Wasting Away

DUDE!  I need to get my life together again.  Guess who accomplished NOTHING but putting a bag of laundry in the car to take to Atlanta, taking out the trash & recycling, going to Publix for broth (I wanted the BOGO chicken stock but they only had beef), getting an oyster dinner (YUMMAY!!!) and checking the mail?  That would be me.  I wasted all of yesterday on a couple of episodes of Modern Family (still not on board with that one just yet but I'll give it another episode), and the bulk on.... 8 or 9 episodes of Newsradio.... after finishing the first 2 seasons in a little over a week, I waited MAYBE a day before starting the next episodes.  I'M ADDICTED!!!  Problem.  But isn't admitting it the first step?  Good thing seasons 4 & 5 aren't online.  I imagine I can manage NOT to get them from Netflix for a while.  PHEW!

My goal today is to finish packing, wash dishes, straighten up the living room, email the professor I'm working with and leave by 4:30 for the frigid north.  I reallllly don't feel like dealing with cold weather but I'm excited to see Rashan AND let out my inner fat Mexican girl, Guadalupe Maria Conchita Rivera!  Come on out, girl!  I haven't had Mexican food in WEEKS!!!  At least 2!  And we have THREE places on the agenda for the weekend!!  Hecks yeah we do!!  Woooo hoooooooo!!!  I have to get some work done, too so I'll spend some of the weekend doing that and watching movies and working out.  Rashan and I are in another competition to workout 4xs a week.  Aren't healthy competitions fun?  Yippee!!  Alright that was supposed to motivate me to go do something but it didn't really work... hmmm... I. CAN. HAZ. CHEEZEBURGER.  Wait.  I mean, I can do it!!!


Sha Boogie said...

Modern Family is HILARIOUS. Give it another chance!

Not So Anonymous said...

"let out my inner fat Mexican girl, Guadalupe Maria Conchita Rivera"..you're a hoot.

I tried modern family and it looked good, but I just can't get addicted to another show right now, lol.

Jazzy said...

lmao @ guadalupe maria conchita rivera! that's you in the next lifetime.

have fun in ATL!

Sparkling Red said...

LOL at your Mexican name. I have a leftover chicken burrito waiting for me for lunch. Ommity nom nom!

Miss Snarky Pants said...

Crackin' the hell up @ that mexican name. Girl you are a trip!!! LOLOLOLOLOL

Hope you have and Rah have fun!!! :)

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Have the bestest weekend ever! I LOVES the Mexican food. Happy eating!

Jameil said...

sha... maybe. we'll see.

nsa... she is still not satisfied!! i really don't need any more addictions either! I FEEL YOU!!

jazzy... that is me NOW! i'm enjoying myself!

red... oh man. when you wrote this i still hadn't gotten my mexican food and was not happy w/you! lol

ms. b... i yam what i yam. we are! :)

gp... thanks!!!