Put It On!!

Apparently there's an 80-year-old stripper.
No ma'am. And no mas. And you there! You reading the blog!


She says, "I have fun when I'm onstage, and the audience loves it. Nobody ever said it's time to give it up. Why stop?"

Then honey let me be the first. STOP!!!!!!!!! And GIVE IT UP!!!! I think even the self-proclaimed kang of the skrip club (yes, those words are all intentionally spelled that way) would tell her it's time to pry her pruned, age-spotted fingers from the pole. Enough! Lol. He will not be happy I called him the self-proclaimed kang. Hahahaha. He doesn't call himself that but I DO!! Hahahahahahahaha. Kang! Boss!

Speaking of notable quotations, you know Shani-O did the big chop, right? Too cute! One post talked about the notion of "good hair" and I just want you to all know my hair does indeed save the world. So do my sexy, sexy forearms (check the 2nd side note). I know I haven't given them much play of late but to answer the question that's been burning a hole in your head, yes, they are still sexy. No pictures, please.

My life is moving along and I'm really excited!!!!!! There's so much to look forward to!! I don't know what the least of these things are but I know one thing, I have just 11 MORE DAYS OF WORK!! Ow!! Oh and my dad vacuumed out my car yesterday. Thanks D! He was being nice to me yesterday. Either it's a fluke or he's realizing he's going to miss me. Yeah, you're right. Probably just a fluke. Lol.


Rashan Jamal said...

No, I'm gonna have to pass on the 80 year old stripper.. By the way..its spelled KAING - got to add the I and make it all caps! Something like this:

KAING RAH-SOME!!! of Stripclubia

Hurray for countdowns.. 11 days is awesome!!!

Sandy C. said...

80 yr old stripper?

For the love of all things that still have vision...STOP! *gags*

Um, your dad is going to miss you dearly :(

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

thank god there is no video of that lol

SimplEnigma said...

I didn't click on the links. Sorry ignorance is bliss. I've opted for blissful, thank you.80 year old strippers and 34 year old male secretaries...what next? LOL.

11 days? Yay, you!

Keep those arms toned. You may have to go to Florida and strong arm someone. LOL.

Opinionated Diva said...

Yeah...I didn't click on the links either. As nosey as I am...there are some things...I don't need to see or know about.

An 80 year old stripper...well that's one of those things I can go my whole life not knowing about!

omg @ pruned, age-spotted fingers from the pool...absolutely gross!

Luv the look on Shani!

Chris said...

your countdown is moving faster than Karrine Steffans on a Jay-Z video shoot. Before you know it, you'll be Gainsville Jameil! EARLY! In other news, whatever appetite I had for dinner was ruined by the story about Grandma Moses on the pole. Thanks a lot, youngin.

jameil1922 said...

all: there was nary a pic up there for some reason. def. didn't want to see her in axn but not even a head shot... wait... we're talking about strippers. i meant that in the clean way!!! HER FACE!! ack! moving on...

rj... whatever hood man. countdowns are fab!

sandy... I KNOW!! as for d... i suppose he will.

torr... i know. ugh.

se... dead @ strippers & secs. 11!! wheee!! hope i won't have to strong arm anyone! lol. but i will be prepared! judo chop etc.!

diva... i could've gone my entire life w/o knowing that, too. doesn't shani look mahvelous? :)

chris... i know right?!? you so wrong. omg gainesville i'm not ready but i so am!! lol. i can't w/her on the pole. it's too much!! GET OFF!! PLEASE!!! lol. did you just call me young? i think we're ALL too young to see that. i'll gladly stay out of grown folks biz if that's what it is.

La said...

**leaving my vomit on the floor cuz I am too sick to clean it up**

No ma'am, lol

X Factor said...

Hmm... an 80 year old stripper. Well... I guess if she's still working, then someone is keeping those G-strings packed tight, so... if she likes, I LOVE IT!! She's probably more fabulous at 80 than I am at 30; get it Granny!

Vdizzle said...

*double gag* *dry heave*

jameil1922 said...


x... looks like you're alone on that but the dj can change those bills for you! and i'ma vomit @ "keeping those G-strings packed tight."

v... ALL THAT!!