*am I in contact with more than one person who likes animals more than people, but works with people everyday. I do not understand people who will throw themselves off of a bridge to save an animal but would not spit on a human being on fire. I know it's possible to love animals and still be a compassionate person because my cousin is a fabulous vet and a nice person (as long as it's not morning).

*does the bf ask about you guys all the time? as in "How are your bloggers?" It's hilarious.

*does he also usually have a crazy question he'd like me to pose to you guys so that he can prove me wrong or get a question answered survey-style? I may feature the bf's crazy question of the week or however often it comes up. This week: Is there an age limit to drinking Kool-Aid? If so, what is it? (see what I mean?)

*is a friend of a friend cheating on his wife? I think he's a nice guy in general, but it really bothers me for reasons that I won't go into right now. I'm not rude to him but a little more reserved than is natural for me to be with people I share friends with (unless they're crazy. I have no problem ignoring/distancing myself from the nutty).

*do I love "Brown Sugar" so much? I can't figure it out. When its on tv, I have to stop and watch just a little of it and/or flip back and forth... and I own the movie! Hilarious.

*does going to the gym make me (more) obsessed with the mirror? I've always been a mirror person. I have high self-esteem. But going to the gym makes me nuts. I'm always looking for a new cut, ripple, muscle, lack of fat, something. I also get obsessed with going to the gym so that I'll have more cuts, ripples, muscles, lack of fat to look for. Plus it starts to feel really good. Like I'm accomplishing something.

*(PAY ATTENTION!! THIS IS THE BIG ONE!!) do I have to spell out for my dad that it is not acceptable for him to be out of town on Christmas? Last night I was leaving to go to work and he tells me he's going south (vacation) and won't be back until Monday or Tuesday. I have to work Christmas Eve and Christmas day. I do not want to come home to an empty house. I do not want TO BE BY MYSELF ON CHRISTMAS!! This is why I don't talk to people and boycott holidays. If Stace doesn't come like is now planned, Christmas is going on there with Thanksgiving. DON'T TRY ME!! I'LL BAN CHRISTMAS!!


Ms.Honey said...

LOL...why is there always so many things going on in our heads...I think our brains need a vacation..to be honest all I plan on doing on christmas is sleeping and going to the movies I could care less what else goes on plus the only person who will probably be excited about the holiday at my house is my nephew and he is probably more interested in the paper than anything LOL

Madam DLBG said...

LOL...I can't believe pops just BOUNCED out you! I'm mad for you ...go head and be a scrouge...u derserved it.

Kool aid age limit is fifty...by then you should be into wine?

Anonymous said...

Did they mix Kool Aid and wine togehter to create Mad Dog 20/20?? I am just curious.

Only you would try and ban Christmas. You are too much for me at times!

CNEL said...

Is there an age limit to drinking Kool-Aid? If so, what is it?

The Answer: Nope there isn't cause two of the bougiest ppl I know a lawyer and a journalist over 40 make it on a regular, told me how many packs they go through, and make it for their kids. When I saw that, I said kool-aid is universal.

Brown Sugar
"We fin to celebrate, my divorce"
"You are the perfect verse over a tight beat."
the soundtrack
the interviews throughout the movie
Those are part of the reasons I love the movie.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose the flyest of them all? That's so funny. Damn I need to get to the gym, but where's the time?!

As for Christmas, yay hope you don't have to spend it alone. That would be deep, but I don't think even you Queen J can ban Christmas. Don't stop it, just don't do it.

Chris said...

You know the Whos in Whoville are still gonna gather at the square and sing their hearts out even if your hostile ass tries to ban Christmas. *Teddy P voice* I think you better let it go, let it goooo :)

Ladynay said...

No age limit on the Kool-aid! LOL

No banning Christmas! It's against the law...somewhere!

So...Wise...Sista said...


HAHAHA. Who the hell you think you is, banning holidays and shit...but for real for real, this is why I dont eff with Cmas like that...bec folks use they vaca days and whatnot. My parents used to leave us and go to Jamaica for Cmas on the reg.

Tell the BF...18 is the cut off...which also coincides with the age that boys need to stop ordering chicken nuggets from Mcds...Like, are you really dipping a NUGGET in a tiny tub of sauce, you grown azz man?

And are you actually pouring in the sugar in intervals and sipping to make sure it's sweet enough...and is that really a cherry koolaid mustache??


Southerner in Suomi said...

My dad's third wife's (don't ask) mother was in seclusion for four days after her dog died. Gimme a friggin break!

Don't deal with people who cheat on their spouses. I had a friend in grad school who cheated on her husband. I didn't say anything to her, but I stopped hanging around her. That shit is NOT cool!! You might as well get a divorce or never got married.

And as long as you go black folks and mexicans, ain't gonna be no age limit on Kool-Aid. Us minorities love it!!!

Jameil said...

honey... girl i'm just glad to get it all out! hahahahahaha. i think i'll head straight to dream girls when i get off of work. i love that kids love the paper and stuff like that. totally not getting my kids expensive ass gifts ever. unless its a computer.

madame... yeah he's doin me dirt, ma (brown sugar!! hahahahahahaha!) you can't start drinkin wine at 50! that's too old. you're hilarious.

epsi... HAHAHAHAHAHA!! MD is that nastiness! you are hilarious. i show will try to ban ish! you know how i do!

cnel... yeah but i still think at some point you need to leave that ish for your kids. i always skip the interviews w/the hip hop folk at the beginning. oh i will ban christmas if i want to! watch me!!!! looks like i will definitely be alone for Christmas. he just confirmed he will not be here.

chris... lmao @ that whole thing. not the whos in whoville! more brown sugar! hooray! bout to get out that movie again today. that and when harry met sally. its gonna be a one day i'm gon get w/my best friend movie marathon. stace... are you paying attention???

lady. i'm gonna have to veto both of those sentiments!

wise.. damn! that's like stace's rents. they stay forsaking her for the motherland. O.M.G!! he gets chicken nuggets alllll the time AND! may we talk abt pb&j while we're at it? this too must have a cutoff. it must be done. she said cherry koolaid stache! the hilarity.

v... SECLUSION?! foolishness. one of my friends stopped talking to her friend when the girl started sleeping w/a married man, then stalked him when he tried to end it. oh hell no. we are so here. don't get married or get a divorce. and his wife was in town visiting him this weekend (they have an LDR). i was so appalled.

i'm not naming names but one of my blog and life homies had never had koolaid before she went to hampton and our girl morg used to make it every other day. this is a problem. you are black! i know you're from CT, but you're black! amazed. still. you got to have a cutoff. i don't think i've had koolaid since college.

Dreamlover said...

I love that the boyfriend asks you about us, you may tell him that I am doing well, thanks very much, lol.

Oh and the Koolaid question, 13 is the oldest you should be drinking Koolaid, haha.

Oh sorry about Christmas, tut tut DAD!!!

p_nami said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one crazy over Brown Sugar. Oxygen channel will play it 3x in a row...and I will watch parts of it each time!

As for your dad...since you have to work both Christmas Eve and Day, maybe HE doesn't want to be there by himself? I don't know.

Age limit to Kool Aid...nah. That's like saying there's a timeframe to watching cartoons...there isn't a limit to that, right? LOL

the joy said...

no particular age. i stopped drinking it regularly when i started to eat healthier.

tell dad to get home. plane tix are expensive on christmas but that's why he should be at home!

jam this is funny. i think you should post the questions he asks. sometimes i'm tempted to post my text convos cuz they're silly.

the joy said...

juh-MEL! how dare you say people from ct dont drink kool aid? i was raised on it! and btw you did a horrible job hiding the identity of the person, what with giving out three vital stats.

Jameil said...

dream.... hahahahaha! i shall tell the bf precisely that! hahahahahaha. yeah dad is on my list. and not the good one. 13?! geez dream. we were def drinkin it in college.

doll... and it was on again tonight. watched my fave part (my divoooooooorce) for the 2nd time today, 3rd time in 2 days. obbbbsesssssiiiooooon. er um cartoons? i don't know but perhaps there should be... what abt video games?

he must consider charlotte home b/c i'm pretty sure that's where he is right now. i'm here alone so f me right? yeah... he was surprised i posted his question since i'd told him i wouldn't.

hahahaha. i wasn't reeeeeeeally tryin to hide her i.d. she knows who she is. hahahahahaha. i like to give the impression of trying to hide stuff. i'm not sayin ct folk don't drink koolaid. i AM saying she's the first person i knew from there and i didn't really know black people lived there so those were just my preconceived notions. i did not mean to offend thou! lololol

We Go said...

My hubby had a friend who cheated on his wife BEFORE they got married, AFTER and while she was pg. She went back and forth on whether to forgive him and eventually ended up getting her another man. This negro actually has the audacity to be mad at her now and conveniently leaves out his cheating when he tells the story of their divorce. I have so little tolerance for him. Hubby even asks him from time to time "did you forget what YOU did?". Cheaters suck man.

Oh, and I will drink the hell out of some Kool-Aid and it ain't cause I got kids. It's cheap, caffeine free and gives me a nice sugar fix sometimes. :)

I feel you on "Brown Sugar"...I can't NOT watch at least a little of it when it comes on. :)

T Dot said...

No age limit on Kool-Aid. Though, if I find some in the fridge of a young black professional, I will do a double take and I probably won't drink it. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but can we do better? Let's upgrade! Plus, cats don't be putting enough sugar in their 'laid; can't have them messing up my good memories of grape and red.

Jameil said...

princess... cheaters are horrid. oh goodness. all of y'all and your love affair w/kool-aid. hilarious. up w/brown sugar!!

t... wth hell is the koolaid upgrade??? you have got to elaborate on that one.