Questions: Trois

My easy questions since I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by my schedule again. Do you see what's become of me? I work so much that doing anything outside of work, the gym, and church sends my entire world into a tizzy. THAT AIN'T RIGHT! Tomorrow night, me and cool new coworker are supposed to be hitting the town. Then Thursday afternoon me and another coworker are going to a P.irates game. Wheeeeee! Except it's supposed to rain. Bah humbug. But I love those games. The stadium is gorg and the atmosphere in general is just fun.

Sandy C. said... If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
Documentary producer of films about black people. I wrote about that a bit here.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said... Do you like being short? *jab, jab*
I don't know why you think that's a jab like you're a giant. My grandmother and her sisters are 5'11 to 6'1 so I know tall women (my mom calls them Amazon women) and tall, you are not! HATER! Most of the time I like being short. 5'1, for those who don't read often. Short is fab. Plus when I want to be taller I just put on some 4 inch heels. Tall or alleged tall people (like you *jab, jab*) can't just cut themselves off at the knees. I have options. Lol.

I really like tall people, though. I used to want to be "5'10 like C.indy Crawford." Name that movie. No, not really but I definitely wanted to be around 5'7 or 5'8. Now I'm quite content with my height. I have to be. I'm not getting any taller! But I am QUITE internally tall.

Do you like beets?
Is that a joke? Maybe you weren't reading yet. I CAN'T STAND beets.

When's the last you've been tipsy/drunk? What was going on? Where were you?
I was going to say when I was at home but it was yesterday after a rather boring phone conversation which was quite revelatory, not because of it's content, but rather in the reaction it provoked in me. Hence the drinking. It was just beer and I was at home.

In other news, my hair is soooo about to get attacked. I don't know what's gonna happen but this hair will not be like this by the end of the week.

And last but not least, if you're in NC (REPRESENT FOR THE HOME STATE!!) or Indiana, please go vote today! Let's end this thing once and for all please! Or really stick it to Billary at least. I'm ready for this to be OVER!!! How does an entity (Billary) who made more in the last 8 years than most people will see in their lifetimes become "for the people" and the actual NORMAL one who grew up poor and WORKED for poor people get marked as elitist? Amazing... That tells me she would spend lots of time fabricating other stories *bombs, etc I assume...* if elected and I've had plenty of that in the last 8 years. No thanks. (And can the 1600 Penn Ave. squatters stop it with the silly photo opps because they're really pissing me off hosting everyone and playing house when this country is in the condition it's in. See: yesterday's post.) So voters, I beg you, make my headache end. Thanks. Management.

Unrelated: I want some of my mom's baked chicken. That picture is from when I went home last year. DROOL!! Oh home cooking, how do I miss thee. Let me count the ways. Yes, I could cook myself but that's not nearly as fun as having someone cook for me. Now where did I put that Mexican chef....


Duck said...


1969 said...

That plate of food looks GAH. Good as Hell!

Open Grove Claudia said...

Hey, I'm tall - and I don't care if you're short. It's not about the hair, the skin color, the height, it's about the soul of a being. Period.

Can I have some chicken now? ;)

Sparkling Red said...

I've never minded being short. I always have leg room in theatres and airplanes. Plus it's funny how much taller people will think you are if you project authority. No one at my work ever believes my numerical height. They all think I'm taller. Or so they tell me. Maybe they're just kissing up...

jameil1922 said...

duck... YES!!

1969... girl and it was bangin!! 3 meats! (ribs, ham, BAKED CHICKEN) hilarity. mac & cheese, green beans, cabbage, roll. i don't even think i ate the roll..

claud... thank you dahling! i can always count on you for mental hugs! :) and yes, you may have some chicken. lol. how tall are you anyway?

red... i still don't think i have enough leg room on planes! isn't that odd? sometimes people think i'm shorter than i am. but most of the time when people see me in flats or barefoot they are floored. it's quite amusing.

Ms.Honey said...

Ok I had other stuff to comment on but when I got to the food all I could think about was dang now I'm hungry lol

memphiz said...

I cannot wait to go home to some food like that!

Sandy C. said...

Goodness, that looks so yummy!

You are so right about being short. I'm actually 5'7" and wish I were shorter. 4 inch heels puts me just a hair taller than hubbs. Boo!

Rashan Jamal said...

Quit frontin' you know you love beets. LOL

You got that Napoleon thing going on, shawty?

You got drunk/tipsy off of beer? I can never do that. I get full and have to stop drinking it.

Vdizzle said...

A dog? Ya know I wonder why the hell always got the football national champs up there.

Dubya be on that bullsnarky mayne!!

CJ said...

Now is that "That Aint Right" from Chris Rock's head of state or do I watch too many movies?

Epsilonicus said...

I cannot believe she is still in the race. There is no way for her to win fairly. I get the feeling that if it goes to the convention, Hillary is going to win.

magnoliapeach said...

Is that mac and cheese from scratch?! To God be the Glory!! And baked chicken too?! Girl that plate looks it has all my favorites!

Los Angelista said...

Beets? I just fell out in the floor! LOL!

And GO Indiana! Founding place of the Klan! Thank goodness the Chicagoland part of Indiana knows what's up! My brother-in-law is a fire captain and he took his rig to the polling place because he would've missed voting otherwise because of when his shift was! My sister was going to kill him if he didn't go! And me too! YEAHHH BOY!!!

JayBee said...

by now of course you know that nc went for obama. i had my students call their parents if they had not already voted or participated in the early voting,( even though, we know how i feel about that). that plate does look good. reminds me of a photo of a plate that i posted last year of some turkey wings, greens and mac and cheese. yeah, JayBee, throws down in the kitchen.

jameil1922 said...

honey... lol.

mem... i know that's right!

sandy... it was fab!!! awww! people ask me if i date short guys. as long as i can wear my heels around him i'm straight! but of course tall guys always like me :)

rj... you love beets. not me. no a napoleonic complex here. you get full? aww da ittle wittle baby. MAN UP!!

v... foolishness.

cj... idk. it could be. but i got it from my friend joellen.

epsi... i know. it's foolishness. i refuse to believe she'll win if it goes to convention. on what grounds?? she doesn't have a leg to stand on.

mp... yeah girl!

liz... beets are so nasty. he only lost by 22k in indiana!! so exciting!! get it firefighter! love it!

jb... yeah i know. are you really still mentioning your flawed voting thoughts over here?

Ladynay said...

Hey Miss Lady Ma'am. LTNComment. Charge my head and not my heart. :-)

Really hate I missed the chance to ask questions. But oh well.

Beets are from the dirt and taste as such *gag*

That home cooked meal looks tastey! Makes me forget the stuff you stated eariler!

Desy said...

i was about to come thru the computer to grab that plate... and it's 10am...lol... sooo good

i'm so average it's ridiculous... 5'5" and 120-125lbs... the generic height and weight that u see on hosiery packages...*shrugs*... average is good too...lol

La said...

Not attacking your hair, lol

What's up with all the short people jabs? BOOOOO!

Opinionated Diva said...

LOL @ you having a pic of your mom's food from last year. It's soooooo you!!!

I would have liked to have been a few inches taller myself. Just a few...five/six or five/seven would have been nice. Sucks being the shortest adult in the ENTIRE family!!

What are you going to do to your hair??? Berry high lights to match your favorite pair of shoes??? lol

jameil1922 said...

lady... you can still ask questions if you want! that plate was delish!! mmmm!!!

desy... girl it's never too early for that kind of yum! i weigh more than you! but i wear it well (obviously)! :)

la... oh it's abt to be over./they're just fake haters. not even real haters!

diva... it's so necessary!/my mom and dad aren't very tall so i'm straight on being the shortest. and actually most of the people on my dad's side are teeny. i think the tallest is 6ft and there may only be one of those-men included except my cousin whose dad is 6'5 or something. he's 6'4./so mad at you for berry highlights!!!! no indeed!!