I'm bored without my standing Saturday night entertainment!! And yet I have a million things to do! You know how it is when you have so many things to do you don't even know where to start? "Hellooo Jameil's life." "Hey, how you doin?" I'm having to answer that foolish question, "So who's gonna work for you when you're not here." Don't care. I won't be here. Honestly if that's not the dumbest question in the world I don't know what is. Do you think people sit me down and say, "So who do you think should work your shift when you're not here?" Is it time to go yet? Someone tell me. I know I'm being a pain but this is me, this is me not caring. This is me not caring right now. This is me not caring yesterday. This is me not caring today. This is me not caring tomorrow. This is me not caring in 25 days (not that I'm counting). I do like it when they call me "short-timer." I answer that like it's my name and with a smile!

One day soon I'll tell the story of the process because I think some people could use it. Nothing worth having comes easily. As trite as that shibboleth (shouts to Mau! Lol.) sometimes is, it's so true. Everything I've gone through, am going through and will go through comes at a price and for a reason. It's all to make me stronger and to help me further appreciate what God's brought me through when it's done. "I got the h.ook up, holl.a if you hear me!" I know you know that song. Pretty sure I crack G(od) up with my hood song references to him. Lol.

*Shouts to the NYT for giving me my bucket list for the city: places to hit before I blow this pierogi stand!! Ow!


Sparkling Red said...

Good luck with your to-do list. Today, I am very happy to be busy only with things I want to do but don't have to do. That's the best kind of busy.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

another reason to work for ones self

Mau said...

The attack of the eternal to-do list.


or, my favorite: Pro-cras-ti-nate!

Desy said...

procrastination is the student way... an now that you are a student... get yused to the infinite to do without ever really gettign anything done

Desy said...

all those spelling errors....lol...


Vdizzle said...

Who are these LOSERS you work with !?!?

Rashan Jamal said...

I already know this is extra, but hey, that's what I do. LOL This is you not caring...

I do not care on a boat.
I do not, do not, with a goat.
I do not care in the rain.
I do not care on a train.
Not in the dark! Not in a tree! Not in a car! You let me be!
I do not care in a box.
I do not care with a fox.
I do not care in a house.
I do not care with a mouse.
I do not care here or there.
I do not care ANYWHERE!
I do not care about this place, no ma'am.
I do not care Jam-I-Am.

spchrist said...

The second you give your 2 weeks notice...that should be the automatic signal that you don't care any more...unless you state otherwise in follow up comments.

Open Grove Claudia said...

Hurray for short-term-itis! I don't really understand your boss - or soon to be ex-boss. I mean how do people like that get to be so successful? He goes from being completely needy to being completely demeaning at the drop of a hat. Sheez!

I'm glad you're almost done!

jameil1922 said...

Red... thanks! i want to be that kind of busy! a few short days, man. a few short days!!

torr... right?

mau... i know! those lists i tell ya. i'm prioritizing thanks but there's SO much to do it's gonna keep piling up.

desy... i remember being a student. it's not that far in the past! lol. i'm looking to turn over a new leaf right now.

rj... you're too much!!! but you know i'm SO feelin jam-i-am!!! hahahaha!!!!!

sp... but it obviously isn't and idk why!!!

claud... it's not him. it's the people i work with daily. they get the stone face. i'm glad it's almost over, too.

Adei von K said...

yeah, G(od) and JC are rolling right now.

loooooove the whole "not caring" bit!!!

do you care?
how bout now?
still no
annnnnnnnnd NOW!
nope. notta care here.

jameil1922 said...

adei... they are fab! and i knew you would! too funny!! nope! i checked! nann nunna care!