Daddy-daughter night yesterday was beer, pizza and chicken wings and me dodging his entreaties about politics. Day. Off. I don't know why I have to explain every single week that NEWS is my JOB and I don't want to talk about it when I'm not at work. He goes, "That's work to you?" Are you joking? You know where I work. Get it together. I've been living with people my whole life. Enough's enough. I'm tired of entertaining people 24-7. I'm moving out in August.

2-hour Grey's season finale last night. I'm not going to give any details away but there was too much closure. I know that's a weird thing to say but I feel like I could stop watching forever and won't have missed a whole lot. It felt like a series finale. I'm not too sure about the direction they're taking some of the characters, particularly Callie so maybe I'll do just that. Who knows.

I don't know why my mood just went so severely downhill. I think it was my father talking to me. I can't ever just walk in the house and be. Remember that episode of SATC where C.arrie asked Aid.en not to talk to her the second she walked in the house? That's how I feel every single day that he's here when I get here. Can I have like 15 minutes of not talking. Same way when I wake up and he's awake. Please go away. I know that's probably wrong or weird but I need to decompress from whatever I've just experienced whether it's work/gym/bible study-- some sort of interaction with the world-- or sleep. I'm not a morning person and waking up at 10:15 or 11:45 p.m. doesn't negate that. It's morning to me. Leave me alone.

I got some things done online today. Then me and my coworker who is moving to Myrtle B.each (ew-- SUCH a touristy beach. I like crowds but not at my beaches.) went to S.quare Cafe. I had a cheese and avocado omelet topped with salsa with a side of wheat toast and potatoes. Very yummy. I usually try to get their specials (like the chicken crepes) and am usually quite pleased. The spanish eggs benedict was yum-o! Particularly that hollandaise... mmm! After that we went to the conservatory since it was media day and we got in for free. It was very pretty and huge. It took us an hour and a half to walk around minus the tour. We both expected a lot less green and more flowers, but it was still interesting.

I think I'm also annoyed because though I accomplished some things-- cleaning up and cleaning out some stuff I don't need anymore, there are other things I wanted to get done today that I didn't and I need to go to sleep in the next 45 minutes or so. I never do anything on my days off and I'm too tired to do much on my days on. I rarely come straight home which is very annoying. I'm very over this schedule. Very very over it. Want to know my least favorite day of the week? Friday. I go in at 11:30 p.m. and don't get off until 10:30 Saturday morning. And I spend all day Friday planning how much sleep I'm going to get and what things in my life that need to be done I will be ignoring. It's horridnessocity personified. Alright I'm done being grumpy for now. At least it's pretty warm today. I'll take my consolation prize.


Momisodes said...

Ugh, Fridays would be my least favorite day of the week too. I definitely need that 15 min window of silence after getting home, waking up, and before going to bed. I think that's what I miss the most about living alone.

Hope you get to enjoy some of the warm weather today.

Sparkling Red said...

My husband and I have an agreement that we will each give each other time and space to "get settled" when either of us has just gotten home. Sometimes I can't wait to get out of my work clothes into my couch potato outfit, wash my face, etc. Just get the workday off me.

And don't even talk to me in the morning because I will ignore you and I don't care how rude I'm being!

So you're moving out in August? That's exciting!

Rashan Jamal said...

Are you really gonna move out? Get you a crib in Pittsburgh?

Yeah, that Callie was... well, you know how I feel about the ep already.

It's not weird or wrong to want to be left alone. 15 minutes isn't too much to ask for.

Desy said...

i just watched the finale last night... and it was definately a neat little wrap up... but Derek doin what he did at the end makes me wonder...

see, now i need to go make myself some breakfast...lol

JayBee said...

i'm the same way. i don't like to be innundated with stuff as soon as i wake up or enter a room. like when i go to work, i don't like when kids are talking to me as soon as the bell rings. i'll tell them to be seated quickly and quietly and i'll address their concerns after a few minutes. let me breathe! congrats on making the decision to take the leap into the world of living alone.

Keith said...

I kind of like Myrlte Beach (aside from the Union Jack that you see all over the place and that weird feeling of being unwanted).

Grey's was an episode with a feeling of closure, but since the show wasn't canceled it set up some good stuff for the fall. My son will be in kindergarten by then so I will need the fictional escape.

Jameil said...

sandy... i imagine i'll have a hubby who will be ok w/my 15mins rule. can we even just sit in silence??? lol.

red... love it. that's the kind of agreement i need. lmao @ you in the am. too funny. iknow! very exciting!

rj... moving on out. it's so necessary... ugh. callie. i didn't think 15 mins was bad either.

desy... mmm brekky.

jb... let you breathe in the beginning of the day?? after you've been up.

keith... i don't like myrtle. i'm not a fan of crowds at my beaches plus it's so dirty. it set up some ok stuff in the fall. bah. i just wanted more open-ended stuff.

Vdizzle said:
"I never do anything on my days off and I'm too tired to do much on my days on."

I think you may have to lock yourself away to avoid dad. Cause clearly he won't stop.

my response: that's why i said i'm moving out.

Chris said...

I left home for a reason. As big of a gripe as I have about being alone, there are days when you get off of work and just don't want to be bothered. I thank God that I can come back to my crib and not have someone bugging the holy hell out of me.

Open Grove Claudia said...

Wow. Moving out. That's exciting.

I know what you mean about work at home. I hate romance movies because of all the work I've done with couples. I can only stand the mindless - let's blow things up - as I get a lot of relationship in my work.

Good for you for clearing out stuff.

Anonymous said...

I thought (hoped, prayed) that all the closure in Grey's was a symbol that after THREE YEARSof milking the same old drama...it was time to move on to new stuff.

Jameil said...

chris... you left home for your job. there are lots of days i just want to come back and be alone and not bothered. that's part of the reason fave roomie was fave. there was no whole lot of talking when you first got back from class and never in the a.m. we were perfect for each other.

claud... it's so necessary. i never thought of romances like that! interesting! i have lots more clearing to do but i kind of like it.

ink... interesting perspective. perhaps. but i don't want the new drama to take callie in that direction. i'm not feelin it for her character. han? ok. if you must. but callie? no.

Jazzy said...

Awww...don't be too mad at Dad. Your big personality is addictive!

Kudos on moving out!

Jameil said...

diva... i know but dang!! lol.