Is That Information???????

UF sent me some stuff!!! YAY!!!!!!! I got information about orientation so I can rest easy that they know I'm coming. Oh yeah!

Would you like to know the things I've accomplished so far??

Those giant stacks of shoes to your left represent all but one pair of Nine West shoes I've bought in the 3 years I've been in Pittsburgh. ALL BUT ONE!! And I've bought shoes other than Nine West. Can you say obsession? Can you? Can your mouth form those words? Insanity.

This picture of me is me STANDING next to the giant tower of power. Yes, it's more than 5 feet tall... wow... So I've thrown out most of those boxes since they don't have shoes in them half of the year. Now how do I store the out of season shoes? In those clear under-the-bed boxes? I know I could look it up on the net but why do that when my bloggers can just tell me?

I've found the 5k I want to run. Did I tell you I was running a 5k? I was inspired by 1969, who ran her first this year, and Liz who's training for a MARATHON!! A marathon!! Amazing! I have no desire to ever do that. 26 miles? I'll pass. Everyone who knows me is amazed I'm running a 5k. I've never been athletic outside of dancing and I don't run... not even when being chased. A 5k is 3.1 miles. I'm running one on October 19th in Gainesville so if you want to come cheer me on, I'd love it!

Ser.ena Williams has an interval training workout and mix on iTunes that I totally want to buy. Interval training is how you build up your power. Apparently one track is 30 minutes of her telling you when to run faster. THAT'S WHAT I WANT!! And I will thank her in my acceptance speech when I finish in the top half of the pack! For the record, I may be fit but I am NOT a runner, so this will indeed be a challenge. I had to stop my first attempt at interval training on Wednesday very close to the beginning because my heart was trying to crawl out of my throat and my calf was cramping. It sucked. But I'm not giving up!

I have my immunization form and just need to make the doctor's appointment now even though I think all I may need to get is the information from Hampton. I don't know. I'll just call a doctor when I pick one so they can tell me what I need to do. I also went to the dentist and made another doctor's appointment. Going to that one next week. I also have to get my car checked out as I have three big trips coming up-- including my moves to Florida.

I've cancelled the automatic withdrawal for the cable and need to do that for my car as well. I actually just thought of that right now. When I get to Florida I will have to decide whether I want to stay with my current bank or switch to the one that's on campus. Both have locations in Gainesville but the latter has 15+ compared to one. Yeah... I'll likely switch after I get my last direct deposit from the job. THE JOB!! Only 3 more Fridays!! 3 MORE!! Did I ever tell you how much I can't stand Fridays. Oh yeah I did. Yeah... It's almost over kids! Al.most. over!!! I know what you're saying to yourself, "Self, does Jameil HATE Pittsburgh and her job?" No, self. Jameil is retsta go. Excuse me. Let me put on my professional voice. "Jameil is ready to vacate the premises." I've been here 3 years as of July 8th and that was absolutely my limit. August 3rd I'm rolling out like Luda.

I've also joined the Black G.rad Students Organization, the UF S.GRhos (my sorority) and D.ocumentary Institute (my program) groups on f.acebook. That's why I joined. To further my cyberstalking. For networking purposes. I met a girl who's in the program, too and gave me some pointers on the roommate search and choosing a thesis partner. Cool!

My dad and I went to see H.ancock Wednesday for Daddy-Daughter day. The one about the drunk screw up superhero. The action parts were good, and hilarious at the beginning. The love story was weird to me and the plot had some big holes which you know as a journalist and filmmaker (lol) irritates me. You need to properly advance a story. Get it together, please.

Okay this is devolving especially because my dad and I are watching W.imbledon. Let me go before I just start telling you about all my sports bfs like tennis' James B.lake... drool.


inkognegro said...

Men's Tennis...yawn.

Yo, That is a LOTTA effin shoes.

I, too, am starting September in my quest to finish a marathon...

You may wanna check out the nike+ technology...your shoes tell your ipod how fast you ran, and stuff like that.

Iono if they have nine west+ technology.

I am off to see Mr. Independence Day today.

DollFace said...

So, how many pairs of shoes do you actually own?

I can't believe you are done in 3 Fridays! Time is moving swiftly! You will be in Florida in the blink of an eye. I'm so happy for you!

Sparkling Red said...

I'm amazed by your shoe tower! I only wish I had space to store that many pairs. Living in a teeny tiny condo with only two closets (and I have to share!) does not enable my shoe addiction.

Desy said...

oooooo- the shoes... you make me feel like an amateur with all those nine wests...my goodness lady

yeh- finally, uf is getting it together... i guess they got the slow and steady philosophy

Can't wait to see Hancock- Big Willie Style knocks me over constantly

Have you found a place here yet?

jameil1922 said...

Inkog... when i stacked the shoes up i was like... wow... no marathon i said!! i heard abt the nike. i'm not trying to invest quite that much in my shoes. they SO need nine west tech!

doll... umm... a lot? but not as many as la says she owns. i know! it's coming so fast and so slow at the same time!!

red...i'm amazed too! tell ken he doesn't really need clothes b/c you need the shoe space! lol.

desy... well i've been working for 3 years and i went a bit crazy when i first started working. slow and steady wins the race or so i hear. nope, didn't find a place.

Rashan Jamal said...

Get thee to a shoe rehab post haste!

Never been interested in Hancock. Actually i think its most Will Smith movies I'm not interested in.

I want Venus to win. She needs it more than Serena as Serena has more going for her. LOL

Open Grove Claudia said...

Hurray for interval training! I love it - it's so not boring and works. I do Jillian Michael's but I bet she would get on your last nerve. I am excited for your 5K - which one are you doing? Congratulations for deciding to do something for yourself.

Got to love the shoes! You'll be all set for when you're a poor student. Then watch out Manolo and Christian!

1969 said...

James Blake....nice!

You are running a 5K? First Fresh and now Jameil? I am so excited.

I started running again over the weekend. I hate it but once I am done, I feel awesome. I am sooo proud of you!

Oh and I saw your Rosa Cha pics on Facebook....your bod is sick. Heffa. LOL

dreamyj said...

yay for moving and planning and getting everything together! so happy for you once again! can't wait to visit!

that shoe pile is crazy girl, what is your plan for transporting all that business?!

Adei von K said...

that box tower...

that box tower in inSANE!!!

OMG, Jameil!!!

jameil1922 said...

rj... i know, right?? but they're so cute! movies are fun! and i like will smith. he makes me laugh. venus won now are you happy?? serena is so cute!

claud... i hear it works! her body is killer! she's from the biggest loser right? liz is doing her stuff and it made me want to get it! i'm doing one in gainesville. shoes are fab!! oh woe is me! poor student! (ooh pun!) lol.

adei... i know!!!!!