wasn't that bad. I'm actually really glad I went to work. Everyone was very jolly, blasting Christmas music, exchanging presents and cards. One girl's mom brought us a breakfast casserole, fruit, oj and bagels. It was nice.

Two days earlier, a package came for me. YAY!!! You know I love packages. Of course it was from Kyle (the bf's actual name. I was trying to maintain his anonymity but he says he doesn't care). I know how he feels about me opening presents before the date... but I couldn't wait! I never can. I never get packages and they excite me. He knows how I am.

So, I open the package. Another lovely card. He picks the best ones. And... a diamond journey necklace! You know the ones that look like a squiggle and go from the smallest diamond to the largest. 7 diamonds. Wheeeeeeeee. I love diamonds. I told him last Christmas that jewelery is always a fabulous present for me. You can't go wrong with jewelery! Such a fabulous one, that one.

He was upset that I didn't wait.... but come on! If he wants me to wait, he should make sure it gets there on the exact date. That's the only way. He asked me to make a pact not to open a gift until the intended date. Er... um... yeah... I said I can't make that guarantee. I'll try. Now he says he'll just never send me anything again. FINE! Deliver it in person! Thanks! I prefer that anyway!

He's going to Chicago in January, so I bought his plane ticket. He has a one hour layover in Pittsburgh on the way back so we'll have to steal half an hour. Hopefully his plane will get in a little early. I'll take 10 minutes if that's all we have. That's love.


CNEL said...

Does jewelry work for girls you trying to get at? Just inquiring LoL.

LoL have you any self control JK, but couldn't waiting till the day make the unwrapping even more exciting?

Awww que presh as my friends and I say.

Wow, that is love, when you be wishing on extended layovers.

Ms.Honey said...

Awww that's cute.

Nice...I can't wait to open things either that's why I'd prefer people just give them to me when they want me to open them cause if not it's gonna call me and call me and I'm gonna answer LOL

Love is grand isn't it..when it's good LOL...gotta love those stolen moments

The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...


Jewelry is always a safe bet as a general rule. However if you want to hit it out of the park, you need to discover what her personal inclinations are, and more importantly fill a gap in her jewlery inventory she didnt know that she had...


PS: sorry Jamiel. i bogarted that post

Southerner in Suomi said...

You two are just soooo cute. I'm sorry all of my blog posts have been so bitchy as of late. But yaay for you two.
And what the heck did he expect. My dad sent me a freaking Express gift card and I couldn't wait to open that. Puh-lease. We will never wait!!

Adei von K said...

OMG!!!!!!! So PRESH Jameil!!! you got a journey?! i love you guys and i like that i can type kyle now.
jewelry and clothes are the safest thing. in order.

Anonymous said...

diamonds are a girls best friends and it aint know lie... that and shoes! glad you got the fab gift!

-_- said...

LOL...very cute. Congrats to you!

Thanks for visiting! I'll be back to read more!

Dreamlover said...

Ooh, the present sounds NICE!!!

I am glad you had fun!!

And Kyle is a sweet name (I hope I remembered that correctly, hehe).

Madam DLBG said...

dammit I'm hatin on all this cruteness 4 christmas! LOL, seriously, ya boy is always on point. BIG UPS 2 Kyle!

self control my dear, its a virtue just like patience , lol

oooooooooh, yall could join the mile high club without even having to go mile high!

Jameil said...

cnel... if you don't know the girl and have no relationship w/her at this point, jewelery is not a good gift. it means more than you want to say before you guys are in a relationship. even if she likes you, she'll be freaked out if she thinks you're movin too fast. if you're trying to get at a girl, do something she would love. people like to talk about themselves so i'm sure she's told you something she really likes. get her something that relates to that and no matter the price of the object, that would steal her heart.

honey...hahahahaha! i'm answering too!! love is fab!!!!!

ace.. haha. interesting male perspective. from a female perspective i have to disagree a little for a girl you're simply trying to get at.

v... bitchiness is ok. you don't have to be all jolly all the time. hahahahahaha. waiting is for the birds!

stace... :D glad to bring you joy. i'll pass on the clothes. i don't trust many to choose my attire. you and ashli. i think that's about it.

amber... shoes are sooo great! nine west please! right? hahaha.

solitaire... thanks! :D

dream... the present is lovely! :D

madam... HUGE UPS! :D self control? i have lots of that. patience? not so much. that ho is overrated! lololol

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

aawww....hope you have a GOOD AND SAFE NEW YEAR...

The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...


i thought about this some, and yes your right. I made the assumption there was already a relationship somewhat established. Right out of the Gate, Jewelry can be a red flag.


Southern Girl said...

Awww Kyle is sweeet!! Your necklace though.....very sweet! Happy New Year! May you have a prosperous and blessed one!!!

-_- said...

Hi again sis!

I just saw on your profile that you're a producer. Me too! (I knew you were in the j-biz but didn't know your current job title). I couldn't find an email addy so I was wondering if you could email me at solitairematrix at yahoo dot ca? Just wanted to talk with you about producing in the U.S. Thanks!!

the joy said...

oh i tried to send a message... this thing didnt take it. basically i said that we are trained to open mail right away and cant be held accountable for gifts opened early. especially heartfelt gifts from adorable guys.

T Dot said...

A Journey? *starts the slow clap for Kyle* He gets serious cool points for that one. That's an awesome present. Congrats hon!

And I'm glad you had a good day working at Christmas. It's so hard for journos since, of course, the news never stops. Tell me you wore the journey to work that day... that would make those 8 hours that much more pleasant.

BTW, you getting diamonds - what'd you get him (was the plane ticket his present)?

Jameil said...

sarcas... thanks!

ace... yep. i would be scared.

southern :D thanks.

solitaire... i will quit being lazy and email you!

joy... i don't know what it is. i've just always liked to open gifts when i get them. wth am i waiting for? its not like i have a pile of gifts on any occasion.

t... :D thanks. i love it. def wore it on Christmas and every possible opportunity since. i'm not the one to not wear my jewelery. i read this book once abt this woman who saved all her good stuff, suddenly got sick and died before she could use most of it. i would be pissed if that happened to me (from the grave ya know).

yeah the ticket was his present. i'm thinking of trickling things to him over the next couple of months.

Anonymous said...

You behave like a lil kid with gifts. I know never send u anything before hand!!

So...Wise...Sista said...

AND The Boy listens?

4EverJennayNay said...


Sounds like you had a nice Christmas. I was supposed to work Christmas Day too, but some how got out of it. It made my day... although I didn't get anything extra special done that day.