Sleep? Who Me?

I am on the most HORRENDOUS sleeping pattern in the entire world.  5 or 6 am to 11, 12 or 1 pm?  Me no likey.  AT ALL.  And last Wednesday when I was sleepy at 10:45?  I talked to Rashan and read until I wasn't sleepy anymore and was up until after 6 a.m.  FACE.

Now I did get three blog posts written, a book read, an episode of Dexter watched (I've now finished the first season.  I forgot to tell you guys how some of my classmates don't really watch movies and some of them don't really watch docs (hilarious) and two of them watch A LOT of tv.  So one of them tells me I shouldn't bother to watch more movies this year because tv is way better.  LOLOL.  I decided to give Dexter a try... I decided I like it for the most part but some of the story line isn't gelling all the way like they had different writers from conception to episode 1 and episode 5.  Or maybe the same one for conception and pilot.  Anyway, I can tell a difference.  Also like they may have had a different director though I don't know why on earth you would do that in the first season of a show.  Especially if it's doing well in runs which I suspect this was.  Anyway partway through the season I'm going with 4 stars.  Episode 3 with the human traffickers was AWESOME!), some emails sent (you forgot I was listing accomplishments, didn't you? Pay attention.), blogs read, google reader read, facebook and twitter stalked, ordered 3 non-fiction books about black people and a pair of brown boots I've been eye-stalking at Nine West for more than a month, maybe almost 2, added items to my Etsy faves, gave The Record Dish a new look.

You know, a bunch of stuff that doesn't REALLY matter.  My right hand is getting kind of crampy sometimes.  They have therapeutic massages on campus.  Too bad they're not free.  Rashan left me at 4 a.m.  Punk.  Lol.  We usually force ourselves off of the phone at 6 at the latest.  It doesn't help that I rarely have obligations before 4:05 p.m. (my classes on Monday and Wednesday).  I have to force myself to get things done.  Despite the Super Bowl on Sunday, Monday I lectured again so I planned on preparing for that this weekend along with some transcription, a little logging, some scanning, maybe some scriptwriting.  You know, film fun!  I did some of that and actually prepared for my Monday and Wednesday lectures.  I'm putting the finishing touches on the lecture I'm giving to future broadcasters about my career and about documentaries.

I finally built my bookshelves so I was also supposed put my clothes away this weekend (I like seeing my clothes on shelves instead of hidden in drawers where I can forget about them).  I also have my big monthly calendars up but I don't think they're helping... brats.  If they keep this up I WILL SELL THEM!!  And what?  I also had a shoot and a class yesterday.  Life is crazy!!  Anyway maybe I can get to bed before 4 every day this week.  I managed it on Sunday and Monday so here's hoping about the rest of the week.


Not So Anonymous said...

You're post just made me tired...you're doing a whole lot. I tried watching Dexter a few times, but I can't get into it I guess.

Oh, I watched a documentary about a little girl who is the youngest female rapper (P-Star). It was interesting, but something about the shooting seemed off. Now, I'm not a film student so what do I know, lol.

side note: Why is the word verification word "racest"...huh?

Not So Anonymous said...

oops on my annoying typo of you're instead of your...that was a total brain fart.

Momisodes said...

Good grief! You have been busy. So sorry to hear about your sleep schedule. That sounds horrid!

Now I'm curious about Dexter.

Mrs Count said...

Dag, I had worked a trip to your place into my schedule so I could build your bookcase. I guess I'll cross that off my to do list.

My sleep patterns are really crazy since I can't leave the house. I woke up at 2pm today. For shame

Rashan Jamal said...

We are ridiculous with the sleep. I be staying up all late like I don't have to work 10 hours the next day. Oh yeah, don't call me a punk.

This post sounds like the rantings of someone that needs to stop blogging, shut it down and go to sleep.

Jameil said...

nsa... lol. i'm doing too much and not enough at the same time. it's ridiculous. i can see why you couldn't get into dexter. if the shooting seemed off to you, it was. trust your instinct. you don't have to be a film student to notice things like that. the word verification is trying to reveal secret subtleties about yourself to you!! i forgive you but no more farting over here please!

momisodes... it's ridiculous! lots of people love dexter and i can see why but i don't think it's for me.

tm... lol. yeah right. 2? wow. i woke up at 1:47 when my classmate called me the other day. i felt supremely lazy... esp. since i know he wakes up before 8!! but he's also asleep by 11/1130. If I could be productive in the late hours it wouldn't matter what time i woke up. i'm wasting the time of serious ballers (i.e. myself).

rj... we need to get it togther!! this actually sounds like the rantings of someone DATING someone who needs to stop blogging, shut it down and go to sleep. YOU'RE the one who has to wake up at 1015 in the morning!

DaniColoredGlasses said...

My eyes glazed over at some point....I will now read a lesser blog to refocus.

Jameil said...

Lolololol. It appears multiple people felt like that.