Monday Mindspacing Vol. 37

1) I hate telling Rashan what I'm cooking.  Because then he asks too many questions.  Like I told him the VDay meal and he goes, "What about some dirty rice?"  I don't want to add rice all willy nilly to this meal.  I created it with a specific purpose and that right there isn't helping.  Just sit down and eat.  Then tell me what you think of it.
2) Looking at ?uestlove's afro made me want my afro back... just a little bit.  It was so big and fluffy!
3) Zack Morris on Jimmy Fallon (yes, I know I'm late but I don't watch anything other than 'Food Network' after 11) is hilarious... though a bit long!
4) I love how much work I've gotten done in the last 2 weeks!!!!!!!!
5) I hate when I drink a lot of water and I can feel it sloshing around.  STOMACH!!  That is disgusting.  Get it together.
6) I miss 'Mad About You' and 'Newsradio.'  "Good times, good times."  After a quick search, I found 'Newradio' is online with Netflix!!!!!!!  Yessssssss!!  (I subsequently found myself watching at least an episode a day and MAYBE up to 5 eps a day... but I'll never tell!!!)
7) When I get up after drinking coffee, I have to skip, hop or run which always causes me to break out into giggles.  Lolol.  Love it.  I found out coffee has little to do with this.  I think it's the excitement of feeling ideas coming to me during transcription that makes me all giddy.  Lolol.
8) It works my nerves when people post links but don't tell me what I'm supposed to be looking at.  ADEI!!!!
9) Remember when a while ago Rashan said he thinks liking a status is the laziest form of FB feedback?  Well every so often, I take the opportunity to "like" everything on his page.  It cracks me up.  Lololol.  He's like, "Why do I have 8 notifi... Jameil! Are we really doing this again?"  YEP!  Lololol
10)  Why are hotel clocks always wrong?  Like by at least an hour.  The hotel where we stayed: 3 hours and 14 minutes fast.  How?  How does that even happen?
11) The cran-grape juice Rashan made me buy tastes like the blood of Jesus.  I know they used grape juice at my church but how is grape the ONLY thing I taste in this juice?  I am promptly dropping it off in his living room, open and upside down.
12) I'm really glad my boyfriend is too old to wear jerseys and white tees.  And also smart enough to know that trend has been over for too long to even as an old man still be rocking it.  Now if we could just get him to THROW AWAY those Mecca and FUBU clothes he claims to only wear in the house.  Guess who doesn't even want to see them in the closet?  If you guessed me, YOU WIN!!  I wonder if a little public embarrassment would be encouragement enough...
13) The water pressure at my house has gone through the roof on the shower head recently and I really don't know why... Does it have to beat me up?  I mean really... what is the deal?  Shortly after writing this I found the responsible knob.  Geez!  Lol.


Mrs Count said...

LOL at the blood of Jesus!

Naima said...

You are SO right about hotel clocks!! Who thought that was a good idea???

Nerd Girl said...

2. ?uestlove has the best 'fro ever!

6. I loved both of those. As an aside - do you think that Khandi Alexander can move her face? It didn't move on Newsradio, didn't move on ER, didn't move on CSI Miami....nevermind, I believe I've answered my own question.

9. What's wrong with being a little technologically triflin'? I "like" it every now and again!

kisz4tj said...

This is hysterical!

I miss Mad About You too

Jazzy said...

oooooh the page is so different and purrrrdy!

#7 people like you shouldn't drink coffee to begin with. #sideeye! lol

#8 that happens a lot on twitter. i refuse to click the link!

#11 crangrape...I don't like grape juice at all. I know i'd hate it with cranberry juice...waaaay too strong!

Rashan Jamal said...

1. Some dirty rice would have been dope! Ummm...you don't really want me to sit down, you want me to help cook. HMPH!!!
2. ?uestlove's afro is dope, but I like your locs.
3. don't know what that is.
5. That is strange... I get that a lot.
6. NewsRadio I liked a lot. Mad About You was good, but not one of my favs. Friends and Seinfeld!!
7. Well, what's my excuse today. I'm just sitting at work, not accomplishing much and not drinking coffee.
8. Just assume Adei's are from YBF and you don't want to read them. LOL
9. It's hilarious when it comes out of the blue. Like I forget that you are doing that and then BAM!!!
10. Because people unplug them to use the iron or plug in their cell phones and never fix the time. Oh wait...you weren't looking for a real answer.
11. I'll take it, but can you not pour it out in the living room. You and me both know I got enough stains on that carpet.
12. Wordless Wednesday: Jameil eats a Krispy Kreme! I'm not embarrassed. I was in the house...chillin... and you got t-shirts from 1989 that you sleep in. Why is mine a problem? LOL
13. Yeah, that was me. I forgot to move the handle back after I left. My bad! (this is not a joke btw)

Trish said...

My shower sucks lately too! The water doesn't get hot just warm and when I complained to maintenance, they suggested changing the shower head to make the water hotter. So does that mean I need to change the faucet so it is hotter for a bath too?! Idiots!

Adei von K said...

You are too funny! I'm dying at the thought of you dumping the "cran"grape on his carpet!

What link did I post and forgot to label?? I'm drawing a complete blank here!

Yeah, I'm not a fan of the high pressure shower either. I's sensitive. But I don't know where a knob is to reduce the abuse :-(

Jameil said...

tm... tasted just like it!

naima... for serious.

nerd... 2) doesn't he?? 6) lolol! never noticed! 9) lol. i don't have a problem w/it. that's his issue. maybe just an 'i'm reading' is enough & i don't have a full comment.

kis... lolol. i really amuse myself coming up w/these.

jazz... thx! (late lolol) 7) that's very true. lol. that's why i've very purposefully abstained. 8) lol. STAY AWAY FROM THE LIGHT!! 11) i looove cranberry juice. grape juice? eh. i used to like it. now not so much.

rj... 1) for real? don't ever bring up dirty rice again. now a sore spot. i want you to help but if you're not ever going to cook for me, i mostly don't want your input on what i should cook unless i ask.
2) thx!
3) figure it out.
4) yeah buddy!
5) gross.
6) no to seinfeld. yes to friends.
7) lazy.
8) even still.
9) hahahaha!! awesome.
10) i really hadn't thought of that so thanks!
11) i'm totally pouring it out.
12) BEHAVE. my shirts don't have giant logos on them or bleach stains and i like them. yours are ugly. i'm the one who has to look at you.
13) nut! i figured it was you. i didn't even know you could do that!

trish... nutty shower & stupid maintenance men! is that a real suggestion??

adei... lolol. open & upside down is the best. you do it all the time. it's usually ybf or omg but still it's like really? i know you're sensitive. lolol. it really was like abuse. and my shower curtain was flying all willy nilly. crazy! maybe the knob is on the actual shower head. that's where mine is. it's more like a lever.

DaniColoredGlasses said...

ooo loathed news radio, but would give my baby pinky toe to have the goodness of paul reiser back in rotation. Mad abt you was/is one of my fave shows ever (excited much?)

Blood of Jesus....I'm done.

Jameil said...

dani... who loathes newsradio? that ain't even right. mad abt you was the best!! what i do?