Life: Itemized

When I know I have a lot of things to do in a short amount of time, it gets me a little crazy. My dad asked me to take him to the doctor today. While hilarious (IDK why, it just is), it makes me feel really old. Like wow... I'm old enough to take my dad to the doctor... bizarre. Because of this I skipped my standing Monday morning appointment with the gym. Son of a biscuit. And he's not here. Where is he? I don't know that, either but the appointment is at 12 and he reminded me 8 or 9 times yesterday so I need him to come on seeing as it's nigh upon 11:30. I should probably pack a bag since I'll be there more than 30 minutes. See what I mean? Too much stuff. I'm marinading some chicken I bought yesterday in a mojito marinade (rum, mint, lime, garlic, oil). When I get back I'll cook it along with black beans and rice. Oh that will be love on a plate right there.

Tomorrow I hope to get my consult for my locks before going to Bible Study. I'm finishing up my laundry. Only one load left and I have already mentally started packing. Oh yeah, I'm going to my sister's graduation. I'm leaving on Wednesday for a ridiculously whirlwind trip. OMG! The baby got a job! She wanted to be the web designer for this summer camp in northeastern PA and she got it! YAY!!! That's hot! When she puts her mind to something, she gets it done and doesn't stop until it is. Love it. It's a job until August 15th and she'll be great at it!

Anyway I'm leaving after work Wednesday (women and children move! or you're getting pushed... you've been warned.) so I have to be packed before I go to work at 1 that morning. I also want to know every single thing I'm going to eat while I'm down there. Lol. I need to send off my line sister's graduation card. Also I found a fab restaurant I want to try for Elaina's graduation dinner. She's looking at something much more understated... like Olive.Garden... bah humbug!! But it's her day. Grumble grumble. Lol. I need to make sure my homie Meagan's gonna be in town. Anyway this is so disjointed because I have too much to do to blog!!


Opinionated Diva said...

Seems like you are functioning just fine (even have enough time to marinate chicken) with all that busy-ness going on!

Good luck with the consult...berry highlights to match those shoes? No? lol...you know I am kidding - don't give me your withering look.

Congrats to your sis...I'm sure it'll be nice having her so close. I hope! lol

1969 said...

MMmmmmm chicken.

So you and your sis can drive down to Philly for the weekend???

Sparkling Red said...

No no no! Not the Olive Garden! That is not fabulous at all! :-p

Just think of it this way: everything else you eat will taste that much better by comparison. ;-)

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

i can't believe you're getting locs!!! OMG That is so awesome!!! sooooo happy for and proud of you!!!

where is yo daddy?? he's trippin!

olive garden to italian is taco bell to mexican.
tell her to RECONSIDER!!!

jameil1922 said...

diva... marinate & cook! i did very well today! even with that 1.5 hrs i spent at the dr. w/d. i'm so over you for the berry highlights. withering look here!! she's not close. it's 5 hrs away.

1969... lol. sure!

red... this is what i'm sayin! it's not awful it's just not an appropriate celebration!!

stace... :) danke dear. he was trippin! i never did find out where he was. olive garden isn't quite that bad but it's unnecessary as a celebration place.

Rashan Jamal said...

Please send me the info about that marinade.. How much rum and so forth. Thanks

Stop bullying your sister. It could be worse. You can hit a buffet at the golden corral. LOL

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

may i sample some "love on a plate"? it sounds yummy!!!!!!

JayBee said...

i love when i'm extra busy for some reason. strangely enough when i have more to do, i'm much more productive.

Desy said...

three cheers for the lil sis!!! drinks on me!

planning out the meals on the whirlwind vacay... i think that's the first i've heard of that... but it sounds like something to try... much like that mojito chicken...wha...?!?!? delicious...

'love on a plate'- loves the expression... will be borrowed for dialogue for sure...

dejanae said...

CONGRATS to the sis
save me somea that food

Vdizzle said...

But you blogged for us anyway. Thank you!!

Have fun on your trip!!

Open Grove Claudia said...

Oh hurray! I'm so glad you are going! whoot whoot! Congratulations to your sister too!

magnoliapeach said...

That marinade sounds like the business!

I can't hate on the Olive Garden. Everywhere was extremely busy when I graduated so we all headed to the local Burger King, seriously.

Sandy C. said...

That chicken with BB & rice sounds heavenly. Good luck with the consult, and hope dad made it to the appt!

Anonymous said...

ha...love on a plate you are correct... I think Im going to steal that one ... yaaay for graduating... my sister doesnt graduate until next yeah and Im already making plans... yaaay for trips ... have fun!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, that marinade sounds like the truth.

Have fun on your trip!

jameil1922 said...

all... as good as the marinade sounded... it was from a bottle and therefore didn't taste that great. big frowny face and a collective "awwwww..."

rj... of course your main request is rum. until it's drunk. bullying is fun. stop it w/the GC, KC.

pcd... mmmmm! i put some pico de gallo on the beans and rice and created some DELIGHTFUL!!!

jb... yeah i'll pass on that. i don't want to do nothing but evrything doesn't work for me either.

desy... i know! yesss!! we can drank, too!! i always look for places to eat before i even book a flight. you and your borrowed dialogue.

deja... yay baby!! food's all gone.

v... you're welcome and thx!!

claud... me too!!!

mp... stop. we actually went to the OG for my graduation. this was before i became food siddity.

sandy... i just love BBs!! he made it... late but he got there.

cb... yay trips!!!!

bella... thanks!!