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I did interval training on the bike for 30 minutes while watching V.enus & S.erena go head to head in Wimble.don & I was really proud of myself! 6.77 miles. That's 2xs the amount I'll need for the 5k... now if I could just get to running. Me and CC actually used to run in college. She was always way faster than me but I didn't care. I'm no track star and I'm okay with that.

I need to make sure I stretch my hamstrings better. They are not recovering well and yelling at me.

I'm really excited about my upcoming trip! Yay!!! Peace Pittsburgh!

I need to go to the DR.

*singing to the tune of "I'm A Wheel Watcher"* "I'm a short-timer! IIIIIIII'm a short-timer!" I can't even tell you how beatific I get when people are going off about how something sucks at work and I transport myself to another place. I either think about the fact that I'm leaving and won't have to deal with these issues OR I start daydreaming. Apparently I even have a daydreaming giggle which alerts people to the fact that I'm not paying attention. Hahahaha! I never even knew this until this weekend! Hilarious!! One person at work caught me smiling into the distance as she was going off (she wasn't speaking to me, I was just in the room) and she said, "Look at Jameil. She doesn't care, she's about to leave." YEP!!!

Some girl asked me to be her friend on face.book. Her profile says she's my coworker (FOR 17 MORE DAYS!!) but I don't recognize her name and have never met her. Why exactly do you want to be my "friend"? No point. Next! ... And how did you even find me??? I don't have anything about my job on there. That's borderline stalker right there.

Did I mention I'm excited? I'M EXCITED!!!


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

should have been on the tennis courts
yep i played in college

Sparkling Red said...

A daydreaming giggle! You're too cute. ;-)

Ticia said...

hahaha - at the co-worker - scary!!

Rashan Jamal said...

6.77 miles - impressive.

LOL @ the daydreaming giggle...Can you utter that please?

Why you need to go to the DR.? You sick or something?

That's not stalking,she just wanted to be your friend. You know if you wanna here about internet stalking, I got stories for you.

Vdizzle said...

You DR as in Dominican Republic?

Watch for the falling coconuts!

And I'm glad you are annoying those co-workers. It's actually their fault, they wanted to start with the comments

Desy said...

You know- if I didn't have those subtle hints of yours, I might not have caught the fact that you are excited....lmao *giggle*- you got a daydream giggle? wow... people definitely pay close attention to you... its like mothers knowing the differences between cries...

a well placed trip is ALWAYS great... and i'm sure this one will not disappoint

SimplEnigma said...

It's been a while. Waited with baited breath to hear your big announcement, then missed it. LOL. Congrats!! I'm very happy for you.

I'm more into men's tennis. Happy that Federer got defeated...he reminded me too much of Tarantino. Plus Nadal and Djokovic are way cuter. LOL. I cannot WAIT for the U.S. open. I'll be there with bells on.

Whoo-hoo! on DR. That's great...going anywhere is great. :)

magnoliapeach said...

6.77 Miles, yeah I bet your hamstrings are talking, but do your thing girl. Epson Salt will work that out, you can get it for like a $1 at Walgreens. LOL, can you tell I have country roots?!

Oh, and yes your co-worker does sound stalkerish, unless of course you are friends with another co-worker and she saw it their page.

Sandy C. said...

Sorry to hear about your hamstrings.

Why do people do that on Facebook? I think that's why I broke up with it months ago. Too high maintenance and creepy sometimes.

dreamyj said...

so nice when you know you are moving on and can daydream while others complain! that daydreamin giggle is too much!

Los Angelista said...

One of my dad's colleagues just requested to be my Facebook friend. Totally creepy! And three cheers for the excitement! Time to bust out that old Pointer Sister's tune!

CNEL said...

LoL @ Daydreaming Giggle. I can so imagine you sitting there all euphoric.

Opinionated Diva said...

lmao @ I'm a short-timer!!!! You are a certifiable nut and a half!

Go to the doctor...stop playin miss never not thirsty!

jameil1922 said...

torr... idk how to play tennis.

red... hahahahaha. i never knew i had one! too funny!!

ticia... right?? ol stalker self.

rj... i know! i was impressed myself! lol. wait i meant thanks. i don't even know what it sounds like! lol. pretty sure there's something from the DR that can cure what ails me. we know abt you and your stalkers-- internet and otherwise!!

v... i SO wanna go there! I hear it's gorgeous!! falling coconuts?? bizarre! i actually don't think i'm annoying them. if i am i'm oblivious to it.

desy... lol. shhh! don't tell anyone i'm excited! not the difference b/t cries! too funny. this trip will be great!

se... see! and you were throwing hissy fits! lol. my dad loves nadal. that's his fave mens player. the DR is still gonna be a wait right now.

mp... they are! you sound like my mom talking about epsom!! i don't care! you don't know me! stay in your corner!!

sandy... idk why they do that! weirdos!!

dreamy... girl that daydreaming is HOT! lol. the giggle? i can't even call it! but it's funny!

liz... ewwww! get thee behind me old man!! geez! yaaaaay excitement! what celebrate good times? i'm SO down for that! lol. i've been singing it!

cnel... hahaha. perfect description!!

diva... i am! and lovin it! i do have to go to the dr. i'll find one tomorrow. a girl is SLEEPY right now!

Adei von K said...

OMG, how cute is that daydream giggle?!?!?! LOLOLOL I LOVE IT!!!

look at you, all smiling in your sleep...! lolol that is so cute!!

jameil1922 said...

adei... lol. i do too now that i know i do it! too funny. i bet i smile in my sleep, too. lol. i def. go to bed w/a smile and wake up w/one, too.