Advice: The Follow-up

I would like to thank all of you who offered advice.  No thanks to those of you who didn't.  ESPECIALLY YOU, GINAE.  Loud and wrong.  Almost makes me never want to ask for advice again.  But I don't let other people's ideas of me control me.  I'm curious as to why all of you were so sure I wouldn't ever ask for advice.  I mean I know I'm me but really?  NEVER?  I'm NEVER going to ask for advice?  Let's check the archives.

Most recently, I talked about how single people shouldn't give relationship advice.  I made the caveat HORRIBLE advice.  If single people give GOOD advice, then it's fine, but so often it's like, "GIIIIIIRL!! THAT MAN AIN'T NOTHIN!! DON'T TAKE THAT!!"  Chile please.

Then another time I talked about how people (Rashan) give unsolicited advice on how to manage my time.  UNSOLICITED being the operative word.  MESSSSSS.

That doesn't mean I don't know how to take advice.  I just don't know how to take bad advice.  Sometimes hearing things from other people, even obvious advice that you already knew for other people somewhere in the back of your head, is what makes things click.


Ginae said...

still not buying it and still LOL...

The Goddess said...

oops I commented on the wrong post. Tee hee.

Have a good weekend.

Jameil said...

Ginae... No, really. You're working my nerves.

Goddess... thanks! You too!