Call Him!

I walked into the bathroom today and had to call on the name of Jesus. Then I asked him to build a fence *marked it out* all around me every day. No, I didn't sing the song because I was still at work but sometimes my life just really makes me want to permanently check out. No, I'm not suicidal but sometimes I just want to retire to my room PERMANENTLY with only an ever-replenished stack of books and a phone (and some days that will be banished as well).

At least part of Stacey's birthday present should be there today!!!


I'm a little excited about it... :) I called her today during snack time... let me tell you there may be NOTHING funnier than the sound of 19 kindergartners during snack time! HILARITY!!!

I am so incredibly sleepy. Me and cool new coworker may not be going out tonight after all because her cousin is coming to town early or something or other. Fine with me. Mellymell is SLEEPY!! I don't even know why. I think I got a decent amount of sleep. *thinking* Yeah I got 8 hours last night! I have no idea what my problem is. Ebola? It's a possibility. Does that make you sleepy? What do you get from the tsetse fly? I could look it up but didn't I tell you I'm sleepy? Because I'm is. See? I can't even do English.

I just gave my daddy a hug and he was so happy! Aww! Too cute. Smooches loves!


Sparkling Red said...

Retiring with a stack of books sounds like an excellent idea.

I haven't forgotten that you want to read that one about Tent City. My sister's borrowing it now, but eventually I intend to mail it to you. :-)

Open Grove Claudia said...

Gosh, I hope you aren't getting sick. I'm sorry for the need of the Jesus-fence as well. Sounds like things are very stressful. Weekend rest?

Opinionated Diva said...

I so feel you on permanently checking out. Is it time for a vacation again? Spa day maybe?

LOL @ you being so happy at her getting your gift!

Get more rest!

Sandy C. said...

I didn't want to roll out of bed today either. Could I have Ebola too?

19 kindergarteners during snack time? Bet it sounded like the trading floor at the NYSE!

jameil1922 said...

red... doesn't it??? can't wait for that book! :)

claud... i hope not, too. i actually started thinking that... like what disease is that!?! Jesus fences are hot for the 08. muy stressful. partially self-induced. let's all pray for weekend rest.

diva... word. it's always time for vacay. but i don't like being touched by strangers. http://jameil.blogspot.com/2006/01/fresh-azimiz.html

i LOVE giving gifts! up with rest!! where's that email?? you're so wack.

sandy... it's quite possible. i think it's going around. and yes it does sound like that!! lol.

1969 said...

Take your behind straight to bed and get some rest. Poor thing.

La said...

Ebola? LMFAO!!!

*looking for a list of books to send you*

JayBee said...

definitely know what it is to need a little spiritual reprieve while at work so that you can keep your job. now though, since i know i'm not coming back, nothing even really bothers me that much.

Vdizzle said...

Stupid people wear on your nerves and make you weary too. Trust!!

cherry's kid said...

Oh no you think you have Ebola...that is so horrible...I hate those crazy, weird diseases that no one else but me gets...go get some rest!!!! Check out in the bed for some time then come back...maybe 9 hours of sleep this time!!!

Rashan Jamal said...

How'd that sleeping thing work out for you? LOL

I think its called sleeping sickness that you get from the tsetse fly, so you are right on the money.

jameil1922 said...

1969... yeah!!

la... lol. waitin on those books *toe tap toe tap*

jb... must be nice.

v... sigh. oh yes. i know.

ck... lol. i don't really have it but stace catches them WHAT IS THAT!?!? PEOPLE STILL GET THAT!??!!? diseases. i think i got 9 last night but i'm still sleepy! this is a problem.

rj... not so much. hiss boo. look at me. accidentally right. that is def. hot for the 08.