Thinking Aloud

I know what you're saying. Doesn't she do that all the time anyway? Isn't that what this blog is? One giant stream of consciousness post? I suppose. But here we go anyway. *Sidenote: I'm starving after a workout and 7/10 of a can of Full T.hrottle (it was free at work).*

I'm thinking of going to Connecticut in July.

My long time readers are like WHAT!? and WHY!?!?! Because Ash and her fellow gymnastics coaches are going to be in a competition! Stace you should come, too!!! I know y'all weren't thinking I wanted a replay of this. I'm straight. And actually re-reading that post and a few others made me realize exactly what I already knew in the back of my head. So the question was of course, if/when I go to Connecticut (since I really would've preferred not to ever again (well until Ash gets married)), will I call the ex? Yeah... I still don't know how I'd react around him. I'm definitely cold chillin over here (LMAO!!!) but I don't think calling him is necessary. I was thinking, "If he came to Pittsburgh and didn't call me, would I be upset?" And the answer was no. So do I care if he finds out I was in Connecticut and didn't call him? Picture a very nonchalant, slow one shoulder shrug with a bored expression. Not particularly. I mean, do you. Cuz umma do me.

LMAO! I didn't hear that song while at home... I don't think. There were so many songs I wasn't at all familiar with or only marginally that I could only keep so many in my head. What were those other songs I was singing? Something about being a boss... something about saying cheese and posing... and that doggone hot mess lollipop song.

So anyway. If the wallet's looking right, why not take a trip to the C? I know I'll have a blast with Ash & co. Her fam is the best. So are ya comin, Stace? Huh, huh? Are ya? You said you wanted to take a trip once a month! *Speedy Gonzales voice* Ju can do it! Lol.

*Let's wrap it up with a 2nd side note: One of my current fave commercials.*


Open Grove Claudia said...

You are very funny when you're set to random. I say do what feels good. Call him? Don't call him? Leave it up to God? Mr. right will find you either way.

Sparkling Red said...

LOL I love your "7/10 of a can". Most people would have rounded up to 3/4, but Miss Jameil demands precision!

Momisodes said...

Yea, I would play it by ear. But I agree, I don't think calling is necessary. Connecticut eh? I just drove through there!!!! :)

Adei von K said...

that commercial is funny! i've never seen it before!!! lololol "nose know boundaries"???? HAHAHAHAHA!

when in July? can't go the 1st week cause every body wants to have birthdays then. (drew, Kali's niece who i adore, Kya and MJC may be coming down for her b-day)

CT, haven't been there in years! i'm sure it'll be fun if you're there!

Southerner in Suomi said...

I don't think he was even worth mentioning in this post.

And I feel you post workout. I'm usually up (and sitting on the couch) for hours not hungry, but by the time I shower after running, I'm starving.

Rashan Jamal said...

I was like WHAT? and WHY? I'm glad you clarified.

You should go... get out of the Pitt. Have some fun!

the joy said...

Boss= Rick Ross. Take a picture~ snoop dogg.
I'm going to ct in July. We may have to coordinate... Although you'll be in Hartford and I'll be in bpt.

Jameil said...

claud... lol. thanks. i will absolutely leave it to God. these things are always better when you do that.

red... lol. but of course!

sandy... you just drove thru there?? wow!! that fits only 2/9 of the states!!!

stace... hahaha! i love it! the comp. is july 26th. of course it'll be fun if i'm there!

v... i'm almost always starving.

rj... now explain to me what fun is again?? lol.

joy... not sure it's snoop. but i'm trying to listen to only gospel this week. so let me get atcha in a minute to figure that out.

the comp. is somewhere in a city that starts w/p i've never heard of.

Jazzy said...

NOt just half a bottle or three quarters...but 7/10??? crazy!

Calling him is not necessary...just make sure you are looking ABSOLUTELY fab (more fab than usual) when you run into him!!!

You've been tagged!!! Don't be mad and shoot me one of your withering looks ok? ok good! glad you're so happy about it!

Anonymous said...

You totally need to check out this tv ad. I thought of it after checking out the one you posted. I saw it quite a few times when I was in Scotland. It's a little sad they don't show it here, but then again, it's another reason why I love youtube so much.


Rashan Jamal said...

Wow @ the utterz...The I Won Song and Dance? That is so you.

San said...

OK, I feel like I've turned on a soap in the middle of the show. I'm new to your blog and so I don't know anything about your ex or Ash and the gymnasts. I never drank even 1/10 of a can of Full Throttle and I don't recognize the guy in the music video. I'm also OLD.

I do have an ex I've made a point not to see for better than 23 years. I've lost track of his whereabouts, which is for the best. An ex, even one who's a very good person, can drain your energy to the point you'll be drinking Full Throttle by the case.

And the cat charades--too adorable!

Jameil said...

diva... it wasn't those other numbers. i don't think we'd run into ea. other nut you know i went to HU right? i'll look good regardless! i don't do tags.

shuv... hahahahaha! too funny!

rj... i am who i am.

san... i gave you a link! may/june last year to catch you up a bit. losing exes is not just hot for the 08, but for the 85, too! (i was 3 but i can get w/that!!!!!!) i'd never had full throttle either b4 yest. cat charades is hilarity!