If You Tired, Be Quiet and Go to Sleep!


LMAO!! That song will FOR.EV.ER(!!!) make me think of Morg and sophomore year in college. We made up movements to go with the opening verse, too because we were that nutty. I was easily enticed to slightly outrageous behavior tolerable only because we were in college and when else can you do it?

I'm still incredibly sleepy after this time 9 hours of sleep! I don't know what's wrong with me but the co-worker and I will not be going to the game today because it's raining. Bah humbug rain! You stink! BUT it means I can go back to sleep. I've been up since 5:30 this morning. No I don't know why. Oh wait. My bladder woke me up. I would assume me going to bed at 8 last night had something to do with it, too.

My mom got her mother's day card yesterday!! YAY!! She loved it and the money inside. I think she loved the card more. She's so cute and sweet and I love her so much!! I LOVE MY MOMMY!!! Know what I wrote in there? "Thanks for sharing your body with me." She said, "That is so weird. I never think about it like that." The more my friends get knocked up, the more it becomes a reality that it will also one day happen to me!!! It will never cease to amaze me that you GROW a PERSON... INSIDE your body. THAT IS A MIRACLE!! And then they grow up and walk around and become... like... people!!... and stuff!! My mom says she doesn't think about it like that but I do (and probably some of the mommies with little ones, too) and I thank you mommy!! I really do!

I wish Rocky's mom was around to see what he's accomplished already. I know her heart would be bursting with pride! He actually said, "I am asking you to Believe. Not just in my ability to bring about a real change in Washington, I'm asking you to believe in yours." Deep. Shout out to her right now.

Oh I decided what I'm going to do to my hair. Remember I said it was gonna get it? Yeah... June 10, 2008 I start my locks. Why not? I was thinking about a quick perm before the locks but then I thought about all that straight stuff around my ears and how annoying my hair used to be and I decided against it. I made my appointment with a loctician yesterday. Wheeee! You know she's good when her first available is more than a month in advance and insists on a preliminary consult. Hotness! I only want the best.

Mess. I almost ended this post w/o talking about the purpose and title of it. Remember the scary sleep paralysis? I have only had one almost incident with this since I read Red's tips and stopped sleeping on my back. And guess what triggered it? I almost fell asleep on my back! I felt it coming and I quickly woke myself up. So cool. It used to hit me now that I think about it several times a week so to go 3.5 months without feeling frighteningly paralyzed? AWESOME!! Thanks Red!!

(For those of you with more involved questions, don't worry, I'm working on your answers and they will come! I'm not ignoring you! And if you feel left out, yes you can still get your nosy on. :)) I love the double chin smiles. They make me laugh. I'm in a really good mood right now... hmmm... :)) hahahahahaha

Before we go, another indiscriminate thought, my coworker I was supposed to go to the game with today made me a copy of Madge's latest. I like it! Especially this song!

Yes I do get up and dance and do the driver's seat dance with wiggles, head bobbin, rockin, lip pursin, rollin, poppin and lockin and gangsta leans. Yep. All that. "If you want it, you already got it!" "Keep it up keep it up keep it up... JAMEIL!!" Since people don't put my name in songs, I've always added it myself. This is no exception. Hmph. (But on the video... did JT learn nothing about disrobing people? Just askin... I guess not since there were no consequences...)

And also, happy birthday to MyStace!! 26 son! You're almost 30! You're mad old kid!


Open Grove Claudia said...

I hope you are feeling better - being sleepy is very hard. I think there's something going around - or maybe allergies!

Yea for Jameil's mother! Hurray!

Opinionated Diva said...

Madge's new song is my guilty pleasure. Glad I'm not alone! lol...chair dancing when you can't get up is the best!!! I do it on the ride to work...just slightly though...don't want the other passengers to think I'm crazy! lol

sounds like you are sleeping too much. Sometimes when I do that...I'm more tired than if I got a good six/seven hours.

Vdizzle said...

Everytime I knew someone who neglected their child or other trifling things, the first thing I thought was, how can you have this life inside of you for almost a year and then just not care about it.

Desy said...

AND!!! she's gonna be 50 this year... amazing that woman... i loved her answer as to why she collabed with JT and Timb: 'cause i like their shit' the end...lol

wha...?! I thought I was the only one who did the driver side get down... man.... be havin people all up in my car as i dance extraordinary chair choreography...lol

maybe the monthly is on her way..(that always makes me tired even when i've slept)

awwwww@ sharing your body with me... i've never thought about it that way either, but I will now...

memphiz said...

Moms are great! Yay to locking!

jameil1922 said...

claud... i am! at least i didn't have to work thru that sleepiness! that's the worst! yay mommy!!!

diva... that song is hot! see i don't have any passengers and i could care less about other drivers!! i went ahead and got about 4 more hours and I FEEL GREAT!

v... seriously. we are so here!! stace knows a kid whose mom lets him WALK to school alone. A KINDERGARTNER!!!! you are such a bad mother i want to shake and kick you.

desy... sometimes i think she's a bit inappropriate for her age tho. like honey... i'm not saying you need to slow down but talking about rims is so odd for you to be doing. now i know you've seen other people car drivin. no she is not on her way. that doesn't make me sleepy. moms are so fab!!

mem... I KNOW!! and it took me literally YEARS to get to this point!!!

Sparkling Red said...

I used to look at pregnant women and only see a big belly. Now I try to picture the baby snuggled up in there. It's weird. I have a (male) friend who used to say that unborn babies were gross like parasites. Not a very positive view, but interesting!

I'm glad the sleep paralysis tips helped so much. :-)

Sandy C. said...

Oy. Could you be fighting off something? I hope you feel better. You are too cute with your "thanks for sharing your body with me."

I think I'd cry if my daughter ever told me that. So sweet!

CNEL said...

"And then they grow up and walk around and become... like... people!!... and stuff!!"

Stacie von Kutieboots said...


you're mad old kid is funny today (and only today)!!

Madonna is so bomb. I hope I'm like her when I'm 49 y.o which according to you, is right around the corner!

jameil1922 said...

red... snuggled in there huh? lol. like parasites? stupid boy. i love those tips! i really love sleeping on my back but i like not feeling trapped in my body more!!

sandy... mayhaps? i hope i feel better, too! already on my way. awww! i think it's sweet, too! :)

cnel... hahahahaha! that was one of the funniest things to me to write! hilarity!

stace... hahahahaha. happy bday chick! madge (i just love that nickname) is kinda cool. oh its SO around the corner. you have a bowlful of werther's original on your coffee table, don't you?

La said...

"growing a person inside your body..."


Yay locs!

DiamondsR4eva said...

I'm actually feelin that song surprisingly I only liked about 3 of her songs she's came out with

^5 For going to a hair stylist who knows what they're doing! I can't tell you how many kitchen ass hairdos I see in a day on campus

Rashan Jamal said...

I like the like people...and stuff line. That is pretty much a miracle.

When you changing the name of your blog to sleep n eat? LOL