Movie Break!!

I only watched 3 movies this week so I was going to just save them for next week when I'm hopefully no longer 3 behind or still ONLY 3 behind but why not?  Of course I've been working hard on my own film 6 days a week.  I love the progress we're making (my thesis partner and I).  It's really cool to see the story line come down and the visuals coming into place.  I like when we agree on things and can see the value in getting rid of things.  I even like tamping down on my need to control things!  Goody! 

Tomorrow our third rough cut is due.  We'll be in the lab for 3 hours today putting the final touches on it.  It's really close to where we need it to be for our fine cut due next Monday which is the last cut we'll show our professors before we show them the final film.  Really cool!  My thesis defense is 11 days away!!!  Can you even believe it???  That sounds SO crazy!!  And my screening is less than a month away.  Wow... time flies when you're busy as all get out and mostly enjoying it!!  (Sometimes a break is nice!)

March 28- April 3, 2010
88) Send Me No Flowers.  Rock Hudson, Doris Day & Tony Randall star in this film about a hypochondriac man who is convinced he's going to die very soon.  I seriously CANNOT believe how long this film went on!!!  It went from silly to outrageously irritating.  EDIT.  Rock Hudson is nice to look at, though.  2.3 stars
89) Come September. Rock Hudson, Sandra Dee star in a film about an Italian love affair filled with insane events.  Really funny and fun at first but dragged on too long. :(  Brings it down to a 3.5-star film.
90) Kitty Foyle. Drama (for which Ginger Rogers won an Oscar) about a working girl dating two men, one of whom has a mother who doesn't approve of her.  Kind of boring.  Meh.  3.3 stars


Ladynay said...

Only question I have is will you post up the final cut somewhere online?. I am not a big movie critic, but I read about all this work you and your partner are putting into this and my curiousity is peaks higher!

Ladynay said...

Ummm yeah, drop that "is"...you know what I was trying to say right? LOL!

Jameil said...

Lady... I don't know about online but I'm glad your curiosity is peaked and we're definitely trying to get it on tv and in film festivals when we finish!!

The Goddess said...

I love old movies so I'm going to check these out. I used to really love Doris Day and think I've seen that one, but it's been so long.

Hope that we'll be able to view the finished product once you've completed your film. I'm sure it will be amazing.

Jameil said...

goddesss... me too!! i will watch those more willingly than a lot of current films! i have a lot of doris on my netflix queue.