Life's Looking Up

Slowly but surely. I'm getting stuff accomplished on my "musts" list for Pittsburgh. My co-worker and I are going to see The Co.lor Purp.le when it opens here next week. Free tickets. Wheeeee! A play at the Be.nedum is on the list. Hotness!

My calendar is filling up. Then that Sunday I'm going to the bridal shower of one of my fellow Hamptonians. Fave roomie and Coco's l.s. Her fiance is from Pittsburgh and she knows I live here so she invited me. So sweet. I went to church today. I haven't been to Sunday services in a while. I usually just go to Bible study because I'm so tired on Sundays but the cool coworker asked me if I wanted to go today so I got cute and washed the hair and gussied up for church. Too cute. Black flamenco-style skirt, black short-sleeved blazer, and black patent-leather thong sandals. One of my coworkers was drooling. I need you to act right.

Before church I talked to my line sister on the way to the diner Mr. Rogers used to eat at R.itter's Diner. I was so excited! (He's from here.) It was regular diner food. Not awful but not great. Good food for a recovery after drinking since it's open 24 hours. The kind of place we needed more of in college. I don't know that there were any 24-hour diners which is honestly, a travesty. We would've been there every single weekend. Separating me from my money. It would've been worth it. Food is essential to the soul... I think that's the bastardized version of that quote but with food it's all good. Food is love.

Church I was feeling a bit peaked since I'd been up for more than 12 hours before the service even started and it wasn't my pastor. It was one of the associate pastors and she was decent but not terribly thought provoking. Afterwards I saw some Hamptonians. Represent for HU! Yeah! Lol. Then I came home and talked on the phone for 3 hours. Very odd. I need to get all that chattering under control.

Also up on the calendar, I'm taking myself to the Ca.rnegie M.useum of Natural H.istory when the T-rex exhibit opens next month. It will be SO COOL! 3rd largest dino display in the country. I'll also finally go to the M.attress Factory Museum. Don't worry, it's not a bunch of mattresses. I was made fun of though, because I got excited about the urban garden party and said, "I have the perfect garden party dress!" What? Doesn't everyone? They should. Get on my level! I loved that song back in the day! Hahaha. And yes I used to jump around like that--- in a huge group of football players. Lots of pushing and mean muggin. Great exercise. Too funny. I just got crunk again for nostalgia's sake. Good times! Alright it's past my bedtime. That's right. At 4:54. That's why I ignore my bedtime. I'm tired of being owned by it.... it's also why I'm always sleepy... but whatever!!


Opinionated Diva said...

busy busy busy! nice!

Color Purple? For free? jealous!

lmao @ get on my level reference!

*if my response seems spacey it's because I'm trying to blog and talk to friend with black planet surfing bf.*

Chris said...

social calendars filling up are a good look for outgoing people, so I know you plan on enjoying yourself.

Rashan Jamal said...

Hey, sheep girl. Cut out all that jibber jabbin... I should post the you tube link so people don't think I'm entirely crazy, but oh well, you know what I'm talking about.

Who has the perfect garden party dress? I'm just saying... that's some fabulousity stuff right there.

I was part of the first generation Get On My Level stuff.. it was Master P and dem... It was always cool when the little dainty fly women would get in the circle and start with the pushing and muggin...

*off to listen to "Make 'em say uggghhhh"*

jameil1922 said...

diva... yeah you sounded like a drunk cheerleader. lol.

chris... oh yeah! ow!

rj... really? you are a crazy man. EVERYONE should have the perfect garden party dress. i didn't even know that sounded outrageous to other people until you started laughing. omg i used to love P. and me and stace still die @ "hello may i speak to p? P AIN'T HERE!" *w/most country accent ever* na na na na! i used to like silkk and c murda and mystikal, too. are they allll in jail??