Just Be?

I need to try that. I know I keep saying that but it still doesn't happen. It's such a conscious effort to just be. I need some serious peace. I know where to find it-- God-- but it's a STRUGGLE to actually let go. There are some things I readily give to Him because I DON'T WANT IT NO MORE!! Others are harder. And not because I still want it but I feel like BUT I'VE GOTTA DO SOMETHING! ANYTHING! Sigh. Life. You annoy me. But don't go nowhere because I still have things to accomplish.

I hit a milestone today but felt nothing. It was very odd. I don't know what that means. Time will tell.

I NEED HELP!! Stan the man is coming to visit my job tomorrow. I don't know why other than the P.enguins being in the finals. But that doesn't seem reason enough for it to make a special appearance at the workplace but no matter! I'm gonna take a picture w/it and dress up for said picture... I need something crazy to do like the players always do. What should I do???

Those of you in this article who didn't shower for two weeks to show how "green" you are are disgusting. They said go GREEN, not black behind your ears from dirt accumulation.

And this article about Rocky's right-hand man made me 1) feel like I should know him since he's from my hometown (but he went to private school) and 2) want to try all the things on Rocky's likes list. Except the tea. I don't do tea. I don't care how organic or flavored it is, it's not for me. I'll drink it if there's nothing else in the house, it's one of my mom's specialty drinks that people always request, but I don't like tea. I'll drink hot English breakfast tea, but flavored hot teas and iced tea? Pass. I had some raspberry iced tea koolaid that I liked but not enough to buy. I'm a drinks girl. I realized I could in theory stop drinking adult beverages because I just like crazy fruits mixed together... except pomegranate-- VOMIT! Speaking of... Joy I spent at least 3 minutes in the refrigerated juice section until I found that juice you like all the way at the bottom. I couldn't do it. I can't stand pomegranate. I was really disappointed, too. I love trying and liking things my bloggers suggested. I have to try this veggie recipe Liz gave me. I bought lots of veggies on my last trip to W.hole Foods.

In case you were wondering, I'm also pancake picky. I don't really like pancakes very much. I can go months or more than a year without eating them. I love ketchup! I want to tour the H.einz plant before I leave since the company was founded here. They only make baby food here now but I'm going anyway. You know I'm making my list. I'm sure it will be long so I have to start now naming stuff and crossing it off. It will take a while to get through it all.

Another odd thing and then I'm done! Lol. I never ever know anything about the weather or traffic though I "hear" both at least literally 10xs every day. Probably more. I could count each hit but those are my times to focus on other things even when I'm in the booth producing. Those things are self-contained. That's my time to get rid of a story if we're short on time or whatever. Oh I'm gonna do a t.v. explainer post one of these days so if you have any tv-related questions, send them my way. But I say all this to say I NEVER KNOW WHAT THE WEATHER IS GONNA BE! I end up having to check the weather when I leave work... or (and sometimes I do this just to annoy the meteorologists lol) I ask them right as I leave even though they did the weather no less than :45 earlier. HAHAAHAAHAHA!! I know I'm bad but I'm okay with that! *still giggling*


Stacie von Kutieboots said...

you suck. dude JUST left the green screen, and you ask him what the weather is... lol

girl, me and pancakes! mmmmmm! me and any breakfast starch!! matter of fact, i need some croissants right now...

that article sounds like 'stuff only white people would do'. i think i should start that blog...

1. not bathe to save the world
2. jog, no matter the temperature/weather/time
3. not eat so the dog/cat can.
4. watch friends/seinfield

i'm so ignorant.

Sparkling Red said...

"Life. You annoy me."

That could be my mantra for today!

But, juice is good.

1969 said...

I love pancakes and french toast. Well really, I love 100% pure Maple Syrup. LOL (Have I mentioned no sugar for a week? KILL ME NOW).

Sandy C. said...

No flap jacks? No tea? You are an enigma :)

Good luck tomorrow!

the joy said...

chile you dont know what your missing!!! they have mixes... cran pom, ras pom, blueberry pom is my fave...

dress up like a pimp and stand nezt to the cup. get it? eh? eh? aw whatever. i tried.

Anonymous said...

I need to shower EVERYDAY!! There is no way I could go two weeks without a shower. Shower is a time to reflect and get some peace. Plus I gotta smell good for the ladies!! I am glad they are going green. I also could not unplug the refrigerator. I don't like my alcohol warm.

magnoliapeach said...

I love Iced Tea, except for peach flavor.
I hate the smell of tea that you brew though, like English, it literally makes stomach acid attack my throat.

I like pancakes once every 3 to 4 months, any more than that I feel fat for a year. I love biscuits though with molasses, yummmm.

When we went through a drought down in georgia, some people, aka white people put buckets in their shower and collected that water to water their plants. Washing them with booty water, if I was a plant, I would just die.

Sorry for blogging in your comments! :)

Vdizzle said...

Um dar, ms jam. Put a hampton tee on that cup. I'd make a Louisiana flag and LSU flag toga.

Get it? LSU, #1 party school, big cup for liquor. Lol.

Los Angelista said...

You are accomplishing great things every day. You just have to stand back so you can see the whole picture.

I loved that article about Rocky's body man. It was great and it made me feel all warm and happy -- Barack doesn't like asparagus, LOL!

And pancakes... in my top ten favorite foods. Make that veggie recipe though and tell me what you think!

Anonymous said...

If it ain't Heinz, It ain't really Ketchup.

Learn it, love it, live it.

dejanae said...

lol@the green comment

Rashan Jamal said...

Blackened Teeth..Eye Black..Look like a real hockey player. How bout telling those Penguins to actually win a game sometime soon.

What milestone?

I used up those green peoples water. I got extra clean to offset the odor pollution they were putting out.

DollFace said...

Pancakes are so yummy but they aren't something I eat a lot either.

And not bathe for 2 WEEKS?! No ma'am. I can't go 24 hours without a nice lather!

La said...

"Life, you annoy me." Need it on a tshirt. It's always a struggle to let go of the things that are most pressing to you. I'll let you know if I figure out how, lol.

Hahaha poor meteorologists.

No pancakes? Could not live without them.

I don't get how not showering shows you're green. All that says to me is that I need to stand 10 feet away and hose you down.

jameil1922 said...

stace... hahahhaa! i LOVE doing that to them! you and croissants. i'm sending drew that list right now. your poor white boyfriend.

red... lol. juice is delish.

1969... giiirl. best to you on the no sugar and you love that stuff!!

sandy... lol. people call my southernness into question all the time over the tea! not sure what the luck's for...

joy... i'm vomit. i don't do pom. i had on a trench... does that count?

epsi... thanks for your attention to showering!! lol. i see your school is trying to go greener, too. you see the fridge was the hardest one for them. hilarious. i wonder what they have in there instead...

mp... pass on tea. i'm the same way w/pancakes. you slather molasses on the biscuits and they don't make you feel fat?? lmao. i'm not a big bread girl in any form. pancakes french toast biscuits. i used to love biscuits, too. that sounds good with lasses! lol. i don't mind the putting the water down the toilet like the article said some people were doing. dead @ booty water!! you are outrageous!! you can write like that anytime if i'm gonna be dyin laughin!!!

v... omg! i didn't read this til i was already at work!! you know i was like boooo!! hiss boo! but i looked cute next to it!

liz... awww. i read that somewhere. claud's? san's? idk. but i like it. omg the body man article made me sooo warm and fuzzy! lol. and i liked that he doesn't like asparagus, too. pass on the pcakes.

ink... i loved their ketchup long before i moved here. i'm VERY ketchup picky. did you know in a blind taste tests of pittsburghers, tho, that hunts did better than heinz? everyone (tasters) was appalled.

dej... eh. it is what it is.

rj... stop it. and yes they need to win tonight or the red wings will be celebrating in the burgh. i knew you were gonna talk about your environment-killers. you're horrid. YOU ARE THE REASON FOR THE DROUGHT IN GA!!

doll... the 2 weeks made me want a shower RIGHT THEN!!

la... lol. girl i'ma give it up!! i have to!!! i guess... i don't know how showering proves it. go read that article or go to one of those touchy feely sites like earth day.com or something.

Opinionated Diva said...

yuck @ not showering for two weeks. I can not even imagine how smelly nasty they must have been.

"Life. You annoy me. But don't go nowhere because I still have things to accomplish." - luv those lines!

I'm not crazy about the fruity teas either, but I do like lemon in my tea.

jameil1922 said...

diva... exactly. it's not worth it!! glad i can entertain y'all with my words. i can even do w/o lemon.