Fighting Loser Week

I won't lie. I wallowed a bit in my return yesterday. I told y'all leaving Charlotte and returning to Pittsburgh can really make me become a cutter. But I fought the urge and here we are today. I can't even tell you how much news I need to catch up on but let's give it a shot! I have not seen a national newscast in more than a week as my mom doesn't have cable. I have not looked at a single Pittsburgh newscast or newspaper in more than a week. Wow... I better do that when I get done here so I can have a semblance of some idea of what has happened here since I vacated (Ooh! Accidental pun city!) or it's gonna be a rough night! Lol. Maybe my co-workers were kind enough to hook me up with some help. I'll still have at least 100 emails in both of my work email in boxes. Good times.

I slept all day today up until about 12:30. I felt I deserved it. You know how traveling wears you out. I wasn't really ready to get up but heard my dad come home for lunch and thought he might have food with him. How stereotypical, huh? He didn't. Bah humbug. I haven't unpacked a single thing except the requisite chick lit book for the airplane which I bought yesterday and finished last night. It was amusing enough, but Brit lit is much better.

As far as recaps go, let's jump right in where we left off at Saturday. My mom went to a sorority meeting and I did nothing all day but hang around the house until I called Meagan around 5. We decided to meet up for dinner at 6:30 but I know her so I didn't even start getting dressed until 6:20. She called me at 6:50 like, "Hey, I'm sorry but I'm on my way." I said, "You straight. I know how you operate." Hahahaha! That was met with a resounding, "WHATEVER!" My mom was like you give us crap but you let her off the hook. She's always been like that, has gotten (admittedly & understandably) worse since having a little one to get ready as well and doesn't pretend to ascribe to times. You and your other daughter, on the other hand, do. So y'all get the attitude. I should say got because like I previously mentioned, I wasn't stressing it after they PISSED. ME. OFF. on Friday.

Meagan, her adorable 16-month-old son Tristan and I went to R.uby Tuesday's. Mmmm. I let that one slide as not being a local restaurant because they're nearly non-existent in the burgh & I like their new(ish) menu. I had strawberry lemonade which was AMAZING!! & the turkey, avocado & bacon burger. I've been whoring myself out for avocado lately and it's more than a bit insane but the burger & fries were delish!! After the restaurant, we went back to our respective houses to get ready for the club!

I'd talked to Mike (Hampton homie throwing the party) earlier in the day. He said he'd put me on the list but DID NOT so I was irritated by that but I was scopin out the cuties before we even walked in the door! Heeeey boo! The problem was the venue. P.resto's is WAY too small to throw parties where people are dancing. I kept buying drinks. The incredibly slow bartenders kept me from getting super drunk because I bought drinks for me and two of my friends. I was losing count of how many I bought and thinking see this is how bartenders bury drinks in people's checks. I just knew I was gonna get a $100 bill... and it was $34. SCORE!! I know for a fact I bought at least 6 drinks but whatev! I'll take it and leave a nice tip for the bartender! I also asked this dude to take me, Meagan & Tasha's picture because we were too cute. As I was walking to the dance floor, who do I see... CLASSY JOJO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



It was like a movie. Lol. We stopped, stared at each other and just started jumping up and down screaming. Then we hugged for mad long like two old ladies. I knew she lived in Charlotte but she'd told me she was gonna be out of town and I didn't know when she was coming back so it was a shock seeing her! This was my Hampton homie I could ALWAYS count on to have a BALL!!! She's from the NO and keeps it crunk, sober or drunk. We have SO. MUCH. FUN TOGETHER!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Lol. Yeah it was like that. We hadn't seen each other in 2.5 years since I went to see the Color Purple. I also saw this dude I grew up with, also named Mike. I always see him at parties when I come home. Very odd. Me and JoEllen were workin the dance floor as usual having a blast. Then we see this other dude we went to Hampton with! Everytime I saw him at school I would bust out with, "We're J.J. Fad & we're here to rock! [what is that word?] can never be stopped. See it's 3 of us & I know we're fresh. Party rockin, non-stoppin & our names are def. See the J is for just the other's for Jammin, the f is for fresh a-n-d def."
And depending on the time I would keep going for quite a while. Lol. So yeah in case you didn't get it, his name is J.J. Lol. I didn't sing that this time but we worked it!

Jojo & I went outside. I asked this dude to take our picture because he was the first person I saw who wasn't already talking to someone. He said, "Didn't I take your picture earlier?" LMAO!! I was like, "Oh yeah, I guess you did... what's your name?" He said, "Jason." I said, "Hi Jason. I'm Jameil & this is JoEllen. JoEllen, this is Jason, my personal photographer." Hahahahahaha!! He took the picture and asked for a tip so I kissed him on the cheek. So fresh! Lol. We stayed until the club closed at 2:35 having a blast then headed to IHOP for the 2nd night in a row. This time my homie I grew up with and went to church with, Shari, JoEllen and her friends, and Meagan's friends all came along. Muy fun! Lol. I called and woke one of my homies up so he could talk to me when I got home at 5 a.m. Alright that's enough of a recap for now. Holla!


Southerner in Suomi said...

"returning to Pittsburgh can really make me become a cutter."

Wow. I'm glad you had fun at home!

the joy said...

Whoa kissy McGee! Lol you're so slick.

Now I wanna go to the ihop. French toast... Drool.

Chris said...

"Rhymes like ours can never stopped," is the proper phrase, my fellow 80s hip hop head. And it's always nice to have a great time returning home.

Sha Boogie said...

Dead @ 'cutter'..gurl, stop!..lol.

Mmmm....Avacado, I. DO. WANT! So delicious, on a burger, with some blue cheese and swiss, greedy but oh so yummtastic!

Jazzy said...

Doesn’t have cable??? Wow!!!

That strawberry lemonade is addictive! Absolutely luv it!

SMH @ that JJ Fad mention!

Calling folks @ 5am because you were just getting home??? side eye'g you!

Sparkling Red said...

Yay, you're back! I did find myself wondering: Where's Jameil?

Making up for lost time, I see...

cherry's kid said...

you sure you wasn't drunk dialing? I'm just wondering? It's okay...I drunk dialed last night!!!! LOL!!!!

Jameil said...

v... IT CAN!! thx.

joy... lol. i don't really eat french tost like that.

chris... thx!! i wanna go back.

sha... it be's like that sometimes. avocado is love. do you need both cheeses?? muy greedy!! lol.

diva... i know. she's used to it. like somebody's grandma or something. lol. NOT YET!! that lemonade is love! and free refills?? girl y'all know i love drinking alcoholic & non! if folk wake up... *shrug*

red... lol. i do what i can!

ck... lol. i wasn't that drunk! but i do like to talk to folk in the middle of the night.

Rashan Jamal said...

I told you about that cutting. LOL

Only you can have a personal photographer, I mean I got one, but its me.

So where are the pictures? LOL

Open Grove Claudia said...

Gosh, I'm so glad you had a nice time. What fun to meet an old friend like that. That's really the best!

I hope you are gentle with your transition back to your life. You were so excited about going and had such a great time. Coming back is bound to be hard.

Adei von K said...

OOOOOOOO MIIIIIIIIIII GOSH!!!! You so Jo Jo!!! that is tooooooo exciting! YAAAAAAAY! I'm glad you had a blast!!

LMAO @ Jase, your personal photog! was he cute? jason sounds like a fine name! Jase, Jam, and Jo! OMG!