CT Trip October Edition Pt. I

I'm back from Connecticut. On my way there, I was reading Essence magazine's annual power issue. It was fabulous. The did an interview with Sec. of State Condoleeza Rice that I can't wait to review soon and very soon. She set off some fire inside me with that one. Essence did an excellent job. Kudos to the editor, my fellow Hamptonian, Angela Burt-Murray. The magazine is on a roll.

The flight was fine. No screaming children. Thank God. I'm not the most patient when it comes to other people's unruly children. Scratch that. I'm evil when it comes to people's unruly children. All I'm saying is grab it when it starts running around throwing things, screaming its head off disturbing/pissing off other people.

I get to the airport in Hartford/Springfield and the bf is actually already there. Amazing. Ok he this is the 2nd time he was already there but the one time I had to wait for him, I was not a happy camper. Y'all know I'm spoiled. We got my bag and made plans for dinner. We hung out at his apartment, watching tv, etc. I had been up since 11 the previous night so by 5 I was exhausted. Fell asleep at 6. He was supposed to wake me up at 7 so I could shower and get ready to go to First and Last Tavern in West Hartford as suggested by Ashli. He let me sleep. Sweet but not in the plan. I like adventure but sometimes I can be a little rigid. I woke up at 8 and we decided to eat a candlelight lasagna dinner at his house (his suggestion). I agreed... but neither of us smoke so we had no matches and no lighter... that meant no candles. So we just ended up eating the lasagna and falling asleep by 1130. SO SAD!! WE ARE ELDERLY!! This is the at least the 3rd trip where there was one or more days we didn't make it to midnight! Sigh... I blame the station. If I'm anywhere near something soft (couch, bed, chair, pillow, non-crusty loaf of bread), my body clock kicks in and I'm knocked out.

The next day we're up at 830, I go to McD's to get us some breakfast, then laid around reading until it was time to go watch his ESPN basketball team play. I got to sit in the bleachers (yes at espn they have bball teams, a court, bleachers, REFEREES, a score keeper and a scoreboard. OUT OF CONTROL right? and hilarious). So people were watching the game on their lunch breaks. I'm of course the ever so fly Jameil. Cream tank with silver sequin detailing along the sweetheart neckline, short cuffed sleeve black angora cardigan, jeans, adorable black and white polka dot satin flats from Nine West that I bought at the airport before heading to CT. Met one of the bf's homegirls from VA. Very nice. Saw a girl I can't stand because she always calls me sweetie and felt the need to name drop seconds after we met. So lame. She looked at me literally 6xs before speaking and then only b/c the nice VA girl said, "Have you met the bf's gf?" She said, "Oh yeah... we met... hey." Hater. Don't be mad b/c I'm fly and you are (obviously) not. Btw... next time the bf is having a party for my bday or any other occasion and think about coming, do everyone a favor and stay at home. Thanks.

After the game (the bf's team won), we stayed to watch part of the next game. Since its the playoffs, his team would play the winner of that game. Elaborate right? Whatever happened to pick up games? We didn't stay long b/c seriously, why would I want to stay forever? I wouldn't. Went back to the apartment, hung out some more, then got dressed to go to dinner. I had on a beige button down shirt with sequins and beading, a fitted tan blazer, jeans, and my other pair of new Nine West shoes, tan tweed peep toe, sling back pumps with gold trim and a wooden heel. Too cute. We went to his friend Courtney's house for his haircut... 45 minutes later I went upstairs to call for an end to the cut. I mean seriously folks. That's ridiculous. I know you guys are talking and all but wrap it up. He did come down looking adorable though. Courtney'd suggested a place downtown called Blue-eyed Sally I think. It was a Cajun-Southern-style place. (I'm always weary of these types north of NC/TN). They had an open mic night and a band performing. Too loud for my particular taste that night so we went to Hot Tomato. Not bad, but not great. I'll be reviewing it on The Record Dish later.

After Hot Tomato, we headed to Blockbuster, picked up Lucky # Slevin b/c its quite popular with the bloggers and Akeelah and the Bee. LOVED Akeelah again. So fabulous. Lucky # Slevin was good too. What did we do for the rest of the night and the next day?? Stay tuned. You don't want to miss the stunning conclusion.


Dreamlover said...

Loved them both as well. Did he propose??

OMG!! Don't keep me here waiting!!

CNEL said...

I love Condoleezza, ain't with her politics but respect her nonetheless. May have to read the article cause Katie's 60 Minutes piece which I saw bits of on Yahoo Video was disappointing.

HaHa it's good you didn't have matches, but candles are a nice touch.

I finally saw a bit of Rachel Ray's show and its good, she's on point, ya'll cooking divas are dangerous. I'mma turn a few of my female friends onto The Record Dish so they can learn some tricks.

Yea scratch these long drawn out posts as you say "give me the deets."

Jameil said...

ash... ahhh. kyle said like 18 names after he heard the name, we were there abt 7 minutes after 15 of finding a parking spot so sorry! don't know the name. *insert boogie hampton voice* ahhh yeeeeesssss. i saw them both on my way back from mee-lahhhhhn. lmao

dream... girl! you are nuts! no he didn't propose! geez...

cnel... you love her?? ehhh... me not so much. i can respect her on some level i suppose but love? nah. why is it good we didn't have matches? stop hatin. yay!!!@rachael ray and the record dish! we love to help folk! :D

Sherlon Christie said...

"yes at espn they have bball teams, a court, bleachers, REFEREES, a score keeper and a scoreboard. OUT OF CONTROL right? and hilarious."

that's a bit much. are employees required to participate?

Jameil said...

sp... are you joking? why would they require you to participate?

the joy said...

ooh tweed shoes. nine west is the jump off. got some new ones that are slightly platform. you are having so much fun in ct. i miss it. wah.

Elle Willa said...

You need to start posting pictures of these fabulous outfits! :) Sounds like you had fun.

Don't Oppress Me said...

You know, I’m gonna start writing detailed descriptions of my outfits too.

Grey sweat pants, maron hoodie, customized maroon and white Converse kicks, Ipod, blade (cause you can’t have folks thinking they can roll up on you all willy nilly.)

Adei von K said...

No love faking? LOL I am trippping out with the "Grab it when it starts running around" WORD?? Someone is NOT going to be the godmom of my child Idris ___ ___! I love that name.
Uncandle lit dinner. Cute!
Yo, that is sooo awesome that ESPN has b-ball teams!!! They really eat, drink, and breathe sports over there don't they? That's like football players who come home from practice to play Madden!!

Loving your outfits J! Especially the shoes!!!!! Tell name dropper to keep that. thanks.
45 minute haircut? I made the mistake of accompanying a BF to the barber... never. again. in. life. EVER!

Jameil said...

joy... me too! nine west is fab! i do love ct. i have a special affection for it b/c that's one of the places our love has blossomed.

elle... i know! i was just thinking that. i'm trying to figure out whether i should buy a new computer (this one works fine so that can likely wait), an ipod (i get a discount thru the job), or a digital camera (likely will be sales closer to christmas so i'll probably wait until then.

oppressed... OMG!!! hilarious!! i love it. can't wait for the daily outfit updates! fab.

stace... love faking? i'm confused. i ain't gotta be idris' godmommy if you're gonna let him/her runwild. i can't have no wild godchild.

espn is full of sports obsessed ppl. its so funny.

i know you love the fits! that's why i always make sure to add them in there too.

the 1st wk or so at hampton i went w/alex to two or 3 diff. barbers while he was trying to find the perfect one. it never took that long.

Southern Girl said...

You are wrong for the cliffhanger...btw, making ur chili tonight bc it is rainy and cool in Dallas!!! YEAH!!!

p_nami said...

I can't stand badass kids either! My philosophy is...if I can't spank them, then they can't come over! Needless to say, I don't have to worry about making my house childproof!

So since I just started reading your blog recently, how long have you and the bf been together? Did you meet in college...i always had a thing for those HU guys from "up top"! Yeah I know I'm being nosey...but hey, what can I say!

BTW...if you like Nine West Shoes, you should try Urban Outfitters.

We Go said...

I have a thing about people calling me sweetie too. That and honey. I really should get over it because I do live in the South, but it always sounds condascending as hell coming from someone who is close to my age. I have actually gotten to where if someone does it, I ask them do I look really young or something. They usually look confused or say no, followed by why. Then I explain that usually "sweetie" is something I hear from someone much older than me (or something like that). My husband thinks its funny as hell when I do that. LOL

Jameil said...

southern.. yum! how'd the chili turn out? and i know cold in dallas is like 60.

doll... we met at hu 6 yrs ago, became friends, then best friends and 10 months ago, more than friends. i think urban outfitters is overpriced. i never find anything in there i like for the price its there for.

princess!! we are HERE! don't call me any of those names when you're clearly w/in 5 yrs of my age unless you want to get cut. its not a game. and i'm not a friendly player.

Marvelous said...

Oooppss I called ya babe earlier in one of my comments. I usually call the girlfriends 'babe' or 'chica.' Tell me if you don't like it .. k babe! lol

And 'Sweety' OH DEAR GOODNESS!!! A co-worker calls me sweety, darling, princess, reinita (queen in spanish). She's about 40, and I have the biggest 'cow'(I said cow, ha) 'cuz she's playing off the "I like you" and as far as I'm concerned her talks behind my back say otherwise.
Can't young people get some respect!?!


Jameil said...

marv... its not an issue unless i feel its condescending. if its like hey sweetie let me tell you this... you will see the stank look on my face as in the case of this girl. want to choke her thinking about it. esp. b/c she's YOUNGER THAN ME!!

all i'm askin is show me some respect. don't try to play me or ya might get... that's right! PLAYED!