Thursday 13: Oh Addictions

The most fun about Thursday 13 is reading Sandy's first and getting some ideas! Lol. This one from several weeks ago is right up my alley seeing as I currently watch an inordinate amount of television! It's a casualty of the current job in television... 20 more days of work!!! Let's just start with non-tv things I'm addicted to, then move on to tv... and then maybe go back... It'll be great and you'll love it.

1) Countdowns!!!!!! FYI I'm counting everything that's not nailed down. Don't put your face next to me because I'll count that, too. Number of days left in Pittsburgh (30), days until I'm done with work (27), days of actual work not including my faux weekends (20), weekends of work (4). Yesssssssssssssss!!

2) The phone. I can't seem to stay off of it anymore.

3) Cancelling stuff. As I get ready to go to Florida, there are things I will no longer have to pay for. Cancelling them makes me excited. I can feel money seeping my way and boy does it feel good. (UF update coming tomorrow.)

4) Making lists. It gives me a serious sense of accomplishment to make this giant list, then whittle away at it. The fewer things I transfer to another day, the more amazing I prove I am. Lol.

5) S.amantha Who. It's about a girl with amnesia who doesn't remember anything about herself except some things come back in flashes. She was a bad person but now she's a good one. I watch it online on abc.com since (for 20 more days!!) I have a schedule that doesn't allow me to watch shows when they air.

6) Proj.ect Runway!!!!!!!!! JULY 16TH PEOPLE!! WATCH OUT!

7) M.onk. He cracks me up with his OCD! Hahahaha. I know that sounds odd but he's a detective who notices everything and it's very cool.

8) Ps.ych. Also on USA. Ever seen it? This guy just notices the strangest details and it allows him to pretend he's a psychic and freak people out. It's hilarious. For some reason I don't really like watching this show online. That starts again July 18th!! Yeah!!!

9) G.rey's Anatomy!!!! Was there ever any doubt?? This show is FAB!!

10) The S.uze O.rman Show. I like to learn about money and see the crazy things people with $50k in debt and $500 in savings like to ask if they can afford. "Can I afford a $2000 trip?" FOOL! Have you never seen this show?? How did you get this number? Is this a prank.

11) Deal or No Dea.l. I only watch this because there's nothing else on Saturday night and it comes on right before my girl's show (number 10) on CNBC.

12) Pictures. I love pictures! I love taking them and I love receiving them from my friends and fam. Yes, I did 2 days of Gator pictorials... what? Lol. Look at those muscles! The kid can break bricks with those things! Lol.

13) Cyberstalking... what? At least I admit it. I'm finding people from UF so that counts as research, right? Cool. Thanks for your tacit approval.
Random thought: I want some spaghetti. I tell people all the time at work what food I am feeling at that moment. Even though it's 1-10 in the morning, what I want ranges from pizza to a hamburger to guacamole to donuts to bacon and eggs. I know, I know! It's crazy! I actually always have been able to eat just about anything...
But 20 more days... AHHHHHH!! I can't believe it!!! If you think this post is bad with the countdown, you should see me at work. I do the countdown to the minute every day at 8:13. I don't know why I'm always talking to the meteorologists at that time M-W but I pretty much do the countdown all day long to the minute and sometimes to the second on the weekends. Lol.


Adei von K said...

are u on the floor in that picture???

you and your countdowns. funny.

my mom loves suze orz. too! her book (yfb) is great!

Open Grove Claudia said...

What a great photo! You have such a lovely smile - and a face that should only smile. I'm so excited for your move. I read in google reader but haven't been to cheer you on!

The most ironic thing about your list is that I don't have a TV and I've seen all but Grey's Anatomy. HA - Hello internet!

Happy TT

Sparkling Red said...

I can appreciate a good countdown. In school when I was bored, I used to turn my digital watch to the seconds mode and watch time tick away. It reassured me that the boring stuff would eventually be over.

She Became a Butterfly said...

what a fun tt!

check mine out!

Sandy C. said...

ROFL!!! I love that you come check my T-13 first :)

My mom is such a fan of Suze. I like her, but man...the screaming! Get a grip woman :(

Your guns? So jealous. I aspire for mine to look like yours ;) You would be so proud that I actually worked out today :)

jameil1922 said...

adei... yep! i LOVE countdowns! you can go ahead and slide that book my way!

claud... thanks! i'm excited, too!! i don't mind you cheering from afar if you check in every once in a while! i watch grey's online sometimes, too! yeah interweb!! lol.

red... dead @ the seconds! it will be over eventually! we have clocks that count seconds at work. i'm SO doing that tomorrow!!

sbab... thanks!

jameil1922 said...

sandy... you slid in... the screaming cracks me up! haahahahaha. i SO check yours first! yay for working out! that's fab! you'll get the guns, too!

Rashan Jamal said...

Countdowns, lists, shows about OCD. You got control issues? LOL

I like Samantha, but I keep forgetting to catch up on it. I'll pass on the USA shows. They just seem a little odd to me.

I love picture pages too. In fact, I just did one for Thursday Thirteen.. check out my page. Who do I sound like with the blogvertisement? LOL!!!

See you later, cyber stalker!

So...Wise...Sista said...

OMG Psych...that's with delicious Dule Hill? I need him. To live.

Let the countdown begin!! Wooo. Awww I'm gonna miss Pittsburgh! lol

Los Angelista said...

My parents don't get Bravo on their cable. I'm going to be DYING till I get home to LA and can catch the reruns. And yay for only 20 days!!!

Anonymous said...

Grey's Anatomy - BOOOOOOO!!! GARBAGE!!! House is where it is at!! lol

Vdizzle said...

Did you make a list of what you are packing to ship and what will be stuffed into your car for the drive to Flo-rida!!

You should also watch "The First 48" on A&E. I love that show.

jameil1922 said...

rj... i like to be in control, yes. issues? probably not. stop hatin. samantha is funny! i think i'm gonna watch some today. you know i want to talk like jennifer esposito. she cracks me up. the usa shows are odd... you like odd so you'd probably like them mr. anglophile. don't get me started on your blogvert and picture pages! wow vain! and hello pot. you are the king of cyberstalking.

wise... he's pretty cute. lol @ missing pgh. a pittsburgher told me he came to love pittsburgh via my blog. so funny!

liz... oh no!! no runway!?! what about your sister?!? lol. i would SO arrange that. i'm gonna have to do that when I'm in Charlotte. 20 days of work!!!

epsi... i like house, too but i love grey's.

v... i'm not shipping anything. i don't have an address in florida. how am i gonna ship stuff? my dad will bring stuff to my mom's house in charlotte or come visit me and bring stuff in waves. i'm marking out the stuff i'll need most immediately and what can stay in Pittsburgh until he leaves. i'm straight on shows about actual murders except what my coworkers call "that crazy lady show" aka snapped. lol.