Next State

My dad has decided to boycott WV. Not because Rocky lost there, but because he lost there so overwhelmingly. He says that points to the state's unwillingness to let go of its racist attitudes and he's not playing anymore. That's right, D is taking his ball, and he's going home.

You may say to yourself, how would that even impact us? Well, WV is right over the line. Just a 45 or so minute drive from downtown. If that. You have to drive through there to get to Charlotte. So D is not getting gas when he drives down there. He's also not stopping to eat or meeting in the middle there anymore. WV, YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN!!!

Also, it's really gorgeous and the first time I drove there, I said, "I won't live in the snow, but I'll buy a winter home here with a helicopter pad so I can just float in and float out at will." There goes that notion. I'll have to find a pretty state that went for Rocky. CT maybe? (I know Joy will love that.) Then I can hang out at casa Ash with the fabulous people. Yay!!! I actually packed 4 pairs of shoes and wondered "Is that enough?" I'll be there only 2 full days (but 4 nights!!). Hot mess. I think I'll be okay with my wardrobe. If not... SHOPPING!!! Lol.


Anonymous said...

Q: What's the largest city in West Virginia?
A: Pittsburgh.

When I went to the Pennsylvania Governor's school of Business back in High School, our Econ professor spent about an hour (for reasons that still escape me) talking about what it would look like if Pennsylvania didn't exist as a state.

New Jersey would have Moved their line West to take in Everything East of York of Harrisburg

New York would drop down and take Everything north and East of Harrisburg

Maryland would take everything from Altoona to York


The rest he would donate to West Virginia Because that's where it truly belongs.

That stuck with me.

Los Angelista said...

Those folks seriously made themselves look like some Deliverance-type people tonight. But you can always hook up a place somewhere in Oregon -- I'm sure all those white folks are gonna love Rocky a whole bunch!

And what is up with Puerto Rico and the Barack hate? I heard tonight they're expecting 2 million to go to the polls and 70% are for Clinton? What in the world??

Rashan Jamal said...

Is it really racist that they wanted Clinton? Maybe I've missed something on the news. Speaking of racist.. this is right down the street from where I used to live a few years ago. Prepare to get mad...


Duck said...

I can't blame your dad on that one. I remember when my pops and I drove through WV (we were going to Alabama, I think) and we stopped at a McDonalds. You would've thought we were the circus the way everyone was staring at us.

"Dad, I should get on the table and square dance, because apparently they're looking for some entertainment."

"No. Hush and eat your nuggets."

cherry's kid said...

BOOOOOOOO WV...you no longer exist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course PR is racist...don't you know they have issues with those in PR of color...alot of people don't know that but the people of color in PR are definitely treated differently!

shani-o said...

LOL @ the boycott. My dad's from VA, and he's always said that WVa is really, really pretty but the people are generally dirt-poor and uneducated.


Open Grove Claudia said...

I have to tell you, as a Western girl? It's just weird that you can be in two states in one day. Three even. When I went to visit my sister I stretched to 5 states - I felt like I was in Europe!

That explanation is by way of saying: "I don't know crap about the East coast." ;)

Have a great trip!

Opinionated Diva said...

I guess I'm mad that he lost, but I'm not surprised. West VA is filled with weirdness...I half way expected the weirdness to be on Team Billary.

Tell 'em why you mad son...err Dad! lol

lmao @ your notions of a "winter home" with a helipad. Too funny!

La said...

Only 4 pairs of shoes? Why? I... don't get it. lol

Chris said...

LMAO@Duck and Papa Duck. Off the hinges, but yeah, count WV as one of the few states this liberal son-of-an-old school activist/Panther-loving brother does NOT want to drive through. Although quite a few kids in Southern Maryland have stared at me like they've never seen a black man before. MAD Uncomfortable.

Sparkling Red said...

I don't follow American politics/geography closely enough to understand. But I do understand shoes. And shopping.

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

when I think of WV, I think of that horrible movie, "The Hills" or "The Hills Have Eyes" all those incestuous mountain people... that's a state that shouldn't count if you ask me!!

people want to talk about ebonics, can we talk about 'appalachian'? y'all didn't know about that did you? oh yes, I learned abt during "urban and rural education"... non talking futhermuckers.

tell your dad the revolution is not televised!!

try washington state or oregon. lots of money, lots of liberals (think microsoft + the pacific)

four shoes should suffice if you plan on going out EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT.

Sandy C. said...

We just came back from a visit to WV a few weeks ago. CT is much better for a winter home :)

DollFace said...

You know what is so funny...people act like they were SURPRISED he lost by so much.

I hope you are having fun with the fam!

Anonymous said...

Ha I love it! If I ever have reason to go to WV Im boycotting too ... I went skiing there once and its no fun ... its all ice ... no fun soft snow ... ohhh shoes ... you can never take to many ... now days I just reserve a bag specifically for shoes!

Vdizzle said...

Boycotting a whole state? You get 'em dad!

And I'm surprised you only took four pairs of shoes.

dejanae said...

lmao@ the pops
he's putting his money where his mouth is i see

jameil1922 said...

ink... so appropros. SO.

liztastic... yeah... they did. ok oregon! lol. i think they will, too. apparently hispanics or ricans don't like us. i don't know many ricans but that's what the word on the street is.

rj... let's not forget the black girl who was held in some white people's house and sexually assaulted and forced to eat FECES in WV. that was less than a year ago. and that monkey shirt is outrageous. and someone said "it had a resemblance to obama." i'm bout to boycott your city, too.

duck... lmao!! you are too much!! hahahaha. "eat your nuggets." and i know you were thinking of really gettin on that table!!!

ck... i didn't know that abt PR folk. wv is so over.

shani... never been to wyoming. he won that one! can't wait!

claud... lol. girl you def. can drive to way more than 5! the northeast is even worse, tho. i get really creeped out when you're in MA/CT/NJ/NY/DE/RI/NH. it's like in 15 mins you've hit 8 states. lol.

diva... i'm not surprised either but it did make me look at WV like errruh??? i'm still having a winter home. it's more than a notion.

la... 5 if you include the ones i wore. sorry. i'll only be there 3 nights. i don't know where i got 4 from. pitiful. but i had a very small carryon and it was mostly shoes.

chris... i tried to be open-minded but they shut that down.

red...shoes and shopping are SO important.

stace... the hills makes you think of WV? b/c that's weird. lmao @ shouldn't count. w/just 28 delegates... it pretty much doesn't. country people are bizarre. oregon scares me a bit.

sandy... ooh!

doll... i think b/c the media largely ignored the polls leading up the election so it was like wait WHAT????

mcb... don't go again. join the boycott!!! i have to pack like a normal person for a short trip.

v... he's not playing! see answer to mcb & la.

dej... you gotta!