I'm A Genius

I have my Thursday 13 posts composed for the next 2 weeks already thanks to sitting in traffic for days and days and days. I gave y'all an extra day to watch the many repeats of Project Runway & Run's House. I hope you got it in!!!


I was DEAD when the baby threw up in Diggy's mouth! 3rd grade humor or not, I was on the FLOOR!!! Hahahahahahahahaha. I didn't give anything away because that's in the commercials now. They even did a cartoon which I'm sure he HATES! How much would it suck to be on a reality tv show and have something like that happen?!? You'd have to see and hear about it a million times! Sucktastic.

As for PR, I'll keep the spoiler details to a minimum but let's say this: garbage bags and kitchen gloves. I can't. The guy who went home most certainly should have. You will never make an outfit fit for murdering, (you'd have to kill someone in it to get some color from the blood splatter) and attempt to call it fashion MOMENTS after you lambasted other people's choices of material... which likely not coincidentally turned out WAY better than yours. Good riddance. Oh and there are THREE black people on this year!! THREE!! AHHHHHH!! I was flippin out! Lol. And the one chick's yellow kimono-inspired dress? Loved. I would link but I'm feeling super lazy right now. Know why? Because I should be sleeping. After today I have ONE MORE FRIDAY OF WORK!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!! I can't take it!! To quote Diva, "I ain't able!!!" Lololol.


Adei von K said...

as ugly as that outfit already was, the kitchen gloves put it over the top (if that was possible)

glad u posted, go to sleep!

Rashan Jamal said...

Runs House came on so many times in the last 2 days, that i was pretty much able to recite it.. except for the oldest son who I never understand what he is saying. I mean, I'm from NY too, but what's up with that accent?

What's wrong with a murder outfit? Murderers need fashion too!!!

Vdizzle said...

I have not seen either of these episodes but I've watched enough of Run's House to come to the conclusion, that the oldest son is either retarded or trying to hard cause he knows he's just another rich kid.


the joy said...

Dang why are yall riding on jojo? He's trying to rise above that name, lol, he doesn't have time for grammar.

Yo on top of looking like murder couture, he also made it look like maternity murder wear. That yellow situation was hot tho. Take the fruit off and we got sumn. I also liked the one that won, with the acception that I would have done the top half in pushpins, like a bodice, rather than coffee filters that made her boobs look comical.

Opinionated Diva said...

lmao @ Joy's "maternity murder wear"!!!

The outfit was just downright CREEPY!! That challenge was something they've done in the past episodes...I don't understand why most of them hadn't already planned for that!

LOL @ THREE black people...cause I was excited about the same thing and all seem to really know their stuff! At first I didn't like the gold kimono...but when I saw it on the model coming down the runway...hot!

One more Friday??? WORD??? So excited for ya girl!

Yaaaaaaaaaaay...one more person to utter that crazy phrase! lol

Ok...one more blog and I'm out into the Saturday sunshine!

Sparkling Red said...

I forsee another series of posts where I all I have to say in reply is "I didn't see it! I don't get it!" Unless I manage to find those shows in Canada. Admittedly I am not devoting much effort to the task.

jameil1922 said...

adei... the kitchen gloves!! messy! ok post and sleep police!! lol.

rj... run's house is hot. it's still on every 3 hrs or so. love jojo and all the rest of the brood. he's so understandable mr. ny. dead @ murderers need fashion, too. hilarity!

v... there's nothing wrong w/jojo! stop being mean! you and rj.

joy... they're too much, right?? dead @ no time for grammar! you're a mess. not maternity murder couture!! lol. i was thinkig i should SO be live blogging this!!! the yellow dress was HOT! the hook and eye out of notebook paper up the back? KILLER!!!

diva... it was a MESS!! i didn't get that either! i was like how do y'all know to NOT do conventional???? so bizarre. that's why the one girl won. INNOVATE!! the 3 black folk is AMAZING!! i knew the kimono was hot on first sight. i was so ready!! one more friday!!!!!!! ahhhhhh!!

red... oh it's SO coming. i want you to have PR in canada!! *pouting*

Zackory Kirk said...

I am finally home, so finally, I can get caught up with television...

1969 said...

WE are back on!!!! PR was so much fun. I loved the styling of the yellow kimono dress. And the hard work making the plastic cup dress??? Fabulous.

yet another black guy said...

Mouth to mouth vomit?! I think I may have to now... Ewww

jameil1922 said...

1969... YEAH!!! the kimono dress was fierce! and the plastic dress AND the hook and eye out of a spiral notebook? INGENIOUS!! i loved it!

black... it was so gross! lol.