2011 Goals

One of my fb friends said, "Face it, you're likely just gonna end up doing the same things in 2011 that you did in 2010...and 2009...and 2008...etc...."  Y'all.  Don't accept that attitude in your lives.  You CAN achieve whatever you want!  Said person then added a (lame) disclaimer, "Make those changes every day."  Womp. Womp.  Look, if you want to get all goal-oriented in January, who am I to stop or discourage you?  Start when it makes sense to you!  Start in March!  Start in July!  November!  Just make some real changes in your life.  We all need change and I believe you can do it.  Put your back into it.  Setting goals is the only way I get anything accomplished.  December?  I wrecked shop!  (I updated that post.)  I can and will just sit in the house and watch tv and read about your lives on the internet if I don't set goals.  Let's make 2011 one to remember.  Rashan and my mom don't get my goals but SO WHAT?  Goals, resolutions, whatever you want to call them, OH LET'S DO IT.

1) Complete at least 12 30 for 30 goals.  These goals encompass many of the changes I want to make in my life.  That's why I this list will be shorter than last year's.  I only completed 4 so obviously have quite a bit left to accomplish.  Definites are read the entire Bible (almost halfway there!), go whitewater rafting, ride a mechanical bull, make and keep a budget, take a dance class, workout 3xs a week, tour a vineyard in NC wine country, use my passport and yes, RUN A 5K!!  I did my first self-directed 5k run-walk over Christmas break and it was great!!  I felt really powerful!
2) Read 40 books this year.  I used to read every single night before bed.  Then there were some breaks in college.  Now I want to get back to reading.  Fiction, non-fiction, doesn't matter.  I want to read some great books!  I read The Help to get me back in the swing of things and loved it!
3) Try at least 100 new recipes.  Y'all know I love cooking!  I've lost a bit of my mojo with my crazy schedule but I think I can get it back in 2011!
4) Get a full-time teaching position in a great program.  This will be awesome. 
5) Work out more.  This will help me with my 5k goal and the lifetime fitness goal.
6) Make sartorial magic.  I shocked myself a little this year with unexpected combinations of the clothes in my closet.  It's really fun to do that and I strive to do that more and more and further develop my personal style.  I also want to find a tailor to make me some clothing.  Working out is making my body type more and more difficult to fit, particularly on the bottom.  I will feel much more pleased if someone makes my clothes instead of having huge waistlines.


Not so Anonymous said...

I get your need for goals...I have the same need. I have to be know that there is something that needs to be checked off, etc.

I love that you are developing or discovering exactly what your personal style is. I don't know mine...I think it changes as I change...hmmm...anyway...you should share more pics, hmph.

Good luck on everything this year!

Sha Boogie said...

I like setting goals in January because it feels like a 'clean slate'. I am with you on working out more.. I just don't know when or how! I'd like to give it a try in the morning, but the bed be calling me, calling me!! lol In the evening ehh.. I'm beat after work and wrangling the baby into a bath and bed. Maybe since joining WW I'll start to see some weight slide off and it will inspire me to be active so I can keep it off.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

WOW! that FB was a downer. I have to expect every year to be greater then the last. I would DIE if I didn't! If I just accomplish a single goal it's better than nothing! Yeah! Yeah! Let's Do it!!

Nerd Girl said...

I'm not setting big goals this year - just one little something every day. I set the next day's goal before I go to bed - so far I'm liking this approach. I'm hoping it will help with my procrastinating ways. We shall see....

I loved The Help! I downloaded it to my iPod thingie and read it over Christmas break. One of the best books I've read in a long while.

Trish said...

I'm with you on goals. I like the feeling I get when I complete something that I intentionally set out to do, it gives me a rush.

I'd like to try more recipes too. Lately though, I seem to spend so much every time I go to the market.

The things on your list are most certainly feasible and you'll have no problem knocking them out.

Ladynay said...


Jameil said...

nsa... indeed! mine has been pretty constant until now. i post pics on the record dish more than here. thanks! you, too!!

sha... i agree! jan feels so fresh! i like to re-up in june/july/august (bday/summer/midway of the year) your schedule sounds so brutal!

gp... such a downer. so wack. we're gonna do it!!

ng... a little something everyday is awesome! are you going to share with us? the help was really good! a nice return!

trish... i know! i'm fiending for a goal to complete right now! you have to find the sales! i'm gonna kill this list!!

lady... ohledoit!!