A Few Pics From Home

This is me and my sorors after the pageant Thursday. My mom's on the left in the brown adjusting her glasses. I'm front and center (duh) in the black short-sleeved blazer and jeans. My sister is to my right in the yellow vest and the guy behind her in white is the cutie we were both staring at. Why did she mouth to him while he was on stage and she was in the audience, "I want you." I was dying laughing!!! WHORE!! I may have made that story up but she did something to say, "Ooh. I think I'm making him uncomfortable." HAHAHAHA!!
My homies from middle school. Tasha, Meagan and Me. This is from the party Saturday night. I love that pic of me!
HU homie, Classy Jojo. I just want to know who that boi is who looks like he's about 3 seconds from turning her around and puttin it on her!

Wait... is that him??? Lol. I LOVE this picture of JoEllen. It's so representative of her fun-loving, fabulous personality. We had a BLAST Saturday night!
This is from my cousin's bridal shower. (The one in the white) Awww! She's getting married today and I can't go because we're not allowed to take off during the ratings period. From left to right: My sister, me, then just 3 of my 36 first cousins-- Kim (oh yeah, at bridal showers, they make you wear the bows from all the gifts you get! Hahahah), Erica and Vonetta.


Chris said...

The fabulosity is in full effect, I see you. And the family resemblance between you and your married cuz is UNCANNY.

Open Grove Claudia said...

What a treat to "meet" the cast! Thanks for sharing the photos. But you have to know that I want to see the SHOES you were wearing! ;)

Momisodes said...

Oh yes! The bow wearing applies to baby showers too. *sigh* Having bows applied to my big huge body was no fun.

Love all of the photos! Looks like it was a fun trip. That is wonderful you still keep in touch with middle school friends :) ROFL at your sister!

Desy said...

teeth for days... looks like joy and happiness at its highest...

Jazzy said...

Awwwwwwwww...LUV the pics!

You're sister is a lot like me. I would totally mouth something scandalous at a hot guy on stage. tee hee!

Sparkling Red said...

Hey, fun-times girl! It's good to see you with such big smiles on your face. :-)

You have 36 cousins? Mercy!

Jameil said...

chris... but of course! really? kim? that's funny.

claud.. you're welcome! i knew the shoes were important but i have no shoe pics!

sandy... hahaha! please post! we had a great time! not all the middle school homies but since i haven't been able to shake these loose i think i'll let em stay! lol. she's a mess!! lol.

desy... we're so glad to have them!

diva... :) thx. ya nasty!

red... :) thanks! girl yes. cousins for days.

Adei von K said...

that pic of Jo is AWESOME!!!!! LOLOLOL I LOVE IT!

The pageant pic is niiiiiiiice! you guys are so cute! and 'Laina KNOW she wrong!!! LOL

YAY for picture posts!

Rashan Jamal said...

Whoa, pictures. Are these for
_ _ _ _ _? You aren't the only on that can spell things out. LOL

So appropos that you are in the middle. Looking good.

1969 said...

Yes, yes...I love the fabulosity of the whole family. Genetic is it?

So cute.

the joy said...

You and your sister look alike, lol. The cheek area.
I'm trying to figu how high you were holding the camera to get a shot of that tall dude's ear, lmao.

JayBee said...

looks like you had a good time. sucks that you couldn't take off for your cousin's wedding. how long does the ratings period last? if it's a long time i'd really feel some type of way abou a restriction on my taking off, but i guess that goes with the territory.

p_nami said...

Awww! Gotta love the fam!

As for your comment, I was hoping no one would read it before I edited...LOL. Just another rant. But you are definitely correct:)

Anonymous said...

Now I see where you get it from. Is the sister single??

Jameil said...

stace... i know! i love that pic of her! elaina's like you-- a hooch! lol.

rj... spell this. middle finger. as for your last comment, thx.

1969... course it's genetic! :) thanks!

joy... most people say nose area. i don't actually think it was the same dude and they were dippin low. i also have no idea the level of my hand. i was probably holding the cam above my head! lol.

jb... feb, may, july, nov. every job has its annoyances.

doll... girl you need to post from 5pm to 1am to only POSSIBLY escape my radar. and w/my sleep sked or lack thereof, i really make no guarantees! lol.

epsi.. nope! lol.

coffeesmellingkeyboard said...

U R UGLY and u talk like UR so perfect--PHYSICAL CHECK PLS haha