Friday Night Lights

Yesterday was an adventure to say the least. I've always been very time-oriented. Working in news has made me worse. If someone has something they want to do before the show, they can't say wait five more minutes at 4:58:56. We're on at 4:59:00. You don't have 5 more seconds. And we're up. That's it. There's no waiting. We're on. Figure it out. It has absolutely transferred to my life. That means particularly when I'm home that when people-- i.e. my mom & sister-- don't want to play nicely, I get vexed.

Friday my mom asked me to set times for Saturday. I gave her a look like please don't do this to me. I know how I am. If I'm setting times I want to do it. At. that. time. She made me set times. I said 9 a.m. for walking, 11 to wash hair, 1:30 for the mall. We did not do the first 2 and got to the mall at 2:15. BUT they also tried to push the mall back to Sunday to get my cousin's shower gift. The shower is Sunday. No. I'm not waiting until the last minute. We got to the mall, got the gift, went to this fab burger joint called The C.oncrete where you create your own burger. I got an Angus burger with a fried egg, avocado, roasted garlic aioli, horseradish cheddar on an English muffin. It was FABULOUS!!! My sister got a burger with grilled onion & grilled pineapple on honey wheat. My mom got a turkey burger with sprouts, red onion & horseradish cheddar & dijon balsamic. We also got an order of sweet fries & regular fries for the table. Muy fabulouso... except we sat on the patio because I haven't dealt with allergies in so long I almost forgot I had them. I remembered by the end of lunch when I was sneezing almost non-stop!! Ack! I also got one of Stace's birthday gifts. Then when we walked around the mall for a while and I SAW NOTHING!! That was annoying, too. Then I started getting irritated all over again because I couldn't find anything. I was Miss Crankypants yesterday.

After the mall we went back to the house to get ready. My sister decides she needs to do her hair which involves her sitting under the dryer for more than an hour. So instead of meeting Tasha @ Friday.s at 8, we get there at 9:30!!!! Okay no. Because I'm sitting there just waiting. She better be glad I didn't drive and Meagan wasn't in town yet because she would've gotten left. Once she got done she was waiting for her friend we've known since forever (grew up together at church) to get there. I was getting heated!! We finally get to the restaurant to drink. I actually see this throwback crush. Like 1993 throwback crush! Wow!! This dude we went to church with. I loooove his family, too. His parents and sisters are fab. One of his sisters is so planning my wedding. She's fab. But yeah he's like why are you sitting in here and your sister's sitting on the patio? That ain't right. Y'all need to go back to the drawing board and start over. Don't do her like that. I was like uhhh... what?? Ok T.J. *insert amused face.* Better than the annoyed face. We have never had a conversation longer than 5 words despite the fact I crushed on him from 4th grade until maybe freshman year in COLLEGE!! Yeah... he went to A.&T tho. Yuck. Lol. He was 3 years older so I was def. getting straight ignored back then. I was glad I looked good last night though. Read 'em and weep baby! Lol.

The first two places we were supposed to go post-restaurant were not popping to make a short story out of a long one that makes me sound even more anal than I do now. So I call the dude who's having the party tomorrow night. Let's speed that one up, too. He told us about S.unset and put us on the list for tomorrow night. Score! We head there and there aren't many people there yet but the crowd was nice-- no white tees! Praise Jesus. I would've been WEAK if there were some... NO INDEED!! I can't not hang with Pookie, RayRay, 'nem. I need to be in the spot with the professionals. Charlotte is full of black professionals and that's who I want to be with. The dj was pretty good though I was not exactly feelin his J.igga set. I'm from the south. I want the Luda, Lil.John, W.ebbie, W.eezy, J.eezy and whoever else barely speaks English. I bought the first round of drinks, then Meagan gets there and buys me a drink. Tasha's friend wanted to buy me a drink but I turned her down at least twice... very unusual for me! I also saw this guy I was in the band w/in h.s. He wanted to buy me a drink but I turned him down too... mostly b/c one of the homies was GONE!! I knew I'd turned into the d.d. so I was definitely a 2 drinks for 4 hours girl. I didn't mind though. Especially because I had a good time with the music, hanging with the h.s. homie (who did end up buying me a beer) & laughing at the super drunk homie. I ended up holding her purse because she kept dumping all the contents on the ground. It was special... lolol.

Tasha was talking to this Ghan.ian dude (represent Stace! Lol) who was kind of hot... but about politics. Son. I love Rocky but I don't want to politic in that manner in the club. Stop it. Y'all so "deep." *eye roll and LMAO!!!!!* I also saw JuliusP.eppers there. Dude. Did I tell y'all I saw him every time I went out in Charlotte when I lived here for a year after graduation? I mean every time. Multiple times a week. It was insane. And every time I'm in town again who do I see? Dude. Maybe you should practice year round so the P.anthers can have a SHOT THIS YEAR!!!

Afterwards we went to I.HOP so someone could sober up. Lol. Plus side? I woke up w/o a hangover after a night of drinking for the first time... ever?? IDK. It's been so long I can barely remember. I may never drink vodka again though because I think it's the death of me. Maybe I'm allergic to vodka. Because no matter how little I drink of it, I feel ill the next day. Why did Tasha's friend try to tell me I was mixing too many kinds of liquor? I had a margarita @ the first spot, 2 hours later it was an amaretto sour. An hour after that it was a tan.queray & tonic. An hour 1/2 after that it was a beer. Uhhh... you do know you're essentially sober when you don't even have a drink an hour, don't you? Them's the rules.

Everything ended well but no more set itineraries for home. Only very loose ones i.e. go here, here and here but NO TIMES. I have to preserve my sanity since you won't!! I cut out the beer factory tour because I just didn't feel like fighting with people to get there on time. The tour starts at NOON!! I didn't even think about me & my mom going without Elaina (my sister) but we could've done that. I had marked it down and seared it in my head as something for the 3 of us and after yesterday I was just like uhhh... no. I think my mom was disappointed, though. Poor thing. Her feelings were hurt last year when I kept hanging with my friends. She felt left out. But she didn't take off so I would be around the house, then Meagan would come get me and we'd be gone until 3 in the morning. She had a sorority meeting this morning, though. She's off next week and my sister will be back at school so it'll be just like the old days!! We had 19 months of peace back in late '82, all of '83 and early '84 before the baby came. So we'll take it back to those days! Lol. Me and my mom have fun together. We both like to sleep and eat. It gets no better than that! Next week will be very chill. Monday I'm supposed to be going to dinner with my cousin so that should be fun. Then Wednesday I think me and my mom are gonna go to the Bob.cats season finale since tix are dirt cheap. YAY!! Good times had by all!!

I get to see Meagan's baby again today. I can't wait!! I only met him when I was home last year. He was 4 months and now he's 16 months!! Amazing!! He's like a grown man!! People's kids always shock me. Esp. since I've known Meagan & Tasha since we were 12. It's amazing seeing your friends grow up and procreate. Not that Tasha's procreating! She would be so not pleased to read that implication! Lol. My friends are fab! Yay!!! And my sister went to go get us some food. Wheeee! Alright folk, holla! (BTW still didnt' find the sequined dress I want but I'm gonna go with the trench for the outfit tonight and not worry about it. I'll have fun regardless and hopefully tonight I won't be DD! Then church Sunday. Wheeeeee!! I love going to my church because there are so many people there who've known me most of my life and get so excited to see me. Yay! I apologize for any confusion in this post. I don't feel like re-reading it. Lol. Holla folk!


Sparkling Red said...

If I send you money, will you airmail me one each of those three burgers you described? Please and thank you. I'll be drooling until they get here.

Chris said...

You would mention some bombay burgers as I'm starting to get back on track. You little hellcat you....glad you're having fun back home!

Jameil said...

i guess everyone's deserted me b/c i'm on vacay. thanks to the only ones who care!! lol

red... lol. love it. girl they were so good! and i got a turkey, avacado & bacon burger at ruby tuesday yesterday. super delish!

chris... my bad dog. you know how i feel about food! and fun is so necessary!

cherry's kid said...

We didn't abandon you!!! I read yesterday but didn't get a chance to comment...Those burgers sound interesting did you take picutres? Yay, you finally got the gift on time. Yes no times for next time .... I feel like you were yelling alot Crankypants!!! Have fun and ps. you did mix some liquor but I'm just saying. LOL!

p_nami said...

I'm so happy you're having a good time!!!!

Momisodes said...

I must say your burger sounded the best! Avocado,...mmmmmm :)

Wow, sobering up at I.HOP? That brings back so many memories ;)

Open Grove Claudia said...

Ew bossy crush boy... That wouldn't work for me at all!

Sounds like you are having a great trip - eating, arguing, shopping and drinking. Perfect trip home.

Jazzy said...

lol@"i guess everyone's deserted me b/c i'm on vacay. thanks to the only ones who care!! lol" You are such a drama queen...hellooooo some of us were sick.

I'm like you when it comes to schedules. If someone gives me a time, then we need to be ON TIME. Otherwise, I tend to catch a tude!lol

Sounds like you are having a blast! Carry on!

Rashan Jamal said...

I for one did desert you, Miss Crankypants. LOL

You got more crushes than a little bit, dontcha?

I need you to go party with Julius Peppers both times Carolina plays the Falcons this year, although as sorry as they were last year, it probably wont make a huge difference.

Keep on with fun times. Happy for you.

La said...

I cannot stand being on anyone else's schedule but my own... although I wouldn't mind it so much if they're schedule was some kinda right. Goodness.

And I am now having a burger for dinner, lol

Anonymous said...

I think Julius Peppers is so fine.

Adei von K said...

i love this post! so stream of consciousness!

and boooooo on not doing what you're supposed to when you say you will...

Toni "Turtle Dove" Phoenix said...

Yes... I LOVE burgers.

I know how u feel about the time. I don't like to be rushed. Pressed is not cool. So I like to get it out the way. Though...I will rush others... with the quickness.

Jameil said...

cherry... no pics but they were delish! well mine was! no yelling but lots of nagging. i mix liquor... b/c i'm a professional.

doll.. merci!

sandy... of COURSE my burger was the best!! lol. you know i'm obsessed w/gourmet burgers. sobering at ihop is so nostaligic right?? lol.

claud.. lmao @ your idea of perfect trip home. too funny. former crush was getting ignored! silly man. he made me laugh.

diva... who posted while sick for 2 weeks? suck that up. BE ON TIME!! Is that so hard?? Lawd. lol.

rj... i knew you deserted me and that's why i traded you in for a younger, less weird model. my new blogger is soooo fabulous. the falcons suck.

la... everyone should be on my sked. it would make theirs right. burgers... mmmm...

everything... i'm gonna vomit.

stace... word.

toni... burgers are fab. TIME is so important!!