Daddy Daughter

After last night, we have one more left in Pittsburgh. Isn't that crazy!? Last night we went to McCormick & Schmick's. I had a delicious Bellini (peach puree and sparkling wine) to drink. For an appetizer we had black mussels simmered in a white wine, garlic and tomato sauce. I don't think I'd ever had mussels before but I liked them. I knew from watching Rachael Ray (she rocks!!) you shouldn't eat mussels that haven't opened after they're cooked. There was one on our plate and I told my dad not to eat it. He didn't like that. Lol. He gave me the last mussel because, "I want to play with this one." He says, "What's wrong with you? Why won't you open?" Hahahahahaha. I was cracking up. Then he told the waitress she cheated us out of one. Hilarity.

For dinner I had swordfish with a sun-dried tomato and caper butter. I'd never had a caper prior to my food network obsession, either. I like them. The salty brine gives me some joy. You know I'm a savory girl. I don't get all crazy over chocolate (remember this conversation? My daddy just said, "Chocolate tortilla chips?" "No, D, blue corn tortilla chips." Lol. He was already eating them. If I thought I saw some chocolate tortilla chips, I'd put on the ill grill and quickly remove myself from the vicinity. I'm already not that much of a choc fan and I'm pretty sure that would knock me right into the I don't like chocolate category. Hahahaha!!) Also not crazy over cake.

Look at what a search for fries yields. Shameful! Hahahahaha!! I realized the other day that I had fries 3xs one day this week, 2xs the two days prior to that. So I didn't eat any yesterday to balance it out... but I'm about to eat some again. Don't stick a fry in my face unless you don't want it. I don't know what it is about fries that makes me crazy. I have had an offer to watch When Harry Met Sally (one of my all-time fave movies!!! I quote it incessantly.) and eat fries. I swooned a little bit... lolol.

I fell asleep on the phone last night. I don't think I've ever done that before. I woke up and woke Rashan up fully intending to hold an actual conversation again. I think we exchanged maybe 10 words and fell back asleep. I woke up again at 6 with the phone pressed to my ear. HILARIOUS!!

Have I told you lately how much I love Jon & Kate + 8? Even after an hour I never want it to be over. Ever. I could just watch them online all day. They crack me up!! I've always wanted to have twins (since I was like 9... this is one of those incredibly odd things about me I'll go into further detail about later) so Maddy & Cara are my faves. Oh yes and before y'all get all crazy as you bloggers are wont to do: I CAN TALK ABOUT CHILDREN WITHOUT WANTING THEM RIGHT THIS SECOND SO CALM DOWN!! Crazies.
Anyway here's a picture of me and my dad on our 2nd to last Daddy Daughter day! Next week we should go somewhere else fun. I'm thinking Tusca. One of my coworkers loves it and people were pouring out of it last night so it must be good. My dad told me you should never go to a restaurant with an empty parking lot. No one there so it's probably not that good and the food won't be fresh because they don't have enough business. These are his theories which I've tested only a few times and he was usually affirmed. But I'm gonna miss this place when I leave with the avocado and pico de gallo on the burger. You know I look for Mexican where ever I can find it. I had Mexican last week, right? I was thinking about the churros yesterday morning! They were off the chain! I love churros, man. Oh churros, baby, me and you! ME AND YOU!! Sorry I got distracted. Me & D! One more Daddy Daughter day in the Burgh. And he just brought me a paper towel full of potato chips. I knew you loved me!!


La said...

I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove capers. LOL Especially on seafood. Or chicken. Or in angel hair pasta. Or on everything.

I LOVE that falling asleep on the phone. I remember once I was trying SO hard not to fall asleep with Bob because I had been doing it so regularly and I woke up all panicked and tried to jump back in the convo... except the line had gone dead, lol.

You and your daddy look JUST alike. Not "why won't you open". hahaha just silly.

The Goddess said...

You know how to talk about food and make a person SOOOO HUNGRY. And I can really go for some Micky D's fries right now. My stomach is growling.

I love the daddy daughter day. It's amazing how much you resemble your daddy.

How cute that you and Rashan fell asleep on the phone. Young love.....How sweet. lol

Sparkling Red said...

Mmm.... mussels...Shellfish has always been a special treat for me. My mom grew up in a Kosher house (no shellfish allowed) so she never learned how to cook shrimp or anything with a shell, and didn't pick it up later. Eventually my mother-in-law taught me how to prepare shrimp. Yummy!

Adei von K said...

awwwwwwww! y'all are so cute! your dad makes me laugh and i'm going to miss dd days!

Open Grove Claudia said...

I love McCormick's... everything is wonderful! And how fun to fall asleep talking to someone - even someone as butt ugly as him (see, I'm making up for yesterday ;)

I'm so happy for you I could scream!

jameil1922 said...

la... me too!! mmm! and artichokes!! falling asleep on the phone is cute! lol. when i woke up i was like rashan? rashan? lololol. and then i looked at the phone and yeah no. hahahahahaha. one time i woke up when i thought i heard someone calling my name and then i was like wait is that a ghost? let me open my eyes to make sure it's not. thank God there was no one there! lolol. yes i know that story makes me crazy.

he cracks me up! everyone thinks we look so much alike. he said, "you make me look old." i said, "well..." hahahahaha.

goddess... oh man i love food! fries are def. high on the list!! DDD is so fun! Young what? SLOW DOWN!!

red... i don't like shrimp or scallops but the rest of them-- yum! oh yeah and clam can get rubbery but if prepared properly it's yummy, too.

adei... lol. i'm gonna miss them, too.

jameil1922 said...

you slid in!

claud... i love it, too! that was our 3rd time there. you're such a brat! lol. bring his swollen head down to size! i do that quite well, too! thanks for being happy for me! :)

Desy said...

i'm a big fan of mussels but never knew about the rule of not eating ones that haven't open...

such a cute pic of you and your daddy...i don't even know how many i have of mine... i need to get a camera...

Gainsville needs to watch out... it's about to get a Fabulosity upgrade!

Miss B said...

Too cute, falling asleep on the phone. Ya'll are like two little teenagers!! I love it!!!

Capers are pretty good.

Awww you and your daddy are too cute!!!

Rashan Jamal said...

Them churros were like whoa!!

"Why wont you open?" - I could totally see myself saying that in a Happy Gilmore voice.

The fries obsession is crazy. 3x's in one day. I don't even eat 3x's in a day. But I'm trying...

I bet you are gonna miss DD day.

Sandy C. said...

I've been wanting to eat at a McCormich and Schmick's for the past few years. One day when I can dine without the whine of a toddler, I'll go :)

So bittersweet it was your second to last daddy daughter day. That pic of you two- sweetness!

Oh, and yes...churros. Yummmmmmmmmm.... :)

Organized Noise said...

I took my mother to McCormick & Schmick's for her birthday. Next time you go, may I recommend the stuffed Salmon.

It's nice that you have those moments with your father. Those are moments that you'll cherish forever.

the joy said...

Ooh mussels. Loves. I'm jealous that you and your dad went there. I'm hungry right now too? *fist shake* JK+8 is my joint! I think Hannah is my favorite. And Joel, cuz I feel him on the animal thing. I didn't know they were so young... I guess I never thought of it.

meaganj said...

Awwww, love the bond between daddy and daughter!!!

And you know I especially love that we have the same born day!!

McCormick & Schmick's is pretty good, they have one uptown now.

And how could you sleep on capers???!!!

And you are hilarious...but I already knew that of course!

DollFace said...

I just asked someone about capers. I think I need to try them since I see a lot of Italian recipes with them.

jameil1922 said...

desy... so you've been prying open bad mussels?? yuck! get to work taking pics of your dad! gville is SO bout to get an upgrade.

miss b... hahahaha. expect he's like 40. hahahahaha. capers are delish! me and d are fab.

rj... weren't they?? did i just add another weird person to my life? what have i done!?!? i can't help that i love fries. kind of like you love tuna subs. let's work on you eating more than once a day... or at least once a day? hmm??? i will def. miss DDD.

sandy... you SO have to go. mmmm churros!!

noisy... i thought abt it but i don't like shrimp. i'll consider it again. i will def. cherish them.

joy... girl you know better than to come here hungry!! lol. jk+8 is the best!! i like hannah and joel too. they're funny. they're super young.

meagan... i love that you're reading and commenting on my blog now! yay!! i figured if pgh has 2 charlotte must, also. i'm southern! capers aren't really used in our food and i wasn't as food adventurous prior to my food network obsession.

doll... mmm. you should DEF. try them. make sure it's a restaurant you trust so you aren't turned off. do you like artichokes? if so, get something w/artichokes, too.

San said...

Jameil, I LOVE that picture of you and your daddy.

And I love capers too. In the old days, when I ate veal, one of my favorite things to eat was veal picatta. Now I can make chicken picatta. Or french fried picatta. Or chocolate picatta.

You have an award over at my place, since you don't do awards. Wanted to piss you off.

Keith said...

I adore the relationship you have with your father. It borders on jelousy, but not quite. You are blessed, but you know that.

1969 said...

I love Capers....especially poured into alemon, butter, white wine type of sauce. Over fish or Chicken? Yummy.

You and your Daddy are sooo cute.

Faling asleep on the phone together huh? Mmmm hmmmm. :)

Days like These! said...

I love this photo of you and your father.