Monday Mindspacing Vol. 85

1) When people apologize for their long absences and they're less than 8 days, I have never ever noticed them.  I follow enough people on Google Reader that you have to be mighty talkative for a long time for me to notice.  And if you stay gone for a long time?  I might forget you exist... I mean... it's better than me stalking you, right?  Blame Rashan for me not stalking people anymore. 
2) In case you forgot Rashan was a jerk... I had to explain google reader to one of my friends the other day & Rashan said, "Wow... it's 2007 again. You're explaining google reader."  LOLOL.  Jerk. (soft j)
3) Why do kids always ask "where do babies come from?" on tv shows?  Cliche' much?
4) I watch "Chopped" all the time and you know what?  I'm tired of hearing ScottConant whine about his disdain for raw red onion.  I hate a lot of raw red onion, too, but this competition isn't about every chef making a dish to meet your standards.  Really?  STOP SAYING THAT EVERY TIME YOU'RE ON THE SHOW!!!  But I love Alex! :)
5) If you're not familiar, they have a basket with three or 4 disparate ingredients they have to incorporate into a cohesive dish.  One recent basket on that show?  Baby bananas, black eyed peas, poblano peppers & ostrich steak.  Da heezy!???  Rashan wants to do a "Chopped" challenge for me one day.  Hilarious.
6) Update on me working out to meet my trainer?  She said my form was GREAT and I didn't lose much over the break.  Yeaaaaah!  She also said she had a client who hadn't worked out in more than a month and almost died.  LOLOL!  Glad it wasn't me!  But I SEVERELY underestimated how it would feel to be back!  So crazy!  My body was like, FOR REAL???? 
7) Can someone tell me how I managed to accidentally follow at least 3 M.ormonFashionBloggers?  I'm pretty sure I've never even met a M.ormon before...  So weird.
8) Every time I hear there's a party where I should bring food, I come up with at least 5 recipes I want to make.  Someone tell me to calm down, please.  PLEASE!
9) I went to the outlets nearest to my house on Friday.  Ya know... the one with a Le Creuset store.  *faints*  You know baby had to get a lil somethin.  I got a giant cobalt pie plate!  Mine was $26.  I also got some great clothes at amazing prices.  My favorite deal?  The $129 BCBG dress I scored for $29.  *pat pat*
10) One of my 30 for 30 goals has got to go.  I seriously do NOT care about taking a picture a day for a year.  Suggestions on what to replace that with?
11) Funniest & most fun drinker?  The (non-slurring) CHATTERBOX!  Talk, talk, talk.  It amuses me.  I like that much better than some of the drinkers I knew in college-- overly emotional, mood swings (happy, sad, angry, "amorous" all in the space of half an hour), sick and vomiting.  And this is just one person...  Please drink responsibly.
12) It's been a while since I got a really stank comment.  Probably because I have fewer commenters than I once had and the ones who do comment are my own little blog la familia.  Sometimes I feel sad for the people who have to bring bloggers "down a notch or two" but sometimes I feel as sad when bloggers respond.  Some handle it well... others... really poorly.  That stranger (always hiding behind the cloak of internet gangstafied anonymity) needs to kick rocks!  And hard!  Don't let them drag you down with them... I feel like this is just inviting someone to say something stank... LOL.  Please keep your foolishness to yourself.
13) Why doesn't blogger automatically recognize blogger as a word?  To quote the wise bard, William of the Smith clan, "Dum dum dittaaaaaay!"  (It didn't recognize any of that at all... Hm.)


Sha Boogie said...

Yup, thats me.. one of the people that just apologized for an absence, lol.

K. Rock said...

1. Some of my "la blog familia" I would definitely notice if they were gone a long time. But not a lot of the B team.
2. Everybody is not hip to it Rashan!! Dang!!*rolls eyes*
4 & 5. I catch that show every now and then. I thought about doing a Chopped challenge too for the culinary club but I am having a hard time trying to figure it out logistically.
8. I'm the same way. There are so many things I want to try!
9. Imma be needing to see that dress please.
12. I haven't run into any internet gangstas yet in my happy corner of the world yet but I know it's only a matter of time. I am trying to mentally prepare myself for it.

Not so Anonymous said...

1. I feel like if I'm gone for more than 5 days things aren't right in my readers' worlds anymore. I know how you all depend on me, lol.
2. Well I just learned about google reader in 2009, so I can't talk.
5. I'm loving the ingredients of that basket...i can think of some ways to make that work!
7. You've never met a mormom? That's weird to me.
8. Calm Down
10. I loved that one. No suggestions on replacements :(

1969 said...

I can usually let snarky comments ride the first time but after that? Catch me on the wrong day and I am apt to say something. I can't help it if I'm gangster.

I love Chopped and yes, Scott also irks me with his "how to cook spaghetti" rants. Dude, it's pasta in a pot. There are several methods of boiling water. As long as it's cooked.....slow ya roll.

Nerd Girl said...

1. Depends on who it is. Some I notice immediately. Others, not so much. I do remember this one dude whose name I just recently removed from my blog list. Rashad? Rochard? Oh yes Rashan!

2. Um, I still don't fully get GR. Tell aforementioned dude to quit tripping!'

3. Yep! Just 'cause you don't like onions doesn't mean the dish was bad. They come up with some strange combos - I hope Rashan gets your a basket together soon.

7. I think I read one of those on occasion...

Sparkling Red said...

1) Agreed. I mean, I like my blog friends and all, but I can live without them for a few days.

7) I recently read that Mormons have always been encouraged to keep journals, and now that's spreading out into scrapbooking and blogs. I can't remember why it's supposed to be important in that community, but it's a cultural thing.


Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1.That was mean. I notice.
2.You two seemingly compliment
each other. O_O *big grin* I can just imagine the banter between you too! LOL!
5. A chopped challenge sounds like fun and complicated at the same time.
6. nothing taste as good as thin feels WW. No pain, no gain! I hate both of those sayings. LOL! WORK IT!
7. I really wanted to mention that. I thought it was oddly interesting. Fashionable mormons? Go figure!
8. CALM DOWN! Wow them with one great dish maybe two... Geez! Or have your own dinner party and make errthang!
9.What stores are in this outlet?? BCBG for that price is haute! Okay dish on the other clothes.
11. I totally hate drunk people! And the vominators?? Please get away. I can't help you.
12. I so want to know what led to this?????
13. Mine recognizes blogger but not bloggers????? Weird!

Jameil said...

Sha... lololol. There were at least 5 people that I was scratching my head. I still delight in people returning once I get over the burn that they left in the first place! So welcome back!!

k. rock... 1) exactly.
4&5) I can understand that! You have fun w/THAT arrangement. What if you had everyone send in a list of 5 favorite ingredients, then have your kids pick 3-4 out of a hat for people to use for appetizer, 4 for entree, 4 for dessert. Separate your group into equal groups for the meal parts. People can use any resources they have to come up with a recipe, but they should use all 4 ingredients. Everyone bring their dishes to the event! That sounds so fun! Wish I could play!
8) Yes!!
12) I know!!

nsa... 1) LOLOL.
2) LOLOLOL again
5) I always do... but that doesn't make me look at them less with the side eye hearing them together!
7) There aren't a whole lot of them where I grew up or lived so pretty sure I haven't.
8) LOL
10) I've tried to start it at least 2xs and gotten frustrated.

1969... LOLOL. I'm goin in! I'm goin in!

OMG YES!!!!!!! Scott... SHUT YO MOUF!!

nerd... 1) LOLOL! Get him!
3) They really do! One weekend!
7) They're quite popular.

red... 1) exactly!
7) Interesting! I had no idea! You used to be my sole Canadian blogger that I followed and now w/fashion & home blogs, I've added at least 3 more!
9) YESS!!

gp... 1) Mean? It's a vast improvement over me being the blog bully trying to force people to post. Reader has vastly improved my ability to keep myself from going crazy checking blogs constantly.
2) Sometimes I DIE laughing! The color commentary over SOTU vs. the game??? CLASSIC!
5) It would be awesome!
6) LOLOL I'd never even heard of that taste/thin saying until my friend said it when we were shopping the other day and I DIED!!! SO HILARIOUS!!! You may be anorexic if! I have NO problem with the work TYVM!!!
7) LOLOLOL Did you go there??
8) I said tell me to calm down, not help me figure it out! I always just end up not feeling like being responsible for all those dishes and make the easiest one.
9) Tons and tons of stores I like so yay!! Saks Off 5th tried to get all my money! BR, Gap, Loft (boycott still in effect), MKors, DKNY, Talbot, JCrew, RalphLauren.
10) But what to replace it??
11) Vomiters are DISGUSTING! Fun drunks are fun drunks. Low key ones are fine, too. Sloppy, uncontrolled drunks? Please go somewhere and stop drinking.
12) There were several blogs in the last few weeks or months that mentioned haters. One fashion blogger in particular did it in an incredibly childish way that made her look stupider than the original person. She admitted she's just 22 and knows she acted foolishly but did it anyway.
13) LOLOL & dumb.