wasn't that bad. I'm actually really glad I went to work. Everyone was very jolly, blasting Christmas music, exchanging presents and cards. One girl's mom brought us a breakfast casserole, fruit, oj and bagels. It was nice.

Two days earlier, a package came for me. YAY!!! You know I love packages. Of course it was from Kyle (the bf's actual name. I was trying to maintain his anonymity but he says he doesn't care). I know how he feels about me opening presents before the date... but I couldn't wait! I never can. I never get packages and they excite me. He knows how I am.

So, I open the package. Another lovely card. He picks the best ones. And... a diamond journey necklace! You know the ones that look like a squiggle and go from the smallest diamond to the largest. 7 diamonds. Wheeeeeeeee. I love diamonds. I told him last Christmas that jewelery is always a fabulous present for me. You can't go wrong with jewelery! Such a fabulous one, that one.

He was upset that I didn't wait.... but come on! If he wants me to wait, he should make sure it gets there on the exact date. That's the only way. He asked me to make a pact not to open a gift until the intended date. Er... um... yeah... I said I can't make that guarantee. I'll try. Now he says he'll just never send me anything again. FINE! Deliver it in person! Thanks! I prefer that anyway!

He's going to Chicago in January, so I bought his plane ticket. He has a one hour layover in Pittsburgh on the way back so we'll have to steal half an hour. Hopefully his plane will get in a little early. I'll take 10 minutes if that's all we have. That's love.



Remember the previous post? They're together now! Though I would LOVE to take credit for this one, I don't think I can. BUT I'm glad whatever worked did the trick!!! Hurray!!!!!


Dearest Friend,

I love you so much. You are one of the closest people to me. I don't know how to tell you this. I've been saying it in one way or another for months, maybe more than a year now. I'm not really sure. My time perception is a little off. But I'm reasonably sure it's been since before the bf and I made it official.

Your best friend.

I know he's white and you're black and I've been one of our most vocal friends about interracial relationships. It's kind of funny actually because growing up where I did, surrounded by white people, nearly all of my early crushes were white guys. The rest were older males. I've been boy crazy since birth (according to my mom). My time perception was so off that I was certain I could make a relationship work with my crushes at the time. When I was 5, it was a 13 year old, when I was 7, it was a 14 year old, when I was 14, it was a 17 year old. They all ignored me for obvious reasons but hey. All I knew is that they weren't adults and they were cute! Hilarious.

I think the evolution away from interracial relationships started for me when I was in 3rd grade. The white guy down the street, Matt, rebuffed my attempts. Then the white guy, Brad at school rebuffed my attempts in 4th grade. I was confused. We were cool, we were friends, what's the problem? (Neither of them are doing anything interesting with their lives at this point. I say that not to be evil, but to say you stick with me kid, and you're goin places! Hahahahaha).

My mom was not a fan of interracial relationships, but she grew up in Mississippi in the 1960s. Its kind of ironic considering her grandfather was half white. The other day I found out my dad's grandmother was also half white. But ultimately, its not up to our parents, or grandparents or anyone else.

That boy loves you. He really does. I've never met him, but I know he loves you. He will do anything for you. And I don't think you could really do anything to make him stop. Don't be afraid of what other people will or would say about your relationship. You can't stop people from talking, but you also can't ignore your heart. It will only cause you pain in the long run. It's ok to be scared. Do you think I wasn't scared when I stopped fighting how I felt about the bf? You know I was. Because I talked about it incessantly! Lololol.

Look. The point is, you love him, he loves you. A lot of times it's not that easy. But this time, I think it is. Don't be afraid. Just jump. I know he'll catch you.

Ask me 9xs and I'll tell you the same

I love the people in my life who are closest to me. I hate their interrogations. My mom, my sister, Stace and the bf have this thing they do. They'll ask me a question. I'll say I don't know. They'll ask it in a different way, maybe change 3 or 4 words. I'll say I don't know. This time they'll ask eliminating 4 or FIVE words (notice the difference?). I yell, "I DON'T KNOW!!!" Then they get defensive or accusatory or sheepish and try to make me look like the asshole. Ladies, gentlemen, boys, girls, shems, GLBT, ALL OF YOU!! Asking the same question multiple ways will NOT yield a different answer.... I. DON'T. KNOW!!

(There was no particular event that yielded this post. I'm just inordinately bored today and restless.)



*am I in contact with more than one person who likes animals more than people, but works with people everyday. I do not understand people who will throw themselves off of a bridge to save an animal but would not spit on a human being on fire. I know it's possible to love animals and still be a compassionate person because my cousin is a fabulous vet and a nice person (as long as it's not morning).

*does the bf ask about you guys all the time? as in "How are your bloggers?" It's hilarious.

*does he also usually have a crazy question he'd like me to pose to you guys so that he can prove me wrong or get a question answered survey-style? I may feature the bf's crazy question of the week or however often it comes up. This week: Is there an age limit to drinking Kool-Aid? If so, what is it? (see what I mean?)

*is a friend of a friend cheating on his wife? I think he's a nice guy in general, but it really bothers me for reasons that I won't go into right now. I'm not rude to him but a little more reserved than is natural for me to be with people I share friends with (unless they're crazy. I have no problem ignoring/distancing myself from the nutty).

*do I love "Brown Sugar" so much? I can't figure it out. When its on tv, I have to stop and watch just a little of it and/or flip back and forth... and I own the movie! Hilarious.

*does going to the gym make me (more) obsessed with the mirror? I've always been a mirror person. I have high self-esteem. But going to the gym makes me nuts. I'm always looking for a new cut, ripple, muscle, lack of fat, something. I also get obsessed with going to the gym so that I'll have more cuts, ripples, muscles, lack of fat to look for. Plus it starts to feel really good. Like I'm accomplishing something.

*(PAY ATTENTION!! THIS IS THE BIG ONE!!) do I have to spell out for my dad that it is not acceptable for him to be out of town on Christmas? Last night I was leaving to go to work and he tells me he's going south (vacation) and won't be back until Monday or Tuesday. I have to work Christmas Eve and Christmas day. I do not want to come home to an empty house. I do not want TO BE BY MYSELF ON CHRISTMAS!! This is why I don't talk to people and boycott holidays. If Stace doesn't come like is now planned, Christmas is going on there with Thanksgiving. DON'T TRY ME!! I'LL BAN CHRISTMAS!!


When are you getting married?

This is one of the most annoying questions you can ever ask me. Do you really think I know? If I knew the answer to that question, I would have a ring on my finger. Yes, I want to get married. Yes, I may have talked about marriage with the bf. No, we don't know when if it has come up. No, I also do not think you (the endless questioner) need to be the first to know.

Asking me about it every other month will not make the date come any faster. Asking me about it every other week will not make the date come faster. Asking me about it every time you see me alone or in a relaxed atmosphere... guess what? WILL NOT MAKE THE DATE COME FASTER!!!

I am 24 years old. 24. I have a pretty good job, make decent money, with few bills. Can I live on my own for a while before I start shacking up (if ever), getting married and having babies? I've never lived on my own. My parents house, then in a dorm for 4 years, then back to my mom's house, now I'm living with my dad. I would like to just once in my life live on my own before I go straight to the house me and my husband will own. Is that so much to ask? And no I'm not ready to move out yet. I may wait until I leave Pittsburgh. The point is I DON'T KNOW!! SO STOP ASKING!!

This is annoying when you are single. It is annoying when you're in a committed relationship. It's annoying when you hit a year and people act like perhaps you need to be moving it along because you're not getting any younger. What the hell is the rush? No, I don't want to necessarily wait until I'm 30, but that doesn't mean I need to run down the aisle right now. Marriage is a big commitment I only want to make once. It's annoying when half of the married people you have regular contact with are trying to pressure you in that direction. LEAVE ME ALONE!! I PROMISE I'LL SEND OUT ANNOUNCEMENTS WHEN THE TIME COMES!!!

This has been on my mind a while because one of my work friends stalks me about it and it drives me nuts. She told me she was the last of her friends to get married, which makes me wonder why she choses to torture me this way. I'm sure she heard that from her group of 5 or 7 more than a few times. HEY!! CAN YOU LET IT GO!! Sweetlime asked the question and you can see I was more than ready to provide an answer.

Some things you just want to keep to yourself. Maybe the bf and I have talked about it to each other or other people or maybe we haven't. Or maybe we'll never get married or marry other people. Maybe I'll end up the 96-year-old cat lady with no eyebrows who sits at home singing "Dum dum didday!" Who's to say? But asking me about it. It doesn't make it come faster. If you're married and you're reading this, stop antagonizing all of your single friends. Next along this line: male biological clocks. It will be riveting.


The Anniversary Trip

First may I say how opposed to the term anniversary the bf's mom and my dad are? They were both like, you're not married, it's not an anniversary. HEY PARTY POOPERS!! WE ARE CELEBRATING OUR ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! I plan a trip out there and he finally gives me what I've been asking for since my birthday party... ANOTHER PARTY!!! YAY!!

We decide we'll have the party on Saturday, the day before our ann'y so we have time to hang out with only each other on Sunday. I get to CT, and Ashli picks me up from the airport. We go to Olive Garden, and have a wonderful time gossiping. Then we head across the street to the mall so I can find SOMETHING to wear. We head to Forever 21, pick up a multitude of polka dot shirts, and settle on a shirt I didn't even have time to try on.

Ash leaves to go see the Nutcracker. The bf picks me up from the mall and we go to the liquor store for a bottle of 1800, fabulous tequila. I'm a huuuuuuuge fan of tequila. We also pick up a couple of bags of chips, then head back to his apartment so I can take a nap before the party. Of course he's doing his normal bother me thing like a 5-year-old when he first sees me. I'm always sleepy and not in the mood. I get extremely cranky when I'm sleepy.

I take a mini nap (2 hours or less), then the bf wakes me to say Ash is on her way and being belligerent. This shocks me (not!). So I get up, get dressed in my skintight jeans, black and white polka dot top and black and white polka dot flats! (nine west, of course) and walk sleepily around until her and her bf get there. She bought us a present! How sweet! It was 2 blue flutes and 2 blue wineglasses from Lord & Taylor, a bottle of 3 blind moose chardonnay, and a bottle of sparkling wine, and a card. So lovely, that one is. We all stand around drinking and talking for about 2 hours. I was so glad they came... esp. since she was my only friend who was able to make it. They leave and its just me and the bf again until about 1. He gives me the sweetest card that brought tears to my eyes. I won't tell you the whole thing, but one line was "A lifetime isn't long enough to tell you how much I love you." Wow....

He was getting worried that no one would show up to our party. So cute. He'd already told me no one he works with gets off until 1 (yes, AM, Sportscenter and all the other shows have to get on the air somehow, don't they! lol), so I was sure we would have a turnout.

His neighbor gets there at about 1, feels supremely uncomfortable being there with the 2 of us for about 10 minutes, then 3 more people get there, then 2 more and suddenly within half an hour, there are about 10 people in the house... and I'm the only female. But I've always had a lot of guy friends so I'm just flitting about in my adorable way mingling with the folk and answering the door. I'm feeling quite nice by this point. Then fellow Hamptonian, BP starts pouring drinks and I make myself a tequila and oj. More people start getting there, and by 2:15, its one hell of a party. Still not many girls, but there were spades and dominos games, people taking shots in the kitchen (pass), and some dancing.

Everyone started leaving around 4. The bf and I were asleep by 5 and slept for most of the next day and watched the games on and off. BOOOOO PANTHERS!! I'M HATIN!! Always a fan, but they really pissed me off on Sunday. I wanted a burger for dinner so we went to Ruby Tuesday. I got a yummy pepporcorn swiss burger and the most delicious strawberry lemonade you have ever had in your life!!! The restaurant has really, really stepped up its game. Loved it.

Afterwards, we rented Pirates of the Carribbean. I fell asleep after the first 10 minutes, until the last 10 minutes.... hahahahahaha. Then I woke up, we watched more football, etc. It was great fun. We fell asleep. The next day, we chatted, ate breakfast, and talked. He's wonderful. I felt absolutely refreshed when I left. Hurray for trips to see the bf.


i don't watch tv

This is one of the most annoying things you can ever say to me. No, it's not primarily because I work in tv, though I'm sure that has something to do with it. It's primarily because there is an air of assumed superiority in that statement. But you know what they say happens when you assume.

Guess what? Watching tv does not make you better than everyone else. You are missing out. How do you keep up with what's going on in the world? Yes there's the internet and newspapers, but seeing things unfold in front of your eyes. Until news outlets have consistent live, streaming video on websites, what's the point? I know I'm very tv heavy, but that's my medium. I love it. Moving pictures and sound speak infinitely. Don't get me wrong, I'm an avid reader, but when it comes to news? SHOW ME.

In the newsroom, there are about 15 elevated televisions assigned to ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, whatever feeds or live shots we're rolling on, the Pittsburgh Cable News Channel, and on and on, but those are the main ones. Then there are the tvs at each desk. I love it. If there's something on, I look at the topic bar and decide what I want to watch instantly. I also love seeing how each station is treating each story.

I wasn't always a tv person. Now I can't live without it. You HAVE to stay informed about the world around you. If not, it will pass you by. And don't think I only watch news... well I guess you already know that, huh? Well... you do now! Ha! So watch tv. Even if you can't watch my show. Thanks! *rolling eyes because this topic really annoys me*