Movies 2010, The Finale

December 19-25, 2010
I watched more movies in one day than in the previous 2 weeks... Weird.  And I love comparisons like that.
208) TheKidStays in the Picture.  Documentary about the life of film producer RobertEvans (TheGodfather, LoveStory, Rosemary'sBaby, UrbanCowboy).  Pretty awesome.  Moving narrative, great visuals.  Really intriguing watch.  He had quite the life.  4 stars
209) Public Speaking.  Scorcese-directed documentary about comedic essayist Fran Lebowitz.  I saw Jimmy Fallon drool over her to my great discomfort.  She's funny but I feel like she's like other old people I know.  She just says whatever she feels like saying.  I guess what's supposed to make her unique is that she's been doing this a long time.  3.5 stars
210) Pirate Radio. Philip Seymour Hoffman is one of the stars of this Britain-based indie film about pirate radio (non-government regulated) stations in 1966.  I really enjoyed this entire movie.  4 stars
211) The Human Comedy. Old Mickey Rooney (as a teen!) film about the son of a widow working to help provide for the family because his brother's off at war.  Some cheese but a likable enough story.  3.5 stars

December 26-31, 2010
I did wonderfully this week!  Not leaving the house really makes you magical!
212) Mirage. A 1965 Gregory Peck film about an accountant who's lost his memory.  It got rather wearying after a while.  Just hurry up and end.  2.9 stars
213) The Kids Are All Right.  Annette Benning and Julianne Moore star as a lesbian couple whose kids decide to find their donor.  Interesting until it took an extremely predictable turn.  There were some unnecessary n.ude scenes.  The end was also less than satisfactory since the film just stopped in one of the story lines.  Good foundation but they didn't capitalize.  3.4 stars
214) The Searchers.  John Wayne cowboys and injuns flick about two searchers for a missing girl.  I was only mildly interested.  Not bad, just not my kind of movie.  3.3 stars
215) The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.  Humphrey Bogart stars in this 1948 film directed by John Huston about gold prospectors.  When one gets paranoid, things go from bad to worse.  Pretty interesting.  3.8 stars
216) Holiday Affair. Janet Leigh & Robert Mitchum star in a 1949 film about a war widow with a young son and two men who want to marry her.  Cute rom com with a Christmas theme.  3.9 stars
217) Rocky.  Yes, I'm just seeing this for the first time.  I understand why people love this movie but YUCK!!  I was more grossed out than I am when I'm watching a real fight!  I don't need to watch this ever again or any of the sequels.  3.9 stars
218) Regarding Henry. Sappy Harrison Ford movie about a jerky lawyer who gets shot in the head and becomes a better person.  Actually pretty enjoyable.  Just ignore the awful 80s music.  I think my mom would really like it.  3.6 stars
219) Easy A.  Emma Stone stars in this comedic adaptation of the Nathaniel Hawthorne novel "The Scarlet Letter."  My biggest irritation was the abundance of unnecessary curse words.  This could've easily been a slightly more teen-friendly movie without tipping into the kid-friendly zone by dropping some of those GDs.  I mean, is that ever necessary?  Really irritating.  I was like whoa... this is PG-13?  Other than that, it was a pretty cute film.  3.8 stars

Clearly I didn't watch nearly as many movies this year as last year (not even a third) but I (obviously) felt way less pressure this year.  I saw some great movies and fewer really awful movies.  Next year will be even more leisurely with the movie watching but I'll still keep telling you what I watch as they come!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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