Unconcious Mutterings

Here's the deal. Claud does these every week and at first I was like what is the point but now I'm in love with them and look forward to them every week. Finish the thought in one to 3 words. Since it's my blog and I can do what I want to, I'm going to use it as the catalyst for an actual post. I want you to play along in the comments so I can get in your little twisted minds. Moohahahahaha.

Track ::
Snake ::
Assignment ::
Blockbuster ::
Bombastic ::
Adventure ::
First time ::
Aged ::
Grip ::
Shortcut ::

Track :: of time. Time where you be goin son!?! Leaving me! Running away from me! Sprinting away from me! Running from me like I beat your kids! I was in Whole Foods for an hour and I could've been in there much longer. Two things I've already dipped into: guacamole and pico de gallo. (Where is that (hawt) Mexican chef I requested??) The pico says hot but barely registers as mild for me. If part of my mouth isn't numb, it's not hot enough. Ahem. At least it tastes like love. Their siddity food selection is a delight. I had to pay attention to costs a little bit, though. Because I work in news, I know too much about the crap state of our economy. Yeah... I can splurge a bit ($82 for things pretty much just I am going to eat) in the grocery store but let's keep our heads a bit please!!

Snake :: in the grass! For some reason this makes me think of Brian Fellow. Hahahaha.

Assignment :: Editor. Good ones are a savior to any newsroom. They hear stories and know which ones will be the best to cover. They also know which live trucks are in service and can tune in shots and take feeds and and and.

Blockbuster :: video! Wow! What a difference!

Bombastic :: Fantastic! Molastic!! I don't know what that last word was. I just made it up. Actually bombastic people get on my nerves. Sit down somewhere!! And kindly plug up that flapping hole in your face while you're at it. Thanks.

Adventure :: Let's get some! I'm so incredibly bored with my life right now. I need some kind of huge change. My mom said it's because I'm at that age where everything is in a constant state of flux and every few years you know something new is coming.

First time :: for everything! Never say never. You'll probably find yourself doing it tomorrow.

Aged :: cheese. Oh cheese I love you. But I don't think you love me. You seem to reek havoc on my system. You brat. That doesn't mean I'll give you up, though. Like a battered spouse. Whole foods has a bangin(!) cheese section. When you have 2 cheese-perts (cheese experts... don't use that. I made that up, too.) on site? LOVE! And thanks to google I found out what these people are called. Un maƮtre fromager. Essentially cheese master. I don't know if these people at the aforementioned store qualify but since my stomach has not reacted well to cheese in the last few days, I decided to forgo le fromage, tantalizing though it was, and move it on along.

Grip :: I'll take "get a" for 1,000, please, Alex. I'm usually the one imploring people to do this. I don't believe in getting all bent out of shape over things. That doesn't mean nothing ever bothers me, though people tend to think that. I just take most things in stride. I was once famously told, "I'm not like you, Jameil. I have feelings." Oh shut up you cry baby. I don't wear my tear ducts on my sleeve and oh please it's not even worth the time. See what I mean? You have to really push me to get me to explode. On the other hand, I don't really hold a lot of things back which is probably the reason I don't normally explode. I find both exercises a waste of time and energy. Just let it out so we don't have to deal with your little temper tantrum later.

Shortcut :: Let's take a! I can't stand riding with someone when they say this. I need you to assure me when you say take a short cut, it actually will be one. It also needs to be one you've used on more than one occasion. Like you won't get lost on this short cut, bringing us right back around to where we started 30 minutes later. When I'm in Pittsburgh, I don't take short cuts. Mostly because I only know one way to too many of the places I need to go. But also because you take one wrong turn and you're in West Virginia. I'm exaggerating but you can quickly and easily get lost in this town of houses that all look alike, streets devoid of signs, hills, valleys and winding roads. I'll pass. I will say, though, that these incessant parkway closures have forced me to learn my way around the eastern suburbs and I'm a bit impressed with myself. So there! :) Play away dears!


Open Grove Claudia said...

Yes!! The obsession continues!! Whoo Hoo - Ok, I'll play on your blog if you play on mine! I love the way you explained yours! :)

1. Track :: of time
2. Snake :: bite
3. Assignment :: for life
4. Blockbuster :: boring
5. Bombastic :: Zealous
6. Adventure :: Story
7. First time :: for everything
8. Aged :: gracefully
9. Grip :: tightly
10. Shortcut :: alt + a

CNEL said...

Track :: star booty, is the nickname I had for the former cuddle buddy.
Snake :: over there, and is why my behind is not outdoorsy.
Assignment :: is overdo, which is what I thought to myself a lot this past school year.
Blockbuster :: night tonight, is what I think when I don't feel like dealing with people.
Bombastic :: better than fantastic?, I have no clue
Adventure :: or misadventure, sometimes you just can't tell.
First time :: and last time., Some things needn't be repeated.
Aged :: fine wine, I need to visit a wine shop.
Grip :: some need one, some people loose track of reality all too fast.
Shortcut :: I like those, I like doing things fast so I can multitask.

Opinionated Diva said...

I don’t know about that Mexican chef for you. I’m working on something else though…LOL. I crack myself up. Sorry…inside joke.

LMAO@ Time, where you be going son?!!!

I’ll do a few.

Track: Perv. I ran track for all of one day in fifth grade. A bunch of us girls quickly realized the coach was a big PERV (though we had no proof). He was just REAL creepy…so that was the end of that.

Snake: Janet Jackson…remember? In the control video. Singing, “Teddy…Jimmy Jam” *snakes to the left…snakes to the right* Owwwwwww I still got it! lol

Bombastic: Shaggy!!! Remember that silly song in that creepy voice of his? It was a good cheesy song! Lol

1969 said...

Track ::Go Running!
Snake ::skin shoes
Assignment ::Deadline
Blockbuster ::IronMan
Bombastic ::Scholastic (?)
Adventure ::Seeker
First time ::5K
Aged ::Angus Beef :)
Grip ::Grasp
Shortcut ::avoid traffic

Sparkling Red said...

Track :: and field
Snake :: slither
Assignment :: deadline
Blockbuster :: obsolete
Bombastic :: Lip bomb
Adventure :: video game
First time :: practice makes perfect
Aged :: not me yet
Grip :: let go!
Shortcut :: efficient

Organized Noise said...

Track :: April Browne (she was on the track team in high school and I had a huge crush on her)

Snake :: Me (at least that's what my boy thought of me after I convinced April to dump him)

Assignment :: busy work (its a short week at work so I have to do 5 days work in 4 days)

Blockbuster :: Iron Man (which I'm sure I'll be dragged to in the near future)

Bombastic :: disrespectful (if you're gonna sample Marvin Gaye, do it gracefully)

Adventure :: Miami Beach (my vacation destination)

First time :: home owner (what I'll be in less than a year)

Aged :: like fine wine (I'll be 30 in 2 1/2 weeks)

Grip :: "Love TKO" ("I think you betta let it go")
Shortcut ::

Vdizzle said...

Track :: Body where'd you go!! I know I'm not fat, but I feel like it all the time cause I was a machine for so long.
Snake :: near the house. They come out of plants and gardens as it gets hotter. Time to put some moth balls around the house.
Assignment :: all mine. I would like some suggestions more than once a month!! I'm not from here. Thanks
Blockbuster :: this upcoming trial. Go to my blog archives if you haven't read about it already.
Bombastic ::Shaggy. I don't feel like looking up the meaning, so there ya go!
Adventure :: this town. Driving down the street or having a conversation with the stupid people here and not offending them. Cause they all have guns.
First time :: for everything. Always some off-brand ish with these yokels.
Aged :: Me. I'm growing up and becoming a responsible person.
Grip :: I gotta. I would like to say I gotta grip as in money, but I don't.
Shortcut :: never necessary. Not in this little ass town. Lol.

magnoliapeach said...

1. Track :: Legs. Mine are banging!

2. Snake :: Anacond.a! That movie was really bad with the whole animated snake thing.

3. Assignment :: Too Many.

4. Blockbuster :: Out of Business. DVD rentals are a $1 at Wa.lMa.cy's, get with it.

5. Bombastic ::Semi-fantastic (I think that was the second word in the chorus

6. Adventure :: White Water Rafting!! I'm going Memorial Day weekend!!!

7. First time :: and only.

8. Aged :: Quarter Life Crisis!

9. Grip :: What Gas is now!

10. Shortcut :: Doesn't always work.

Anonymous said...

1. Track :: one ____ mind
2. Snake :: in the grass
3. Assignment :: Job
4. Blockbuster :: Netflix (circuit city and Blockbuster deserve each other)
5. Bombastic :: Shaggy: Mr. Bombastic
6. Adventure :: Six Flags Great
7. First time :: Immature (im embarrassed)Black Don't crack
9. Grip :: Kung Fu Grip
10. Shortcut :: Commercial Street (the Commercial Street shortcut through Swissvale to Squirrel Hill sons any short cut you can think of...unless it is snowing...then...not so much.

jameil1922 said...

nearly all: bombastic not boombostic. wow... i gave you a link to the meaning and everything. pitiful.

claud... yay! thanks! assignment for life??

cnel... tmi on the first one. i don't do snakes. at least you're almost done w/school.

diva... just a mex chef thx. gross on track coach. you still got it huh ol lady?

1969... no running but ooh to snake skin shoes! fab! and mmm beef!

red... or lip balm? lol

noisy... snake!! i don't like them work harder weeks!! ooh miami!! congrats on the home!!

v... NO SNAKES!!! lmao @ you aged. that's rj.

mp... get it legs! i like mine, too. blockbuster was good and deserted last time i went there.

ink... booo work. lmao @ immature!! i can see commercial st. but can't figure out where it is. mmmm google.