There's something about sitting down in this house that brings out the worst in me. No noon bible study on first Tuesdays because they have communion before bible study 1st Tuesday nights. I assume that's because there are too many people in the congregation to get them out in a timely manner for 3 Sunday services. Yes y'all. We have 3 Sunday services. Ignorant. Too bad the last one is at 11:45 instead of 11. That would improve my life immensely but that's neither here or there and I really should retire that song and dance. It's quite old.

Last night was a hot mess. I was coughing for 3 hours. Like hacking cough don't-stop-til-you-get-enough-oh-it's-never-enough coughing. Where you can't fall asleep because you're gasping for breath coughing. What in the??? I'm looking around like erm-kay... why?? I thought we were past that. Apparently not. I don't know if the sweat factory that is the gym regurgitated some not quite dormant yet germs or what but I got 3 hours of sleep. And y'all know I don't do not sleeping. I need my 7. That's right I said 7. At least. So I've been guzzling water to try to quiet my raw throat. EBOLA GET BACK!!

Uhhh... also... why are some of y'all so angry? I need you to get back on the S.imilac. Get something soothing into your systems and calm it on down you big mad screaming crybabys! Lawd. I'm one of those people when everyone is getting all crazy I get super calm. It's actually kind of odd since I'm allegedly a hyper person. When things are going crazy, though? Grace under fire. It comes in handy at work when things get nutty in the control room. It's a good feeling to be in charge and know what you're doing. My coworkers were cracking up because someone was yelling and I replied in monotone, "Can you please stop yelling? Because that's not helping anything." It doesn't. Go sit down somewhere.

8 days to Charlotte. I have some workout body aches. Ahhhh. How I missed thee workout body aches! Kiss kiss aches! I can't wait to go home with my fabulously fit body. I need something short. I only get to see my summer wardrobe for about 2 months because spring and fall are just extensions of winter and therefore too cold to wear shorts or tank tops. That means I get to rediscover my wardrobe every year. That's the only fun part about winter here. I'm so over you winter. So so over you.


Jazzy said...

You need some serious cough medicine...like yesterday. The last thing you want is to go home sick! Think about getting something stronger than water girl.

I was supposed to be in Charlotte next week too...keywords: supposed to! We have these offsite meetings and at the last minute my boss decides to have it here in NY. How is it OFFSITE if it's here IN THE OFFICE!? lame

Sparkling Red said...

I also like to keep my head while all around me are losing theirs. I save up the stress. Then I have my nervous breakdown in the privacy of my own home.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

hubby coughs like a mad person...i hate it...i just point to another room when the crazed cough sets in. there's no quieting it, unless we have codeine

Edirin said...

hehe, u need a cough medicine for them coughs, i hate cough, when I get em, its really bad.

i miss my workout aches, I wish I would stop lazing around and get to the bloody gym, I’ve even forgotten what it looks like

Momisodes said...

Ack! So sorry about the cough. I can't get the broken rib thing out of my head every since you mentioned it.

You are so right! I need to start accepting that spring and fall are just extensions of winter. I'm in total denial and my closet is full of sleeveless shirt and skirts. No wonder I never have anything to wear.

Southerner in Suomi said...

LMAO@ "get back on the similac"

Liz Dwyer said...

The gym is a cess pool of germs!!! Too soon to go back maybe?

Okay, get a couple of garlic cloves, chop 'em up and sprinkle on a piece of toast. Eat the toast.

After that, put one cup of apple cider vinegar in a pot of water. Boil it and inhale the vapor.

Rashan Jamal said...

Consumption. I told you its consumption. Fix that.

I love doing the monotone thing when people get excited, except mine is more apathetic. People get mad when I don't get excited with them.

LOL @ kiss kiss aches.

San said...

I am so over winter too, but here in the high desert we usually get our last snow in April. Right now the weather's teasing us with mildness.

Sorry about your cough. Around here everybody's getting all stuffed up with juniper pollen.

Why did you have to remind me I need to be working out?

Desy said...

ooooh i hate that cough... my dad usually makes me this horrible tasting tea that knocks that shit right out... i gotta ask him about it...

i've only noticed some anger out there, but i've been kinda bookin it hard these last few days since the semester is gonna be over in under a month... crunch time...

feel better soon :-)

dejanae said...

hacking coughs
not a good luck
get on that.lol

i see u talkin bout getting ur gladiator on
good stuff

1969 said...

You need some Buckleys. Google it.

Feel better so you can be extra cute when you arrive in Charlotte.

Jazzy said...

@ 1969...making a face @ even seeing the word "Buckleys". THAT will definitely knock the cold out of her...but the taste...*gagging*!

Jameil said...

diva... if i'm sick when i get home my mommy can take care of me! too bad you're not gonna be there!! boooooooo!!

red... no nervous breakdowns at all!!

pcd... so caring! LMAO!!

f&f... welcome! i don't do medicines too hard. they irritate me. workout aches are lovely!! you have to get back!

sandy... and i cant get the BP thing out of my head!! lolol. girl let it go or you'll freeze!! summer is one month long!

v... that's what they need to do! people are so disgruntled! that makes the milk spoiled!

liz... maybe the gym fortified the ebola. your remedies sound scary! if i'm coughing when i get back from the club i'm doing the garlic toast!

rj... YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE BRINGING ME OJ!! you could've walked by now! i don't know if people get mad at work but elsewhere in life, yes. sometimes i do it to make people mad which is hilarious. lol. esp. my sister. i really know how to get her going.

san... april snow sucks!! i forget about pollen living up here since its almost non-existent where at home its ever present. i'll get a good reminder next week! working out is fun! i talk about the gym incessantly! and food, clothes and tv. that's my blog in a nutshell!

desy... it probably has ginger in it. the anger is ridiculous. people need to get that together.

dej... hacking coughs are what's hot for the 08 girl! working out is so necessary!

1969... i just need sequins and i'll be great!

you & diva... i looked up buckleys... their SLOGAN is "It tastes awful. And it works." that is hilarity. & they have "this is so nasty" quote contests! hilarious! love it. i want to try it b/c the marketing is so honest!