Stan the Man and Graduatian (sic)

I know I spelled that wrong but I wanted to rhyme. Don't hate.
So here's Stan the man in all his giant, shiny glory. It looked really, really cool in person. It was huge and much shinier than I thought it would be. We weren't allowed to touch it but just being near it was really exciting! Lol.Me and Stan. His excitement to be so near to me was palatable. I blew him a kiss.
From graduation: the fam. Me, Elaina, Mommy, and D. I love D's suit. Too fab.
Sorority fam. My godsister (on the right) also just graduated from HU!!!! Rep it! Her mom is my mom's best friend and also a soror. Eeee-yip!
Me and the baby sister. Yes I'm older by 19 months. Rock those shoes ladies! I made her buy those. Well I approved them. She kept going for these pitiful looking shoes and even asked to wear flats. WITH THAT DRESS?? No indeed. Sorry I don't have any pics of me full on in the dress. I don't know what happened! But my next wedding (after the coworker next month) I'm wearing it so expect pics from then! Lol.
Elaina and D at dinner. I love this picture of them.

Also a guy at the gym made me smile today. He was an 80+ year old white man wearing a "Vote O.bama 08" shirt. Love it. Guess he's not "hard-workin.g" ...*giggling* pause... so tired of that phrase. Are you saying I don't work hard because I'm not a miner? I know it's a different kind of hard work but come on.
Awesome. Our new neighbors smoke. I can smell it... in my house. Fantastic. They've been here all of 2 weeks and are already a nuisance. Stuff left out all the time on the front "porch" (really a walkway 2 town houses share) and it seems like 8 people live in a 2-bedroom apartment. I can't keep track of the revolving door. And... there's a paper "Let's Go P.ens" sign taped to the door. I'm so taking a picture of it and posting it in the future.


Organized Noise said...

Nice pics and congrats to all of the graduates.

I remember when Stan The Man used to hang out in this part of the country during the end of the 1990's. Between the Rangers and Devils we thought we had a lock on it for a minute. Hope he comes back to visit soon.

Sandy C. said...

How stunning are you in that dress?!? I love the graduation pics. Stan the man is so huge!

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

i love that Stan got you all excited!!! so cute!!



JAMEIL!! THAT DRESS IS BEEEEEEAUTIFUL! Let me have it? I'll be checking

but why is your sis like, 8 feet taller than y'all? was she standing on a rock? no, cause you're on it too. DAMN!

love the SGRho pic!

Desy said...

omgosh... referring to the cup like 'he' is THE MAN...lol... hilarity- and i'm not gonna lie; you look itty bitty next to the cup and your sister...

Opinionated Diva said...

Glad you made sis wear heels with the dress...I can't believe she was trying to get away with flats.

You look absolutely stunning in both pics...especially standing next to Stan.

I agree with Stace...your sis looks so statuesque next to you. Reminds me how I look standing next to my sisters. *sigh*

Chris said...

Stan the Man hasn't made a visit to Philly since my mother was in college, so that tells you the sorry history of my home area's teams, LOL...good thing I'm a Colorado Avalanche. Stan the Man's been there twice in the past 12 years, YEAYAY!

And congrats to your sis!

the joy said...

Um, boo neighbors! Pipe down. Do the broom bang. We used to kill that to the point that there were marks on the ceiling, lol. Love your dress. If I saw it I wouldn't think itd look good on me, but seeing it on you makes me want one of that pattern. Your fam is adorable. I can't believe your dad is that old. He doesn't look it.

San said...

I looked close at Stan, and yes, he's quivering with delight. You look FABULOUS. And yes, those shoes are fabulous. I'm glad you talked baby sister in to those. Everybody looks so happy and loving and stylish.


jameil1922 said...

noisy... i don't even like hockey but that thing was SO COOL!!

sandy... awww! thanks! stan was ginormous! most of us looked like midgets next to him! lol.

stace... danke dahling! nope. you can't have it. she was a giant in those shoes i guess... stop it w/the rock! you're a hater!

desy... but he is. i am a bit teeny.

diva... that's what i'm sayin! that's why i was there. to ensure there were no bootleg pics of her standing with silver flip flops and that dress... aww! thanks diva! when we were waaaay younger it was flip-flopped. well i never looked that much bigger than her except when she was born. other than that she passed me in height when i was in 4th grade, she was in second. yeah...

chris... whatever. GO 'CANES!!

joy... they aren't loud which is great b/c you know my crazy sleep schedule. it's a townhouse so it's next door. we have a downstairs and upstairs. there will be no banging on the ceiling. they're just a bit... uncouth. i'm glad you are opening your dress eyes!! i couldn't leave it in the store. he SO doesn't look his age which is really cool. i look forward to accepting that trait! lol.

san... I KNEW IT!! lol. thanks!

Rashan Jamal said...

Nice pics...

You and the fam throwing up Sigma gang signs?

Your sister does look like she's about a foot taller than you. LOL

You look so happy to be in Stan's presence. I thought you were gonna get silly..get silly with it.. (You don't live in the south so you may not know that song. LOL)

Rell said...

Well they got a big win last night. I met the trophy when it was in Raleigh (a travesty i might add)after the Hurricances (NC State hockey) won.

Crosby = Lebron

DollFace said...

I saw adress like the one you have on and didn't like it because it was too colorful. But seeing you wear it, I have changed my mind. Nice pics!

Vdizzle said...

Girl does that trophy weigh more than you?

jameil1922 said...

rj... really? gang signs? tryin to keep the black woman down? she's really only maybe 5 inches taller. i'm aware of that song but i don't have the sort of workplace you do. i can be excited but ignorant? no.

rell... i know who the canes are. i'm from NC remember.

doll... see! color diversify!

v... nope! it's 34 1/2 lbs.

Sparkling Red said...

Great dress! I like that you don't skimp on the bright colours.

Too bad about your new neighbours. They sound like bad news. :-p

Open Grove Claudia said...

I do love photos - look at you guys throwing the signs.

I've seen Stan myself. He lived in Denver for a number of years, danced in the streets and everything. He hasn't been back for a while.... maybe next year?

jameil1922 said...

red... thx! i looove bright colors! now i need a giant hat! so far i'm going w/they could be worse and i'm praying they don't get there.

claud... i like photos too. maybe next year! stan is a good time! lol.