Movies 2010, Week 6

February 7-13, 2010
I went to the movies twice... in two days.  A bit odd.  Made less fun considering I didn't particularly like either movie AND each cost $9.75.  Are you serious with that?  If they're that much in Gainesville (and in a theater the size of my bedroom), how much are they in NY and LA???  DC even?  No really.  Someone answer this so I don't have to look it up.  Anyway this was apparently the week of mediocre movies.  Womp womp.  Glad I didn't watch many movies since it's crunch time!  I guess you're like, why do I even want to read her puny little four-movie week?  Lol.  Far cry from the last week in December with 25 or something insane like that!
48) TheCove.  Documentary up for an Oscar this year about a dolphin activist who captured the 5 dolphins who played Flipper and now has residual guilt about their captivity.  I started to get weary of this film very early on and wondered how I could possibly want to watch this for an hour and a half.  Beautifully shot but depressing and manipulative.  The thought of becoming a filmmaker to get your cause out there obviously makes sense.  It doesn't make for a good film.  It was horrific and chilling to watch the slaughter but everything else around it was so IRRITATING it almost cheapened the effect.  2.4 stars
49) An Education. Film about a young girl studying to get into Oxford when she's swept off her feet by a (pervy) older man (played by Peter Sarsgaard (whose name I feel should be said like a pirate).  He shows her things she's always wanted to see... until the rose-colored glasses begin to clear.  Hasn't WoodyAllen made this movie ad nauseum?  I hate this topic.  The girl, Carey Mulligan, was amazingly well-acted.  I understand why she is nominated for an Oscar.  The film took an interesting turn in the climax then ruined it with a predictable ending.  2.8 stars
50) The Bishop's Wife.  Cary Grant film (upon which 'The Preacher's Wife' w/Denzel & Whitney was based) about an angel who comes to help a bishop and forms a relationship with the bishop's wife.  Kind of boring.  It didn't help that I loved 'The Preacher's Wife' and knew it a little too well to be seeing this for the first time.  3.3 stars
51) It's Complicated.  Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin & Steve Martin star in this film about a divorced couple who begin to date each other... but he's already married.  Other than that slightly interesting tidbit, this movie was filled with boring clichés.  The 3 main stars were decent but the script they were working with was not.  Womp.  AND the scenes were too long.  Why did you refuse to edit that?  3.1 stars


Ladynay said...

I don't think a film student going to see 2 movies in 2 days is odd. One bored day I saw 3 movies in one day. Granted 2 where at the dollar fifty theater, but still. I can't tell you the regular prices here so I can't help you with big cities!

Happy flowers and chocolates day!

Ginae said...

I got all excited when I saw that you went to see It's Complicated and The Education. Excited because I loved It's Complicated and hoped you would too....I think it had more to do with the closeness of the family and the way Meryl and Alec related to one another in the film than anything else, but still..lol..oh well..

I have had The Education on my list for a while now and really wanted to see what you had to say about it. I shall make that a priority to hurry up and go see it soon before it leaves the theatres.

Rashan Jamal said...

UGGGHHH - It's Complicated killed me with the lingering shots on the characters face. And there was way too much Jack Donaghy Baldwin for me.

I just wrote about the movie cost on my random for today, 9.75 is ridiculous!

Mrs Count said...

DC movie tickets: 10.50 - 12.50

Jameil said...

lady... i usually don't go to the theater tho so 2xs in 2 days is a lot for me. i was thinking i'd like to do it more often tho. just during the matinee or on nights when i can get student prices. hope you had a happy vday! :)

ginae... lol. i liked meryl and alec, too but the script left something to be desired. the education... meh.

rj... lol. i don't think i even noticed that part. not jdb! lol. 9.75 is STUPID.

tm... thank you and no thank you at the same time!! EW!! that is horrendous!! plus as expensive as DC is, there's no reason for GAINESVILLE to have comparable prices. deflate yourself, gainesville.

kisz4tj said...

Movie prices are around $11 in NY.