Selecting An NFL Team

There are 32 NFL teams.  In honor of the Super Bowl I will let you in on how I decide who to root for or against in approximate order of importance.

1) GO PANTHERS!!  I will always root for the Panthers not matter what other factors exist.  They're my number one team!!  YAY!  Gotta root for the home team.
2) Against Brett Favre.  This man annoys me to NO END with his constant retiring and team switching.  So over him.  Somebody put him out to pasture already.
3) Against the Patriots.  MOST. OBNOXIOUS. FANS. IN. THE. WOOOOOOOORLD!!  UGH!!  I can't stand Pats fans!!
4) Against the Falcons.  Not only are they division rivals but they're also Rashan's favorite team.  You know I LOVE to compete against that man!  Lolol.
5) Against the Cowboys.  More obnoxious fans.  Namely Adei.  But many more of you, too.  So annoying.
6) For the underdog.  I like the kid who gets kicked around, the long shot.  Like everyone else. 
7) If I don't care about either team, I'll go with the one with the black coach.  What?  Lol.
8) If none of these exist or I can't stand both teams, I don't watch the game, I don't pick a side, I hope they both lose.  End the game tied at 0 so I can taunt everybody.

Last year I didn't care who won the Super Bowl so I picked the team everyone in the house was against which just so happened to be the Steelers.  Strange turn of events.  Since they were in the news 95% of the days I lived in Pittsburgh I used to root against them (and because it was fun... lol.  People came to work DEPRESSED after losses.  HILARIOUS.).  When I moved from Pittsburgh, I eventually went back to Steelers indifference (it didn't take long since I haven't even been gone 2 years). 

All that said, I'm obviously going for the Saints this weekend.  The Colts bore me to tears.  Boo hoo.  Lol.  I have decided on a menu for my party which includes greens gumbo (GEAUX SAINTS), spinach balls (GEAUX SAINTS), bratwurst, guacamole (because avocados were on sale), creamy raspberry bars, daiquiris (GEAUX SAINTS) and Yuenglings.  So basically even if no one else brings anything, we'll still have plenty of food to eat!  PARTY OVER HERE!!!!


Ladynay said...

Interesting break down lady!

I can not stand when people act like a loved one died when their team didn't win a game! I mean seriously IT'S A GAME!!!! Even if you're a sore loser, YOU DIDN'T PLAY!!!!!! Ugh!

Go Panthers! Which reminds me I need to change my icon after Sunday! LOL!

When the Panthers or Steelers are not playing I pick the team Snookums wants to win so I understand that part of #4.

I'm from Redskin country so I a know a ton of Cowboy fans! They are obnoxious and obsessed to say the least! LOL!

Ummmmm, I am parting at your place! Yum!

On a limb with Claudia said...

Enjoy the game! :)

Rashan Jamal said...

1. I root against the Panthers b.c they are division rivals. The fact that they are your team is just a plus.
2. Cant.stand.brett.favre.
3. For me, it's not the fans, so much as they were too good.
4. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...
5. I liked the Cowboys, but I didnt like how they tried to make T.O. the scapegoat, so I rooted against them
6. If I don't have a dog in the fight, I can get with that. Arizona last year as an example.
7. Ray-sist LOL
8. I would still watch the Super Bowl, but other games with no team I like, I'd skip. Worst Case Scenario would be the Patriots vs. Any Brett Favre team.

Jameil said...

lady... girl a loss is irritating but i think i'll be okay! those people drive me nuts, too! lol. GO PANTHERS!! i don't think you need to change your icon at all! lol. there was too much food and liquor!

claud... i did!

rj... 1) lol @ a +. you're funny. 2) FOR. REAL. 3) that's wack. 4) BOOOOO FALCONS. 5) yeah that was wack. 6) last year i just went w/the team most people in the house didn't want to win which meant the Steelers. 7) lies! it's my version of the home team. 8) i'll have the super bowl on as an excuse to have a party.