invited to this year and the reason I have or will miss it.

a) KS (co-worker), got married in Vegas, late April. Ratings period. The May "book" as we call it starts in late April.

b) Kim (cousin on my dad's side), married in H.ilton Head, SC, early May. Ratings period. I got all teary-eyed and upset looking at the pictures of that one. I was really sad I wasn't there.

c) Jasmine (cousin mom's side), Mississippi, early June. She's 20. No real reason.

d) Lauren (another co-worker), Here, early July. Going!

e) Erica (cousin on dad's side), Charlotte, late September. Going!

And I have another bridal shower/engagement party to attend in 2 weeks of fave roomie's line sister. Phew! Are you tired?? I am! Lol.

12) Pictures! It'd be nice if someone could crop all of these for me. This is an extraordinarily lazy edition of TT huh? I am just not in the mood to work. Is that so wrong? I think it's so right. So so right. Say you like it.

13) Being me! They were all talking about my posing when I took this picture hence the hysterical giggling you see! Hahahahaha.

Apparently my cousin Kim was taking pictures before her honeymoon and said, "This is the Jameil pose." Lol. It wasn't the above but I love that I was there in spirit! Too fab.


Sparkling Red said...

I can't imagine being your trainer. I bet you could out-train most trainers. They'd go "Just 3 more reps" and you'd go "Come on, what do you think I am, a wuss? I'm doing 30 more!"

Momisodes said...

Florida!? Very exciting! We were thinking of heading down this summer, but not sure if we'll just melt in the heat.

I LOVE Love Actually. But weddings? Uh...I like those as much as you like graduations.

Anonymous said...

Yaaaay for lists! I just get really excited when I list things out. Id so go to SATC if I wasnt in Cali ... Ill be there in spirit in fierce shoes ... Number 8 oh dreamy ... and there are butterflies and unicorns about randomly which is always fun ... 7. Moms are the best and I get to see mine in less than a week! Im ranting I know ... oh well ... Im done now!

Open Grove Claudia said...

LOOK! You TTed! :) Hurray! Did you put your name at ThursdayThirteen.com? That's how you get strangers to visit. How fun!

Hurray for your trips and weddings! It sounds like you have a great summer planned and truly you look fabulous in your photo! Great shoes - of course!

T Dot said...

I'm enjoying that outfit!

Anonymous said...

I did not like the Indiana Jones movie. It had too much weird shit. Plus, he survived a nuclear blast by hiding in a refrigerator!! The old Indiana would have never done something like that!!!

Plus the aliens thing messed with my archaeology sensibilities. Aliens had nothing to do with helping people build pyramids, ancient cities, etc.

Liz Dwyer said...

Oh, yes, excitement! Not about SATC though. I call it the show about four gardening implements. Change is coming and Rocky's riding the wave! Whoo hoo!

I always want to do the Thursday 13 but I need someone to walk me through the process. Hint, hint!

Adei von K said...

WOO, HOO!! BRING YO A, GIRL!!!! Party in Florida! All are invited!!

I. can't.wait. to go to the movies tonight! and you know I don't do movies so this is a HUGE deal!!

Isn't Luv Actually even better now that you've seen it from the beginning!?!? I LOOOOOOOVE that movie, can you tell???

That shot of you is huh-lariously great!! So cute!! So happy!!!

Desy said...

this Florida sun... you better have your tank top and shorts ready...lol

I feel you on the 'change is gonna come'.. .I am so ready for it, it's ridic

So many weddings, so little time... now it's time to shop for each dress/pants suit (you know... for pockets to be explored during a slow dance....lol)

a saturday in... seems to be my life everyday... but i'm ok with that cause I am SO tired...lol

Jazzy said...

1) Go out and have fun...it's supposed to be really nice on Saturday...even in Pittsburg!

3) I had big plans to get with the Sibs to see it...now a friend is coming to town and throwing all my plans out of wack. hate that!

4) AGREE!!!

5) Why did I just think about The Fat Boys...Can you feeeeeeel it??!!! That's going to be stuck in my head all day now.

OK...I think I'll stop here!

Jameil said...

red... lol. i'm in better shape than i've ever been in but i could do better. lol @ your estimation of me abusing my trainer. hilarity.

sandy... you know i love florida! but the heat! the oppressive heat! we will both have to prepare! i haven't been to that many weddings. i should say i like short weddings. i don't believe any ceremony but a funeral should last incredibly long and even those have a limit!!

cb... i like lists too! why can't you see SATC? lmao @ butterlies & unicorns. hilarity. oh mommies! give yours a big hug since i can't see mine!!

claud... lol. i'm not sure i want strangers over here. i enjoy my anonymity a bit. who knows who'd pop up. lol. trips are love! and thanks!

t... danke!

epsi... i heard other jones fans say the same thing. didn't stay true to the indy name, strayed too much into sci fi. why'd you give part of it away? i won't go see it now. thanks a lot.

liz... lol. i thought they were overly promiscuous, too. even the puritan one which always struck me as odd. i just went to the tt site claud mentioned. it gives you some ideas. essentially you write about 13 of anything. i love sandy's this week. i usually really really like hers b/c they're hilarious. so next week expect a variation on that.

stace... party over there! you're so cute w/the SATC movie. classy jojo is like that, too. super excited. love the movie is WAY better w/the beginning. it's a whole different movie!! i love that shot too! :)

desy... trust i know about heat. that's why i'm an indoor person. charlotte in the summer is not a joke. did you say pants suit? no indeed. 1) billary has ever soiled that for me and 2) weddings BEG for a dress! Beg!!! I think i'll go out just because.

diva... i know right? b/c i'll be annoyed w/myself if i don't. your friend won't want to go? or be put out? if you're a fan, you have to go! sing it girl!! lol. all of my regulars and go on as long as they want in my comments. fyi.

Anonymous said...

The part I gave away was in the first 15 minutes of the movie. It didnt help move the plot along at all.

Jameil said...

epsi... alright. you're forgiven. i haven't seen the other indys tho so there's no rush on this one. lol. i was only kidding.

Anonymous said...

Heh heh...I've never been called "Shuv" before. My little bruv calls me Shiv, but that's about it.

I want to see Ind.iana Jones too :o)

What a list, I was tired just reading through all those weddings! Amazing.

I have a question, do fabulous shoes run in your family?? (Pun not intended. Muahaha)

Jameil said...

shuv... ha! i'm the first! i'll probably wait on indy... the weddings... seems like daily. lol. i'm sure it'll be like this next year, too. i'm at that age. the shoes probably not all the way but i got some good genes! some people? not so much. lol.