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Rashan Jamal said...

okay, you sound mad tired, son! More than that, you sounded annoyed. what's the deal?

No big plans of hitting up the QC hotspots on a Sunday night?

Jazzy said...

I can't hear this! *insert pouty face*

I was going to say that I bet it was something entertaining and witty, but from RJ's response it sounds like that is not the case. Hopefully it's just RJ not knowing what he's talking about - tee hee!

Be back for an update!

Liz Dwyer said...

Okay, we're gonna tuck you into the bed and put the white noise fan on so you can get some shut-eye! Nighty-night, Miss Exhausted!

Desy said...

Rock of Love?...

*smh* look @ what reality has done to us...lol

u definately sound in need of an 8 hr nap... but i appreciate the blog dedication (as i slack...finals week next week...)

Anonymous said...

You sound a little rough there. Get some sleep!!!

Jazzy said...

Where U At!?

You must be REALLY having fun!

At least I hope so!

Jameil said...

rj... i was SO annoyed & muy tired-o & hit no spots on sunday.

diva... i'm sure it was neither!

liz... girl i was so heated. i'd actually just woken up and gotten in the car to go home.

desy... sleep is what's hot for the 08.

epsi... you sweet talker, you.

diva... i was doin it up!