Questions: Deux

Un ici. (That means one here.)

Let's hit up the superficial folk. I'M KIDDING 1969!! I said that to get Rah & Stace all in a tizzy.

1969 said... Quick....you have a dinner date to attend tonight. What outfit would you pull out of your closet for a night of dinner and dancing?
Girl, my fave shoes (scroll down) would have to come along and from there up who cares?? Lol. I haven't been on a date in so long I'm trying to even think what else I'd really wear with those shoes on a date. Geez! If it was warm I'd probably rock my cute white pencil skirt which comes a little past mid-thigh and... son of a biscuit. You're really making me go to my closet for this. Ooh! And pairing it with this cute see-through cable knit sweater. It's cuter than it sounds. I'd wear a white tank top under it. Too cute.

What if the date was to an office party?
Black slightly wide-legged pants, my short-sleeved black blazer, silver sling backs with my silver clutch. Too cute. That was fun.

Rashan Jamal said... Why and when did you decide to go natural?
Read it here and here. Essentially I got tired of fighting with that ugly permed crap. I don't think all permed hair is ugly. I just don't think it suits me terribly. But see my response to Stace below.

What is your favorite thing to do on a date?
I like interesting things. Of course dinner is a priority. I want it to be somewhere I've never been before but have wanted to try or have heard good things about. No Asian food. Other than that I'm pretty open when it comes to food. I'm very picky when it comes to what not to do. First dates, no clubs though my best date ever did include a club, we'd talked quite a bit prior to that. He was fun. The best part of the date is the communicating so if the conversation keeps me intrigued and the food is great and atmosphere reeks of fabulosity, nothing else really matters. There must be laughter. Did I say food? I'm not sure if I mentioned that.

And last but not least...Who is your least favorite blogger? LOL.

You're such a brat for the question. I already told you I'm not saying that. I don't want your feelings getting hur... oops! It slipped!! You also said you hadn't read all the archives. Umm... there are only 480 or so posts. Get to work, lazy.

Stacie von Kutieboots said... I want to know, will you ever relax your hair again?
You always tryin to get me to do everything you do. Date a white boy. (I mean does this white boy have to be a fest groupie and be Jewish and vegetarian and an Asian/sushi pimp and an existentialist, too? Rep for Pooh hard? HUH?!?! DOES HE?!?!) I have to go from perm, to natural and back to perm. I gotta do it 19xs like you did, too?! Dang Stace! LMAO! Oh I had so much fun. I wish y'all knew Stace like I do so you can see her face and hear her responses from reading that!! You have an idea if you've read her blog and listened to them crazy utterz. HUH-larity!! The answer? IDK. Probably, probably definitely not. The answer changes daily.


Stacie von Kutieboots said...


that's all you get spider monkey, face.

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

i'm saying though! why you gotta make my man sound like this flaky, wanna be zen buddhist? did you HAVE to mention that he loves pooh bear?? HUH? DID YOU?!

you're so mean.

and fyi, white is the new black :-P

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

and i just got it


Rashan Jamal said...

You meant to type "super official" instead of superficial, right?

Yay, links.. just what I always wanted. LOL Yeah, you know how I feel about people that read your entire archives, right? STALKERS!! LOL

Great answers. I'm gonna have to steal this, even though I did this several times before.

Sparkling Red said...

If folks are bugging you to relax your hair, you just tell THEM to relax!

Vdizzle said...

I knew this chick who went from perm to natural to perm to natural is a year and a half or two. It was all fad to her. Like one day she's very fashionista (like you Jam) dressing and the next day she's in badu head-wraps and shit. There is nothing wrong with either. but really chick, you look like a straight jackass!!! And everyone knew how fickle she was.

@Stace...I personally can't let go of my racist ways and date anyone that is not black or latino, but I always like reading your posts about him. He does a lot of sweet stuff, so two thumbs up to Dreezy!!!

jameil1922 said...

Stace... call me a monkey one mo gain and we're gonna have a problem. is it my fault he's the way he is? i just call em like i see em. black is the new black. and YOU are superficial, funeral flicks.

rj... no mini kanye, but nice try. just superficial. we already know you're a stalker tho. you gotta do eeeverything i do? maybe you can do some stuff for me.


v... hair is a fad tho. what else are you supposed to do with it? don't encourage dreezy. he acts up. you know i'm looking for a hot, tall mexican chef. but i'm not opposed to a hot guy of almost any persuasion. but like i said, black is the new black so if i can get a chocolate chocolate, blue black brotha, life will be good.

DollFace said...

Look Jamrock, you're too fly not to be going on dates. We need to do something about that:)

Opinionated Diva said...

lmao @ all THREE of Stace's responses. Especially @ "white is the new black"...side eye @ that!

I don't get why hair is such a big deal with Black people. If it looks nice and healthy, that's really all that's important.

La said...

"you always trying to get me to do what you do. Date a white boy."


The Maverick said...

hhmm jameil i have a question which would you recomend, an hbcu or a considered white college

jameil1922 said...

doll... i live in pittsburgh, dear heart. i don't think normal people live here.

diva... stace is so extra. girl you got me on hair. it's so annoying.

la... hahahaha. SHE IS!!

oooh mav! callin me out! clearly i've been thinking about that one for quite a while and planning posts mentally. can't wait to tackle it. and welcome!