These last few weeks have been crazy in my family.

My grandma had a stroke on January 31st. Her and my uncle had a trip planned. He talked to her that morning. When he got over there that afternoon, she wasn't making any sense and seemed not to understand him. She was in ICU for a while as they tried to get her blood pressure down. She has paralysis on her left side. Thankfully, she's been moved from the hospital to a rehab facility. My sister, mom and I are making a trip down there in a few weeks. It will be the first time we've gone down together in a decade. I'm just glad it's not for her funeral.

The week after my grandma's stroke, her sister Lillie died, my mom's favorite aunt. My mom stayed with Aunt Lil in New Jersey for a summer while she was at Hampton. My grandma had 12 brothers and sisters. They were the youngest three with just 3 years between Lillie and the youngest. Grandma and her youngest sister are the last two left. My mom went to Vegas for the funeral.

Last week, my first cousin on the same side went into ICU with breathing trouble. She has four sons. She's out of ICU now but they're still not sure what happened.

My mom is extremely stressed out and I feel pretty helpless. We need a break! If you pray, pray for us.



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