Monday Mindspacing Vol. 36

1) Why do people make me talk about them on fb and/or twitter every.single.day?  It's just not right.
2) People shouldn't be allowed to comment on racially-charged news stories.  Too many idiots want to join the conversation and it's counterproductive.  Not like that many stories have great conversation anyway but when it comes to race people don't know how to communicate with each other and having a forum to spew hatred isn't helping.
3) I think my hand modeling career has ended before it even started.  I feel like it will be too hard to break into the industry and I keep burning or cutting myself with all this cooking.  Plus I'm not sure if my hands are up to the task anymore.  :(
4) Rashan and I want to win the lottery... but neither of us play.
5) Can someone please make me pay more attention to the physical and stop thinking so much while I'm moving so I can stop stubbing my toe and smacking my hand on really hard substances?  Because it hurts.
6) My boyfriend is so unsupportive.  Anytime I say anything about The Record Dish, he says, "Nobody reads that blog but you!"  And I say, "You can get the finger, THE MIDDLE!  Warm it up Chris!  I'm about to!  Warm it up Chris!  Cuz that's what I was born to do!"  Patti, Naima & Anitra read it!!  So there!!  What a hater.  Stop trying to kill my dreams.  He also told me I would never be a hand model.  *slow tear*
7) Dear blogger, there is no reason to have word verification if I still get Asian spam with only one word in English (s.ex).  Step 1, Fix.  Step 2, it.  Step 3, FIX IT!!
8) Choosing a new blog template is such a hassle.  Especially because I'm so picky.  Too dark, too light, too many white women (why do so many pretty blog templates have white women in the banner... I'm black just FYI so I would like my blog to reflect that... call me crazy).  Or maybe I like almost everything okay but hate the background.  Too many angled elements, too much splatter, too much stuff concentrated in the upper right quadrant.  Eye roll.  Sometimes my design eye is a hindrance.  But not one I want to lose so search on!
9) I had a shoot this past week, there's another this week and another next week.  CRAZY!!  Plus my first rough cut is due next Monday.  I absolutely deserve the trip to Atlanta I've arranged for next Thursday!!  3 Mexican restaurants HERE I COME!!!
10) It's so weird.  I can be mad at Rashan for about 30-45 minutes and then I'm ready to be next to him again.  There is no one else I've ever been like this with.  I used to pride myself on my ability to hold grudges.  Yes I know that's bad.
11) Food was all highs and lows this weekend.  Very strange.  Saturday dinner was AWESOME!!  Pics to come.  Sunday brunch was lukewarm.  Like temperature wise.  Really?  How hard is it to do eggs benedict, Emiliano's?  Also the smallest English muffin I've ever seen.  We've been her for brunch 2 other times and once for dinner last Valentine's Day so I was very disappointed.  Not cool.  Sunday dinner made by me, the blackened tilapia was just okay considering I didn't have 2 of the spices (garlic powder (I prefer fresh) and paprika (I have no clue how this happened)) and just winged it with cayenne and cumin in place of the paprika (plus I don't really like stuff blackened but it was a Rashan special request...) I also overdid it on the cayenne in this recipe.  With it I served chipotle corn OMG!!!  So good!  And sauteed spinach (which I forgot the s&p for... bizarre).  Yeah... like I said.  Highs and lows.
12) What does ZOMG mean?  Because it looks stupid.  (Yes I know I could look that up.)


Ginae said...

10. you're so bad priding yourself on holding grudges but i love it! lol...yep you know your man/woman is right for you when you can't hold them grudes anymore and want to be all up under them 30or so minutes later.

13. oh my gosh's variant. used to excite one another. this is used constantly by those who make fun of people that say omg and lol.
God!, Oh God!, God damnit, or Oh my God! is a common expletive, communicating surprise or dismay. Gosh, oh gosh, and oh my gosh are euphemisms for God. It is frequently abbreviated "OMG" or "ZOMG" in internet slang.

The origin of the Z is twofold: when holding down the "shift" key to type OMG the Z key is often accidently hit; also, in Warcraft 3 and Starcraft the Z was short for "zerg omg", where "zerg" meant "to rush," as in, "zerg the flag!". It is also often a play on the Lebanese-Australian accent (which was popularized though shows such as Pizza (TV series)) within Australian culture.

p.s. two thumbs up on the new blog design. like the design, color, layout and it's much easier to read now. i keep forgetting you and Stace have a food blog but will check it out...Aretha said she wanted to as well so hopefully she will and you can add two more folks to the list.

Ladynay said...

3) didn't know you wanted to hand model...cool
4) Same here, I buy a dollar scratch off once every leap year or something like that! LOL!
7)OK! Very annoying!
8) I only found ONE pretty template that had a black woman on it. I used it for awhile then got tired of it. It took me forever to find one that I actually liked.
10) Awwwwwwwww

Rashan Jamal said...

1. Maybe you could resist a time or two. I can't, but maybe you are better than me.
2. Definitely agree with this one.
3. You should get some cooking gloves. LOL
4. you gotta be in it to win it. That was the NY Lotto motto back when I lived there.
5. Nobody can make you do anything. It's all up to you.
6. LOL - I only saw you and Stacey commenting for the last 2 years. My bad. I didn't know it was opened up now.
7. my first blog still gets spam comments and I haven't posted over there in years.
8. I like this one. I don't have enough patience to find one.
9. Work, and then play with me!
10. Is that how long it takes you to realize that I'm right?
11. It was all good, but that dinner Saturday was one of our all time highlights
12 Zebra On My Grass? (I was trying to think of a bunch of nonsensical things, but z is a hard letter to start with.

Unknown said...

- How d you even get drafted to be a hand model?

- I like the new design. I think I may change my design too

Trish said...

I tried switching my design about a month ago now, I got frustratd and picked the first thing I could find. I used to LOVE Kriss Kross! I went to their concert with my mom and cousin, we had a great time!

So cute that you can't stay mad at Rashan. I am thesamewith grudges, I can hold on to them like it's oxygen.

Nerd Girl said...

8. You did good ~ I like!

tanyetta said...

Mindspacing was fun to read!

1969 said...

I like the new template. Much brighter.

Hey, I read the Record Dish and find it interesting. So there!

Mrs Count said...

2. I can't read comments on most news stories because the sheer ignorance makes me angry.

13. Ginae sure knows a lot about ZOMG

Ginae said...

@ Therapeutic...I yahooed ZONG and copied and pasted it..that's how I know about zong..before Jameil's post, I had never even heard of the word before..LOL..

Jameil said...

ginae... 10) not anymore! i'm getting it together! 13) thx for looking it up for me, despite the bad language. i knew some of you had been complaining about difficulty to read white on black. Glad I'm bringing more to the record dish fold! Lol.

ladynay... 3) i do! 4) i MIGHT buy powerball when it gets up to 100mil+ but usually not. i hate losing. and losing money is even worse. 7) make it stop! 8) I. FEEL. YOU. 10) :)

rj... 1) i'm definitely better than you. 2) definitely possibly? 3) right... 4) so get in it! 5) hush. 6) whatever hater. 7) but w/word verification??? 8) thx. 9) oh yeah!! 10) when are you right? 11) most definitely! 12) get it together!

christina... there's a hand supermodel who had some tips but i've forgotten them. thx & welcome!

trish... I KNOW THE FEELING!! Jump jump! Lol. I wish i'd been to a concert!! That's is so cool!! Grudges suck!

nerd... thx.

tan... thanks!

1969... thx! and thx! TAKE THAT, RASHAN!!

Tm... RIGHT!? 13) hahahaha. as you see, she looked it up.