So Close!

You are aware that I leave in a mere 4 days. FOUR DAYS!! Why is it that the week before your vacation is always the most insane? Is it so you appreciate it more? Because I'm already poised to run at full speed out of my job, knocking over women and children if necessary at 10 a.m. Wednesday morning-- wait, I get off the air at 9:57:40-- so at that time, WATCH OUT!!!! Is that wrong?

Because if it is I don't care. I'm so over this current phase in my life. Interpret that at will. My father is irritating me because he wants to talk to me all the time. I know that sounds wrong but the second I walk in the house I don't want to be bothered. Especially on Saturday and Sunday... of course the days he doesn't have to work and is itching to bother me, talk to me, mess with my hair, tickle my feet (aren't I a bit old for that?). If we were on a playground he would throw dirt in my face.

My sister and I always looked at my dad like a giant toy. That's partly because he was on the road a lot when we were growing up and when he was home it was a treat. He would let us braid his low cut hair while he pretended to be asleep and probably sometimes actually fell asleep. When my mom went out of town and it was the three of us, he would cook (which he can do well) or my favorite time, we had McD's three times a day. Lolol. My mom never let us eat fast food. It was like once a month with her... if that.

Now remember my Saturdays and Sundays. Saturday-- work 11 hours, come home, collapse, rinse, lather, repeat. Sunday-- leave at 11 p.m. (Saturday night), work 10 hours, breakfast, church, get home at 2 p.m. Sunday afternoon, blog (addict), talk on the phone a bit, read for 20 seconds or so, knocked out by 3:45 p.m. That means I need some moments of the day where no one is talking to me or requesting my attention for anything other than... nothing. I DON'T WANT TO PLAY, TOY!!

Bah. "Misssssss Jameil," he says to me. "Yes, father." "Nothing, I just like saying your name. You're one of my favorite people on the planet." I guess I should scrap this post, appreciate that he loves me and go home and enjoy my mother on Wednesday. Love does not mean blind to his flaws but accepting them and moving on. I still love you father. Witcho crazy (driving me crazy) self.


JayBee said...

It could be so much worse. You could have grown up in a house with someone who you absolutely can't stand. I feel ya on the needing some space, though. Are you planning to move out anytime soon? I thought everbody got rid of the comment moderation stuff. :(

Southerner in Suomi said...

LMAO!! Not knocking over women and children. Did you get your itinerary together yet?

Open Grove Claudia said...

I always feel like that before I go on vacation. When I saw more clients, I was ready to kill every one of them the week before vacation.

I do hope you have extra fun to make up for the bs.

CNEL said...

Now I could see why you would want to knock out the women and children.
There's days when I want to knock some out just to make my day pick up.

Yea be glad your Dad loves you enough to bother you. I'm learning to love that part about mi madre.

Sparkling Red said...

It's so cute that your dad still wants to tickle your feet! You'll always be his little girl. Although I'm glad that my parents don't try to baby me quite that much anymore!

I understand that no matter how much you love someone, sometimes there's nothing you want more than some Me-Time. I feel guilty for needing my space sometimes. I need a LOT of space.

Desy said...

I'm already poised to run at full speed out of my job, knocking over women and children

i still remember that seinfeld episode when George knocked everyone over when someone yelled fire; and i just placed visualized you doing the same thing... i was rollin...lol

YEH!!! mom is gonna be demandin that time of yours... i don't know if she'll give you the appropriate blog space... man... does that mean j is gonna fall off the 365 status?... don't do it to me... i'm not ready...lol

awwwww- love daddy luv

*going downstairs to sit and watch newleyweds with daddy while eating oreos*

Anonymous said...

If he just ignored you, then you should begin to worry.

I am glad you are leaving!! Will you still get to blog when away??

Rashan Jamal said...

Like how you worked that one out all on your own.

The image of you knocking women and children out of the way while singing is priceless. I know you didn't say singing, but in my image that's what you are doing.

Lol @ Toy.

p_nami said...

If your mom is even half as excited as mine was, you're going to be cheesin for the next two weeks!

Awww...your daddy sounds so cute:-)

SimplEnigma said...

LOL @ Outer Monologue. I know a hundred women who would kill to have that predicament.

Jazzy said...

I am poised to run over anyone in my way EVERYDAY at check out time (don't mess with me when I'm trying to leave work!)...not just because of a vacation, so I totally feel you there.

I don't know why...but I am so tickled at you saying "Yes Father". It sounds too proper. lol...luv your relationship with your Dad though.

cherry's kid said...

I get forced to talk to the parents too when I don't want to...Not like I'm mad I just don't have anything to say, I'm tired, I just got home, and I really just want some sorbet, a remote, and a pillow!!! I feel for you!!!

Don't get locked up for running over the women & children...enjoy your vacation...sounds like you need it!!!

Jameil said...

jaybee... i know i know. there is no comment moderation, word verification. there is a difference. yeah i'll be moving out in the next few months. he's retiring and leaving PA.

v... its fluid right now.

claud... lol. you feel me!! i will have so much fun i will collapse.

c... LMAO!! ig!! but sometimes i need him to fall back!

red... THAT IS NOT CUTE!! don't feel guilty for needing your space.

desy... i never watched seinfeld. yay mommy!! i'm still figuring out the blog 365 while at home thing. i'm over you b/c of the newlyweds. I HADN'T SEEN IT YET!!!!!!!!!!!!

epsi... my father could never ignore me. he doesn't have it in him. remember i'm one of his fave people on the planet. i'm glad i'm leaving too.


doll...my mom works slowly on her excitement. she's not excited until she actually sees me. yours was a surprise so she was more excited than mine will be to see me. we'll see. lol. d is special.

SE... i know. the grass is always greener and all that. i didn't say i wanted him gone sometimes i just need some space. that's not wrong.

diva! not daily!! hilarity!! i say father and mother when they're getting on my nerves... i wonder if they know that.

ck... WORD!! FINALLY!! SOME RESPECT!! lol. welcome! if i knock 'em over and run i should be able to get away. i work out, you know. lol.

Adei von K said...

oh your dad stories crack me up! and moreso cause I met him and sooooooo see him doing every.single.thing. you write!! LOLOLOL.

yeah, we should appreciate the good parents, however annoying or crazy (GG) they maybe :-)