Movies 2011, Week 1

January 1-8, 2011
It's so easy to watch more movies than there are days in the year when you refuse to leave the house.  On a roll!!
1) The Man Who Came to Dinner.  A jerky lecturer overstays his welcome when he gets hurt and has to stay at a family's home in this 1941 film with a softer look at Bette Davis.  At nearly 2 hours, this film was far too long for a comedic film.  Get to the point already.  3.1 stars
2) Tooth Fairy.  Cute kids film starring the Rock about a guy forced to be the tooth fairy.  It's certainly not unexpected but can definitely keep your attention.  3.8 stars
3) Doc Hollywood. Michael J. Fox comedy about a Hollywood-bound aspiring plastic surgeon who gets stuck in a small town when he has an accident there.  Boring, predictable.  3.2 stars
4) Harvey. 1950 film starring Jimmy Stewart follows a man who confounds his sister and niece with his companion-- a 6-foot tall invisible rabbit.  Pretty amusing.  4.1 stars
5) Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Robert Redford and Paul Newman star as two (smokin hot) thieving outlaws.  Great action & a fun watch!  4.5 stars
6) Mississippi Burning. Film loosely based on the FBI investigation into the disappearance of 3 civil rights workers.  Pretty good despite some holes and plot contrivances.  3.9 stars
7) Angel of Mine. French film based on a true story about a woman who believes a little girl is her long-dead daughter.  Really creepy but good.  4.1 stars
8) Gidget. 1960s film about a girl surfer who's not taken seriously.  I didn't enjoy it.  3.3 stars
9) Going the Distance. Drew Barrymore romcom about a long distance relationship.  Cute.  I enjoyed it.  4 stars
10) Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring. The first in the trilogy.  It was pretty good.  Not my kind of movie.  3.5 stars

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