A Dead Horse

My co-workers tried to get me all in a tizzy over this dead horse. Some of them even got into a screaming match (no, I'm not kidding) over whether or not the crazy folk deserved a mention in the newscast this morning. (I think no. And for the record, I do plan on buying a fur in the future and if you come NEAR me with paint, I'll have something for you YOU WILL NOT LIKE!!) I think the KD is AWESOME!! Mostly for the hats (duh) and drinks (duh part II).

Tangent: speaking of hats. My grandmother is a seamstress and... A MILLINER!! When I called on her birthday yesterday, she said, "Oh I was just thinkin of you." I said, "You were? Why?" She said, "Because you're very dear to me." Ain't that sweet. Then she said, "I pulled out the dress I made to wear for your graduation to wear today because I was thinking of you." She made it just for my graduation! LOVE! Anyway so she said she's gonna make me a hat. WHO is the most excited person in the world? ME!!!

Tangent 2: I also talked to my cousin who got married Saturday. She said they missed me. Awww! Remember I told you my book club homie (you can skip past everything until you get to the section labeled "My book club") is married to a five-star chef? (The reason I want to marry a chef now.) He catered the rehearsal dinner, all of my cousins went to karaoke together and Sunday morning, my aunt made breakfast for the fam. SO SAD!! Really awful. Blasted ratings period. You suck. And we better win.

Anyway. The reason I really could care less about a dead horse. Because there are fathers allegedly kicking their 2-year-old children and leaving them to die in single-digit temperatures.

And police shooting an unarmed black man on his WEDDING DAY and getting off. Do you see how his fiancee has aged? Wouldn't you? AWFUL.

Because a history-rich city is still struggling to recover from a devastating storm nearly 3 years ago. (And W, you can go to the middle of nowhere, but not a major city to uplift them? You are a hot mess.)

Because gas prices are outrageous. I don't complain because I will buy it anyway. I don't have a choice. But the oldest man in America wants to propose a stupid PANDERING BAND-AID of a solution (to get votes) for a gaping airbus-sized entry-wound of a problem. And Billary wants to jump on board why? Because she is not any different from every administration in my lifetime.

Because children CAN'T READ and you want to give them pennies compared to your dead-end pet project. Speaking of Iraq, WHAT IS THE DEAL!?!? You send people off to war to die because they are poorly supplied and/or overworked or because you're allowing people to make UNCHECKED MONEY, they kill people with their negligence. And let's not forget the widespread scandal. And the those who come back with all manner of injuries (mental included) to THIS GARBAGE!!

Because the economy is in the toilet including, but not limited to, a credit crisis and sky-rocketing foreclosures.

That's only the tip of the iceberg. And you want me to care about a horse. Riiiight. BTW this is not up for discussion. If after reading all of the aforementioned you still want me to get excited about a dead horse, in my book, there is no hope for you when it comes to that and we shall have to agree to disagree.


Chris said...

You rock. That is all.

1969 said...

I am 1969 and I co-sign this message.

Jazzy said...

Tell 'em why you mad Jam!!!!!!!

Floored @ Nyia's story.

dejanae said...

aint that the friggin truth
so much crap goin on

but i still aint mad for folk who sad bout the horse.lol

Jameil said...

chris & 1969... danke.

diva... i'm just sayin. and that story can't leave my conciousness b/c it's just so outrageous. and i remember when HE HELPED look for that little girl. that was during my show!!!! UGH!!!!!

dej... i just want them to see things in perspective and get their priorities straight!! animals are nice but people are more important. if you don't believe that idk what to say. i really don't.

Adei von K said...

i just don't know why they had to kill the horse. put in on a stretcher and nurse it back to health. obviously, she won't run anymore; take her to a petting zoo or something. we don't euthanize football players when they break ankles or tear ACLs...

hmm, i've worked at 2 Reading First schools. 90-99% of the student pop is on free/reduced lunch ---> low SES---> who gives a fcuk?


florida's legislation has cut billions out of our budget; mostly from education (of course. but, the bill to add a tax to cigarettes was shot down).
gee, i wonder where reading first will get their money from now??? aww who cares, they'll just end up in prison anyway. "you better off on crack; dead or in jail or with a gun in iraq" -mos def

Adei von K said...

i lied.

for this upcoming school year, legis. made a $332.3 million dollar cut to florida's education.
33 million dollar cut to palm beach county alone IN ADDITION TO THE $25 million dollar cut THEY ALREADY MADE MID YEAR!!

and this is only to education. imagine the other cuts they're going to have to make among other state and federal agencies.

shani-o said...

It's like that Barbaro mess. It's an effing horse.


Rashan Jamal said...

Word life!!!

You went a little link crazy, didn't you? LOL

Sparkling Red said...

YES to everything you said. People really get their priorities upside down sometimes.

Your grandmother is adorable. I can't wait to see that hat!

Open Grove Claudia said...

There's a lot of round about in the post - which I love. I kept thinking that I would get out off the circle, then around I go again! :)

Anonymous said...

i get a bit misty about MY dead animals.

short of that...whatever.

But just wait until you get to All Pens all the time news.

Cause if they keep winning...they will carry you all the way to Training camp.

You need to go. Its time.

And i am saying that even as I love watching you opine about my hometown.

Mau said...

You gotta admit the whole horse situation was GANGSTA, though!

Southerner in Suomi said...

Like I said, tell they stupid asses to go talk to a human!!

Momisodes said...

K. I agree. 'Nuff said.

How cool your grandmother is a MILLINER!!

How lame am I that I had to click on the link because I didn't know what that was :(

Desy said...

tell em sista...!

damn, i got an education today with some of those links... good lookin out j...*lmao a the 'oldest man in america bandaid plan*

Liz Dwyer said...

That is very cool that your grandma is a milliner. Wow!

As far as Eight Belles, Amen! It is horrible, there's no denying the tragedy. But what seems to happen is that folks will care about that but don't care if a PERSON down the street breaks their ankles and has no health insurance. Don't care if the kid down the street has an education or not. So something that should be a both/and situation of empathy, becomes yet another symbol of over-the-top, misguided sympathy for an animal in a nation where there is little to no sympathy for your fellow man.

There's just too much inbreeding in thoroughbreds these days. Way too much and it's because of greed and materialism -- the same thing that contributes to all the other problems too.

Jameil said...

stace... that is a waste of money. when horses break legs you put them down. remember barbaro? they die anyway from laminitis which develops from them trying to keep the weight off the injured foot. he had two. put it down. spend money in a better manner. people and animals do not compare.

and you know the poor education tip gets me LIVID!! and incessantly cutting funding!! it's insanity!!

shani... exactly.

rashan... so people know what i'm saying is not just me ranting and raving against the man. it's me talking about what i know about.

red... this is what i'm sayin!! lmao @ you calling her adorable. i'm sure that's never ever been used to describe her. not just b/c she's tall but also b/c she used to be really mean. she may still be but she's nice to me NOW. i can't wait to see the hat either!

claud... you said you love it... but i'm not sure what to make of that comment.

ink... me, too. don't get me started on my ebony!!! i don't hate animals but people misplace their priorities. there is lots of pens coverage but nothing like the steelers so i can deal. i'm sure you do like living vicariously thru me. keeps you from having to live here!!

mau... why make it suffer? i don't even think you should make humans suffer like that. that's inhumane. on the human tip, if people want to die, let them die.

v... you are too much!!

sandy... word! i put the link just for that. don't feel bad! i only know b/c of her.

desy... someone has to. i was hoping someone would learn something! :) i cracked myself up w/that one, too! lol.

liz... i know! i love it!

and on the horse. EXACTLY. i could be more empathetic if these same people weren't so indifferent to the suffering of PEOPLE. you can't stand poor people or homeless people or black people or asians but you LOVE dogs!! and cried your little heart out about the horse!! whatever. go sit down.

i didn't even know about the inbreeding but it makes absolute sense.

Veronica Marché said...


the joy said...

Ok, first, as an animal lover, I have to say I agree with you. For 1, horses lay down when they're sick. They can't survive if they have broken ankles. Putting it down was the best thing. 2, I don't value any animal over any human. Although if a puppy and bush were in the road, I'd hit George to save the puppy, lol. I might even hit the gas. 3, did you call him the oldest man in America? You know you're dirty, right?

Unknown said...

A to the MEN!!! Girl you just said it ALL!!!

Jameil said...

duck & miss b... just what i need... more encouragement! lol.

joy... to the first part, LMAO!! but the last part? did you just put me in the same category as your evil former mgr!? THAT AIN'T RIGHT!!!!