Go, See, Be, Do

Now breathe. I have such a problem. I multi-task my face off at every turn. It's quite ridiculous actually. I have to force myself to slow down and not go crazy. That's what I'm doing right now.

I've also been thinking I need to get rid of some stuff. Not this much. Those people are just crazy. But there's too much stuff in my little room. And when I went home, there was too much stuff in that room and too much stuff in the house. Time to downsize.

Weird thing about me: I always wanted to work at a grocery store. I just wanted to use that scanner. So now I get my jollies at the self-checkout. I don't like to bag as much, though so I get really excited when I have a lot of stuff and someone comes over to do the honors for me. That person gets a mental hug.

I got my Christmas present from Stace!!!! (Don't even ask! Lololol.) It's tooo fabulous. 7 million pictures of us and a huge frame with pictures of ME! TOOO APROPOS!! LOVE IT!! I am the queen of fabulosity right there!!

I want this workout! Liz won't stop talking about it! But I've done a money moratorium for the week because I always bleed money when I go home. BLEED IT!! It's ridiculous. I bought a round of drinks at my sister's graduation and a dress and and and!! So no more spending money this week. Did you enjoy my mindspace? One of my coworkers told me the stream of consciousness was killing her the other day and she couldn't keep up.

In case you were wondering, YES it's cold here. There was a WIND CHILL this morning hovering at FREEZING. Pittsburgh, I QUIT YOU!!! (Again.)

My dad is talking junk about EVERYBODY who was at the graduation. He needs a whoopin. Badly. Oh and you can blame him and Rah for yesterday's lack of post. The former for being on the computer when I was getting ready to post before work and the latter for keeping me on the phone until I got sleepy. I accept no responsibility. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Stacie von Kutieboots said...

woo hoo!!!! YaY!!!

how long did it take me to do that!? let me got your b-day present now and "send" it next week so you can get it by August!!!!

your daddy... *lol* just the mention of him cracks me up! i don't even have to know what he said, but i know it was something huh-larious!!

Anonymous said...

Nothing tops 4th of July 1996. Woke up and it was 51 and raining...never broke 60.

I say that now as it is 84 on its way to 91 right this moment.

the countdown HAS begun, hasn't it?

NNN - Name Names, N_____.

Rashan Jamal said...

Blaming me? It's not my fault I'm just so interesting that you are physically unable to hang up. LOL

Can you see the fabulous one in a uniform scanning groceries? I sure cant.

Bleeding money is never cool.

DollFace said...

Yeah...can we get a backstory on this Christmas in May gift? LOL

Open Grove Claudia said...

They have that vid at Netflix - most of hers you can download but not that one. I've been doing Jillian Michael's Making the Cut (it's a book) for the last few months - I love it! :)

Glad you're back!

Sandy C. said...

Around freezing!??! Ack, I thought it was bad here. I'm sorry :(

I bleed money when I go home too. I can only afford to go maybe once a year.

Desy said...

well if it makes you feel any better, it's hot here...(around 80deg)...

lmao@ the delayed christmas exchange... that has occurred with me and my friends too

and Rashan has a way of distracting people for hours on end... one of his many hidden talents...lol

Opinionated Diva said...

I worked at D'agostino's grocery story for about a year, trust me it's not nearly as fun as it seems! lol

Those "simplicity" volunteers are way to extreme. Donating ALL your possessions??? Extreme and crazy...but if they like it I love it.

You're Dad is too funny. My mom does the same though. Can't take her no where!

San said...

Jameil, I'm a believer in not overbooking myself. Women are better at multitasking than men and so we often wind up doing it all, but it makes me feel like my head's doing a 360.

I looked at those people who are getting rid of their stuff. I agree. That's too much paring down. And I read somewhere the other day that those streamlined, minimal, zenlike spaces are not all that soothing after all. We need some personal stuff around to feel at home.

Chill factor of freezing in May? That's bad, but we've had it almost as bad here in the high desert. What happened to spring?

jameil1922 said...

all of you talking about the warmth... see today's post.

stace... lol. "send" on. you are too much. and he is WAY too much.

ink... i'm not naming names.

rj... wow... really tho...? i won't be joining the grocery store ranks but i can pretend. bleeding $ is awful.

doll... she was supposed to bring it when she came to visit, then said she'd mail it and it wasn't until she got her bday gift (in may) that she mailed my christmas gift. you'll have to ask her for further details! if you need more that is. lol.

claud... i don't have netflix. videos aren't essential to me. i keep hearing raves abt her stuff!

sandy... awful! and i only go home once a year, too! lol.

desy... see FIRST COMMENT I WROTE!! AND TODAY'S POST!! LIST!!! what talents does rah have?

diva... i figured. very extreme. i don't love it and i don't like it. do little things. if you're feeling angst abt giving your CHRISTMAS stuff away, DON'T DO IT!! don't encourage d!

San... you are so right. it's ridiculous. i have to stop myself from "accomplishing" so much. and you're right about making a house a home. i'm not convinced spring has actually sprung.

Sparkling Red said...

I used to work checkout in a health food store and I loved it, especially on busy days. I could just get into a groove and the time would fly by. It was pleasantly brainless.

jameil1922 said...

red... see?? that's what i'm talkin about! lol.